Start Something review by Lostprophets

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  • Released: Feb 3, 2004
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 8
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9.3 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.5 (63 votes)
Lostprophets: Start Something

Sound — 10
I would just like to say that if anyone who likes Lostprophets but has not bought their new album "start something" Then you really do not know what you're missing. The music created by this British band is, I think, a massively refined sound, which distinguishes it from all other metal bands. A welcome, 'makes a change' British metal band that shows we can 'mosh' to. To be honest, I don't go for the usual metal sound, because I prefer a band of melodies, of light trebled distortion and some high pitched pop-punk rock riffs. But as soon as Lostprophets debut album was released, I went and bought it straight away, because it was metal, with melody. I think, in this album, the boys have hit the spot just right, driving chords over thundering bass and a good old rhythm to it as well!

Lyrics — 8
To be honest, I couldn't really relate to the lyrics of the first album, because it was the first metal band from who I'd actually bought an album. The words were definitely able to sing along to, and the CD contained some good tunes. But this time around, "Start Something" has a much better style of words: simple, easy to relate and full of bounce. Also, something else which has come around a lot better this time is how the words go with the music. It's as if the lyrics and melodies had been matched froma machine, because I think both the words and the mucis go a lot better than the first, although I'm not saying the first wasn't good, it was amazing, but the boys have pushed a lot further with this one. Ian Watkins, the lead singer definitely has an unusuial voice for a metal band, but I think that the combination of his vocals along with the music is both original and brilliant. A brilliant lead singer and also very good backing vocals from the rest of the band.

Overall Impression — 10
Having recently bought the album, it is the one I'm playing most at the moment, but already I'm comparing it to some of my other favourite albums, even though they aren't metal bands. My personal favourite songs on "Start Something" are 'Burn Burn' (An excellent song), 'We still kill the old way' (because mainly of the brilliant guitar power chords at the beginning)and also 'We are godzilla, you are Japan' because all the way through that song, it just makes you want to stand up and mosh. I love the way the music has progressed through the two albums into this refined British metal that we have here. I hate the way that they don't put the lyrics into the booklet, I hate it when that happens! To be honest, you couldn't call any song on there crap, all aare really quality and some just stand out as great. If I lost it, I would immediately go out and buy another one (or make someone else go and buy it) I would recommend this to any metal fans, or indeed any rock fans. This is an album which has a bit of everything. A really good album.

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