Start Something review by Lostprophets

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  • Released: Feb 3, 2004
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 9 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.5 (63 votes)
Lostprophets: Start Something

Sound — 9
This is a switch. If you've listened to "The Fake Sound Of Progress" album then you know how energetic and heavy lostprophets can be. This album has been viewed as a sell out by some and a step up in their writing abilities, I view it as both. Yes their writing abilities have improved (in particular Ian's lyrics) but at the same time I feel that they have drifted away from their energetic and heavy roots and gone into a more socially acceptable category. The guitar has been tuned up significantly which also contributes to the aparant distance from the metal feel. But fear not die hard metal fans 'cause we've still got "To Hell We Ride," "Burn Burn," "Start Something,"and "We Are Godzilla You Are Japan" to brighten our flame. However we are left with "I Don't Know," "Hello Again," "Goodbye Tonight," "Million Miles," "Last Summer" and "Sway..." which are the sell-out emo songs. Some of you may not be as accepting as I am of the lostprophets new sound but I have become fond of some of these songs, such as "Goodbye Tonight" which I love with a passion, and "Hello Again" which is a crazy dark sounding song. Well now on to the guitar. The riffs throughout the CD are more fleshed out and obvious then the one's on tfsop. Plus mike does a lot of rythmic little bits in the songs. Look at "Last Train Home" which has the catchiest little riff in the intro. But then you have "Burn Burn" which has a very energetic and catchy riff throuout the song. This song really remindes of their old stuff. But by far the coolest guitar riffs can be found in the song "Start Something." There are a lot of effects in the song but it makes for a good intro. The pre-chorus is by far one of the coolest single-string riffs I've ever heard. At this point in the cd you're listening through "Million Miles," "Last Summer" and such but you want more, that's when you here "We Are Godzilla You Are Japan" and you will not soon forget it. By far one the heaviest LP songs ever, almost entirely filled with screaming, and yet another catchy guitar riff. The last song on the CD is "Sway..." which is like 13 minutes long however only the first 4 minutes are the actual song, the rest is just like noise and talking. Although The Lostprophets have stepped away from their signiture energy crazed music they have grown to be one the most diverse and talented nu-metal groups today.

Lyrics — 10
Thank god, Ian's lyrical abilities have improved. Some of the songs on tfsop were damn near disasterous. It seems like the message of this album was one to get off your ass and do something, do anything but do it with pride and don't give up. Rather postitve for a nu-metal band. Anyway just look at some of the song names and you'll see: "Wake Up (Make A Move)" and "Start Something." I love the lyrics for "We Still Kill The Old Way" because its like their saying "We're back and screw you b*tches that don't like it," (sigh) I love it. Plus it also talkes about how even though the've changed their still the same. "Burn Burn" I believe is a song about believing what you think is right and not to try and fit in with what some one else tells you you should be. "Goodbye Tonight" is a song about just making it through the days and just bilieving that there's a reason to keep going. They've always got a summer song and now its "Last Summer" which again talks about the band reliving their summer vacations as kids. All in all this CD shines for the lyrics.

Overall Impression — 8
How do you judge the difference? Tfsop towers musically and in entertainment value but this CD moves you emotionally and you really feel a part of the message. The best songs are: "Last Train Home," "Burn Burn," "Goodbye Tonight," "Start Something" and "Sway..." I love how much the lyrics have improved, it really makes the songs more fun to listen to. I hate how much lighter this album is then the last one. All in all a decent CD but tfsop is a classic.

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