Start Something review by Lostprophets

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  • Released: Feb 3, 2004
  • Sound: 8
  • Lyrics: 6
  • Overall Impression: 5
  • Reviewer's score: 6.3 Neat
  • Users' score: 8.5 (63 votes)
Lostprophets: Start Something

Sound — 8
This is the second album from Welsh nu-metal band Lostprophets. This album had everything that their first album "Fake Souund Of Progress" had, crunching guitars, a huge synth and "scrathing" sounds, an credible if not entierly spetcacular drumming. The Riffs are the stand out part of this album. "Make A Move", "I Don't know" and "We Are Godzilla You Are Japan" have some truly awesome riffs that destroy, bamboozle and amaze. The Synth sound gets a little annoying though at times, particularly in "Millions Miles" and "Sway".

Lyrics — 6
These are terrible for the most part but there are some good ones ("Make a Move", "I Don't Know", "We are Godzilla you are Japan, Title Track, "Hello again" and "To Hell We Ride") but the rest all either non-descript ("Kill The Old Way, Burn Burn, Goodbye Tonight) bad ("Sway", "Million Miles") or quite frankly terrible ("Last Train Home", "Last Summer). Ian Watkins is not the worst singer in the world but cannot do the screams that the backing singer/keyboard player/synth player can do.

Overall Impression — 5
The best Tracks are "To Hell We Ride", "I don't know", the title tack and "We are Godzilla, you are Japan" but they are all eclipsed by the stunning "Make a Move", which is almost as good as "The Fake sound of Progress" and the awesome "Shinobi vs Dragon Ninja" on "The Fake sound of Progress" Album. But the rest of the album disapointing at best and appaling at worst. "Goodbye Tonight" and "Last Train home" are truly terrible songs that I would confine to the bin never mind just b-sides. The cover of "Cry Me A River" on of the B-sides for "Last Train Home" deserved a place on the album more.

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    this albums good, some of the songs arent as srong as FSOP, but half of FSOP is stupid little filler things after each, song, which really do get annoying. its alot catchier aswell, easy listeneing.
    i agree with desimate!!! and i personally think this album>FSOP BUT! liberation transmission>this>FSOP