Lulu review by Lou Reed & Metallica

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  • Released: Oct 31, 2011
  • Sound: 7
  • Lyrics: 3
  • Overall Impression: 7
  • Reviewer's score: 5.7 Decent
  • Users' score: 2.6 (526 votes)
Lou Reed & Metallica: Lulu

Sound — 7
There has been much hype about this album, most people does not like it, and I fully understand why, since this isn't even close to anything mainstream. My opinion though, is that this is a real nice piece of art, since you can tell they have been working on real inspiration to the fullest. Nothing on the album sounds any commercial at all, which I think is really good. The sounds are really metal. The guitar and bass fits perfectly together, creating one sound combined of the two, mostly sounding like a guitar with a really brutal and bassy sound. The drums sound good too, in opposite to the last two Metallica albums. Actually soundwise the only thing I have to complain about is Lou Reed's singing, it's not even in the mix, it's just on top of everything. Since all the songs on the album are pretty different from each other I'll give you a track by track review of them: 01. "Brandenburg Gate": This one has a really nice countryish acoustic guitar intro, which leads to a great riff, then it continues as metal. Would have liked more of that countryish stuff. 02. "The View": There's nothing really special on this one, the riff is good and so on, an average song from this album. 03. "Pumping Blood": It starts of with some kind of violin thing, don't know if it really is a violin though or is it something else, sounds wierd in a good way. after that violin thing it goes on to an epic acoustic parts which is really nicely done, too bad you can't hear much of the epicness since Lou Reed is on top of it. Then goes on to the kind of thing we've all heard on "The View". One of the better songs on the album. 04. "Mistress Dread": This is the thrashiest most Metallica sounding song on this album. It would be a pure thrash metal song if it wasn't Lou Reed singing, but then again, if it wasn't him singing this would just be a Metallica song. Also one of the better songs. 05. "Iced Honey": This one has a really nice riff, I just love that sort of thing. Too bad it's pretty much the only riff in the song, 5 minutes, one riff, gets pretty boring even if it is a good riff. 06. "Cheat On Me": Really nice epic start on this one. It reminds of old psychedelic, prog like things. You could get nightmares by listening to that kind of stuff, then it kicks in to the same kind of metal thing as most of the rest of the album. 07. "Frustration": "Frustration" was the right word, I'd say this is the worst song on the album. In the beginning the melody is just hilarious, it sounds like some happy song ment for children, then also this one goes into that same as all the others. 08. "Little Dog": This one is great! A slower kind of psychedelic song, really good work on this one! Probably the best song on the album. 09. "Dragon": I love the intro, it's so distorted it all gets messed up but it sounds awesome. This is also one of the more psychedelic sounding songs on the album, kinda liked this one too. 10. "Junior Dad": A slower more beautiful song in any way, love the melody on this one. and it doesn't go into that metal kind of thing that just makes most of the songs pretty boring in the end. This is maybe the best song on the album. The only bad thing about it is the outro at about 10 minutes of length where nothing really happens.

Lyrics — 3
I'm not the one that really cares about lyrics when listening to music, but here they really destroy much of the album, which is a shame. It doesn't get better by the fact that I can not by any meaning understand what the lyrics mean, or do they mean anything. They're just wierd, and mostly repetitive. These lines are the ones that annoyed me the most: "I want so much to hurt you, I want you as a wife" and "Spermless like a girl". These lines are as understandable as the rest of the lyrics, but these are just wierder than the rest. Also I don't really like the voice of neither of the singers. James Hetfield sounded good last time on the "Black Album" and Lou Reed is even worse. His voice just sounds awful!

Overall Impression — 7
The things I most love about the album is that it really doesn't sound like anything else, which is a thing I've always liked. If something differs from the rest, it's usually pretty good in my opinion, since it brings in some new aspects. This brings in plenty of new aspects to music. I heard the album on their website, where their streaming it full, and I doubt that I will buy it before I find it at a discounted price, so no, I would not pay 20 for it, but if I could get it for 10 I would buy it, if there was nothing better in the same store. It's not a really good album, but it's not as bad as people are saying, it's bottom moments are horrific, but there are plenty of good really interesting moments as well.

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