Between Here & Lost review by Love And Death

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  • Released: Jan 22, 2013
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 8
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 8.7 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.2 (59 votes)
Love And Death: Between Here & Lost

Sound — 9
Brian "Head" Welch definitely has quite the musical background. You nu metal fans out there will probably recognize him as the former lead guitarist of Korn. For 12 years and 6 albums, Brian helped his bandmate Jonathan Davis lead hundreds of thousands of fans screaming along to his raging vocals and hate-filled lyrics. When Brian would later leave the prestigious group in 2005 after converting to Christianity and stopping his use of drugs, he then departed into a dynamic solo career. And now, Brian has returned to the music world with a new band called Love & Death (recently interviewed by UG), as well as the band's first studio album, "Between Here & Lost". Now I'm sure you're wondering: after changing spiritually, has anything changed musically when it comes to this heavy metal vocalist, especially when it comes to lyrics? And does this new album even compare to his work with Korn?

After popping in this new CD, any doubts or worries of mine were completely washed away, and were soon replaced with comforting amounts of heavy distortion and pummeling vocals. For any fan of Korn's earlier albums, this new record is right up your alley. The disc kicks off with "The Abandoning", which prominently features high levels of hate, rage, and balls out metal. "I am walking death/ I am Death's best friend/ I create disaster/ I'm the master killing me" Brian screams through the speakers with his rage meter set on overload. What else would you expect from Brian Welch? Well, since we're being honest, you probably weren't expecting Brian to cover "Whip It" by Devo. As strange as it may sound, this cover completely works out, and also happens to be one of my favorite tracks on "Between Here & Lost". Brian and the rest of the creative team behind Love & Death completely gutted this song of all poppy synthesizers and happy group choruses, and in their place lay down some spine chilling electric guitar arpeggios and lethal-sounding falsetto. Love & Death remains committed to this style of sound throughout the rest of the album, and I have to say, I don't have that many complaints.

Lyrics — 8
Brian's vocals and singing style really haven't changed that much since his days in Korn. Throughout most of "Between Here & Lost", Brian maintains that gruesome, death metal-style falsetto that overpopulated such albums as "Life Is Peachy" and "Issues", and I can easily say without a doubt that his vocal chords have yet to lose their heavy-as-hell luster. Lyrically, this album's themes were described by Brian to include, but are not limited to, "trials, tribulations, pain, suffering, anxiety, depression, and drama". So in other words, Brian is right back to his old self again, and that proves to be one of the real driving forces in this new record.

Overall Impression — 9
The members of Brian's new solo band have some fantastic chemistry flowing between one another, which leads to "Between Here & Lost" becoming one hell of an album. Chemistry so fantastic, that there isn't much for me to nitpick about this new disc. From start to finish, crunching, distortion-filled guitar licks are backed by memorable choruses and raging falsetto, which are all good factors to have in a heavy metal album. To be honest, I was a bit nervous to discover a cover of "Whip It" in the tracklist, but considering how well it pulls off, it's become one of my favorite tracks. Any heavy metal fan, especially fans of Korn, should have no problem rolling down the windows and blasting this new tune on full volume, if not the whole album.

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    Wtf?! Jonathan Davis was & still is the only vocalist for Korn. I think you will find he was the guitarist and your review is a piece of shit. Nice job, really.
    ''gruesome, death metal-style falsetto'' What... No, no that doesn't exist. Anyway, album just sounds like Korn but either before or after Follow the Leader, and I dont know if there's any real point to that. Although I'm surprised he's able to pull off those sorts of vocals.
    Listening to his vocals, it kind of makes me wish that he actually WAS the former lead vocalist of Korn. Hahaha! I like Jonathan Davis' vocals, but they can be awful thin at times.
    Seriously, this album is absolutely KILLER. It's a rarity these days to find an album that is front to back a great listen like this one is. So go out and buy it people!
    this album doesn't even compare to save me from myself. It's musically much much better. Save me from myself was ok, this one kicks A$$. Whip it is nasty! Sounds like the old Korn albums. I W8 4U grinds!
    Been ****ing loving Head's solo music since "Save Me From Myself" came out. Loved the Chemicals EP that Love and Death released, and cannot friggin wait to hear this!
    yeah Brian was the lead guitarist of KoRn and the back up vocals you tool... and as for his music, its not as heavy as with KoRn but its still pretty good.
    It' funny how many of Korn's older fans have come to follow Head, his music is THAT good. He's doing some creative/unique stuff and it's paying off, new album is probably going to be one of the best 2013 releases, Red's was not that good, and Bullet for My Valentine's was horrendous.
    Sure, the writer messed up when it came to what role Brian played in Korn. But overall, this is still a pretty solid review for a great album.
    UG Team reviews are always abysmal. They ALWAYS mess up crucial details. If the writer was unfamiliar with Korn, then he or she could have gone to Wikipedia and found out what role Welch fulfilled.
    "Brian "Head" Welch definitely has quite the musical background. You nu metal fans out there will probably recognize him as the former lead vocalist of Korn. For 12 years and 6 albums, Brian lead hundreds of thousands of fans screaming along to his raging vocals and hate-filled lyrics." "Featured review by: UG Team" Yeah, sounds about right.
    From what I've herd of them so far they're decent at least. This review on the other hand... well the guy writing it might need to stop doing drugs.
    balls, cant download yet
    You do know the release date is January right? I personally think is beyond disrespectful to download an album before it's actually released and even then you should have the decency to support the band. But I've said all this on here before so bring on the -'s
    These guys have gotten out of their time machine 15 years too late. NU-Metal is DEAD, deal with it.
    I respect the side project efforts. Brian Welch's Love and Death and Trent Reznor's How To Destroy Angels are both impressive projects. Anyone else a fan of this track from HTDA?
    I don't mean to be a jerk but this was a pretty poorly written review. This album is going to be a joke, too. I don't like being this negative but Welch's post-Korn music and writing and everything has been pure garbage... And I thought Korn after "Issues" was bad...