America Underwater review by LoveHateHero

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  • Released: Sep 29, 2009
  • Sound: 7
  • Lyrics: 8
  • Overall Impression: 7
  • Reviewer's score: 7.3 Good
  • Users' score: 6.3 (13 votes)
LoveHateHero: America Underwater

Sound — 7
I have waited patiently for someone to review the latest album of Lovehatehero. Nevertheless, no one has done it so I will try to do it. I got the album hoping I would get the combination that made White Lies such a good album: Screamed vocals with clean vocals and also the great harmonies of the guitars but this album was very different. This album has a more party-like style instead of the sadder of the last album; for giving a general idea, it is more like if all the songs sound similar to "I'll make it to brigades" without so many screams or guitar harmonies. The only really melancholic songs are" Wait to See You" and "You'll never know"; I really don't miss the sad feeling of the songs or the screams but what I really missed was the harmonies of the guitars (I think this is because now they only have one guitarist). Also the guitar solos and riffs seem a lot less complex but IMO what matters is the sound, not the complexity. Another complain I have is that each track of White Lies was different and in this album, most of the songs sound the same. A more detailed review of the songs: 01. Saint and Sinners: this song starts like a White Lies' song but after 10 seconds you get suddenly introduced into the new style. This song has the best solo of the whole album. 8/10 02. America Underwater: this song is quite poppy but really catchy. It has a sing along chorus and a part where I am sure they expect you to clap while on live shows (sad thing is that they have only come once to my country). 8/10 03. You'll Never Know: this song starts quiet but at the chorus it gets a little faster. The guitar here is really simple compared to usual Lovehatehero songs (I think I hear some tappings in the background but they may be keyboard sounds) 7/10 04. Think Twice (Running With Scissors pt.II): doesn't sound anything like the second part of Running with Scissors, it is a completely different song and it is the first party-styled song. Catchy but not quite amazing 7/10 05. Echoes: this is the only song which really sounds like one of the previous album. It has screams (one of the only two songs which have them) and that makes a good change of the other songs. I think this is the best song of the album but I think not comparable to the other songs of White Lies. 9/10 06. Wait to See You: this song has a special meaning for me but I will try to be objective. It is an acoustic track, comparable to "Harder Than You Know" of the new Escape the Fate album, but not so slow. The break of the song it is really emotive. 8/10 07. Pants Off, Dance Off: the intro makes it sound like a quiet song, but as you can get from the title, it is another party song. You can actually dance along the music. It has the catchiest chorus of the whole album. 8/10 08. Come and Get It: this song starts like an old rock song but then it changes to acoustic. Then after the chorus it returns to that riff, but the other parts are nothing like that. 8/10 09. Procession of Regression: the guitar in this song has some interesting riffs, but I thing that's all about it. Just the same as the others: catchy chorus, quiet parts, etc. 7/10 10. Too Little, Too Late: my favorite song, but I don't know what other thing to say about since it has the same composition and sound as the other ones. The only really remarkable thing is the part after "and greed". 8/10

Lyrics — 8
The lyrics talk mostly about relationships, but it has one song with difference in its theme: "Saint and Sinners", where they speak about how after making one mistake you get judged for all your life. The other songs are about regretting your relationships, long-distance relationships, sex-based relationship, etc etc. Even though the lyrics are not too good, Pierrick voice is even better than in the last album, now being able to change from low voices to high, yet it is really bad that he doesn't scream now.

Overall Impression — 7
My first overall impression was disappointment. I was expecting something like White Lies but I got something Totally different. Nonetheless, after I listened to it many times, I started to get into it and now I like it. For getting into the new style you should listen first to the song called "Saints and Sinners", it really introduces the new style. The good things about it are that all the songs are catchy and that Pierrick vocal skills are even better. Bad things are the lack of more complex riffs and that almost all the songs sound the same. If it were stolen, I would download it, since I think that it was not a very good album and they could have done something a lot better.

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    I totally agree with you man, although i'd still go and jam my little heart out if they came to England.
    Your grammar is atrocious. Not to be a jackass, but people tend to find reviews with good grammar easier to read. Nonetheless, decent review.
    I feel like this cd is the start of something good, not quite as good as the previous cd's but if they decide to blend this sound with other elements of white lies (like more shredding!) than their next album might just be gold! And I've played with their guitarist K. Thrasher and he's seriously a beast, easily has the potential to put this band over the edge
    I got this CD last week, about the same time I found out about them, haha. It's great. I like all their CD's.