World Record review by Lower Than Atlantis

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  • Released: Apr 25, 2011
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9.7 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.8 (25 votes)
Lower Than Atlantis: World Record

Sound — 9
"World Record" is without a doubt Lower Than Atlantis' best work to date. They've came a long way since the "Bretton" EP, and a fair way since Far Q. Lower Than Atlantis may have became more mainstream with this album, but in doing that they've branched out to many more people, and the band are finally getting the recognition they deserve. The songs come from Mike Duece's feelings on current affairs and life in general, many people seem to have the same views, which means the songs generally speak to you, which can only be a good thing. The recording is generally a good one, they've managed to create a sound somewhat unique to them, however it's not to everyones taste. The drums are fairly heavily compressed, which, personally, I'm a fan of, although I feel the snare could have a much better sound. The cymbals have a really rich sound and the kick drum is deadish, whcih makes thier sound sound so much tighter and so much bigger. The guitar tone is lacking a bit too much bass for my liking, but that's only my opintion. However the way the two are mixing togther gives it a full and crisp sound, and when there's a big chorus (like in "uni9Mm") they sound great. The lack of bass and the "clicky" sound the guitars have seems to be the LTA sound, and despite me not being that much of a fan, it's not a bad one to have. The bass tone is my favourite part of the whole album and its why I love fender basses, it really cuts through nicely, and sounds really clear on every song, even with bass distortion being used.

Lyrics — 10
Mike Deuce, to put it simply, is a lyrical genius. He seems to be able to use anything to base a song on, and do it well. For instance "Live By The Remote", he's litterally looked through a TV mag, and wrote a song using it. He just seems to be able to connect with most people, wheather it be teenagers or middle aged men. For me the lyrical highlight of the album has to be "Deadliest Catch". He writes about a relationship, using a maritime theme through out. For me the best lyrical phrase in this song is: "Aparently, no man's an island, but I'm deserted and hurting, and suffering in silence. We rocked the boat, when we skull and cross boned, should've listened to my first mate, now I'm all alone." The lyrics manage to fit every song perfectly, he picks the correct topics, and the correct mood to have for each song. Weather it be melow and sad, like "Another Sad Song", or generally angry, like in "Marilyn's Mansion". The vocals have improved greatly since the previous albums, Mike's created vocal melodies that are not only catchy, but he can hit live pretty much everytime. Because of him doing this, there are a lot more vocal harmonies on the album, which makes this album great.

Overall Impression — 10
With this album Lower Than Atlantis have esentially moved in to thier own. Old comparisons to bands like Gallows have gone, since they've matured as a band. It's hard to pick a handful of songs that stand out on this album because they're all so good. But I'd probably go with the singles that've been released: "Beech Like The Tree", "Deadliest Catch" and "(Motor)Way Of Life", simply because they are the most catch. Musically my favourite song would be "Bug", the drums drive the song on, and are frankly brilliant, the guitar and bass lines are fairly simple, but that what makes it work, the vocal work is solid and the vocal hamonies just make the song even bigger. It may be less than two minutes long, but it's still a highlight of the album. I love the lyrics. They are the best of the album for me. I don't really hate anything on this album, but, I do feel the recording and mixing could've been improved upon. If this were stolen or lost I'd definantly go and buy it again, not only is it one of my favourite albums 2011, it's one of my favourite albums period. If you haven't bought this album or heard the album, I suggest you do as soon as you can.

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    I love these guys, if only pop punk was more like Lower Than Atlantis!!! I also saw them live because they tend to tour with my favourite artists (and their labelmates) off of Sumerian Records. I wish alternative could become this cool. Plus they have an amazing stage presence and sound much better live and throw many curveballs in their show. I believe they should open before every Metalcore show haha
    This isn't as good as people think it is and people will look back in a couple of years and see it.