God & Guns review by Lynyrd Skynyrd

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  • Released: Sep 29, 2009
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9.7 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.3 (65 votes)
Lynyrd Skynyrd: God & Guns

Sound — 9
I just read another reveiw on this album which seems to suggest that it isn't that good..I got the album on a day before it was actually realsed, because HMV sold it on the 28th instead of the 29th for some reason. Also I got a two disc version of it. disc two just contains three live songs and three other songs. You cannot listen to this album and then compare it to what Lynyrd Skynyrd used to be like because the line-up has changed so much. The album is more headed towards harder rock (not saying it is hard rock - just harder than is expected from Lynyrd Skynyd) which I think is excelent. Not all the songs are harder than old syknyrd such as gifted hands unwrite that song. There is one song on the album however, southern ways, which sounds like a bad copy of Sweet Home Alabama. It gets a 9/10 because of the bad copy of Sweet Home Alabama.

Lyrics — 10
Gifted Hands - One of the least obvious important lyric is when it says " he played the BIRD, he played it for FREE" and anyone can see that they intentionally had those words so close together to refer to thier best ever song, in my opinion, free bird. In Simple Life the lyrics speek about how he likes to spend time with his familly. God & Guns - this is all about how people (Maybe including Lynrd Skynrd) in Alabama live. For you probably know that Alabama is a very religous country. that explains the God part. Guns comes from the way that in Alabama lots of people have guns. They carry them to shoot sign posts and grizzly bears which attack them. there are many more Christian and other important lyrics thorugh the album. Over all I'd say the lyrics are very good as is the singer, Johnny van Zant.

Overall Impression — 10
When uncle listened to it he compared it to Bruce Springsteen. I can kind of see what he is saying but there is a big difference between the two. However, his tone whilst singing is more or less the same. I wouldn't be able to say what song was the best on the album because they are all great. So I shall list them and rate them out of ten and comment on some. Still Unbroken - 8/10 Simple Life - 9/10 little Thing Called You - 8/10 Southern Ways - 7/10 Skynyrd Nation - 7/10 -this is the worst but is still amazing. Unwrite That Song - 10/10 - one of the best Floyd - 10/10 - kind of a scary song. about a guy called floyd who had a lab which two old dogs never came out the same way of. also all the peole apparantly say aye aye aye and the floyds gone home. Also competes for the top spot. That Ain't My America - 9.5/10 - really good Comin' Back For More - 10/10 - the hardest song on the album. God & Guns - 8/10 Storm - 9/10 - the singing sounds like the singing in Wishing Well by Free Gifted Hands - 10/10 - I have persuaded my Church to use this during one of thier sevices. Disc two (when I say this is the worst/best song on disc one I have not compared them to this CD because disc 1 is better) Bang Bang - 7/10 Raining in my heartland - 10/10 - should be on disc 1 Hobo Kinda Man - 6.75/10 Red, White and Blue (Live) - 9/10 Call Me The Breeze (Live) - 8/10 Sweet Home Alabama (Live) - 8/10 - no where near as good as the proper version.

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    rockerwannabe wrote: lolololol Connies today are being very amusing. GD isn't socialist buddy. I doubt you've ever heard a socialist band in your life. Anyone who isn't blatantly conservative is a socialist in my book. It's just easier that way for me. And if I haven't heard a real socialist band, then good for me! And someone later mentioned that Green Day was terrible. Outside of like 2 songs (one of which I can't even remember) they are terrible. Y'all just need to relax and listen to the music.
    You certainly aren't helping the conservative image with your ignorance. It's quite sad you lump so many different political groups all into one category. In doing so, you often put in contradictory and opposing political viewpoints. As for that being good for you, you yourself contradict this by saying that we "just need to relax and listen to the music" because apparently we should, but you don't have to.
    rockerwannabe wrote: What a bunch of liberal sounding weenies that y'all sound like! I am conservative as hell but I still own (and have paid for) music from Green Day and other blatant socialist bands. It's about the music, people! If it rocks, great! If it doesn't, then move on! If I dismissed a band for lame lyrics, I would have nothing to listen to anymore.
    This is completely true. Not so sure about Green Day being socialist, though they are extremely liberal, but thats beside the point. If you cant appreciate music just because you disagree with the subject matter, then maybe someone so provincial should not listen to music (Im talking to you, alkalineweeman).
    alkalineweeman wrote: bmarlatt1685 wrote: jonnyharris1 wrote: very wel written alkalineweeman. As a melody i quite like that song, but as with you I find the lyrics very ignorant and rediculous. Just like I find Eddie Vedder ignorant and ridiculous, but that doesn't take away the fact that I think Pearl Jam's first three albums are great. How come with liberals it's about our right to express our views, but with conservatives like Ted Nugent and Lynyrd Skynyrd it's "They need to stick to the music." Completely hypocritical if you ask me. Not hypocritical in the least, i very much doubt you'd find a gun toting, god fearing, Christian red-neck buying say a Leftover Crack record on account that they are anti-religious, anti-homophobic and anti-gun (if you even hit back with "shoot the kids at school" or "one dead cop" you missed the point completely). It's a simple fact that i would not send a donation to the KKK or any Christian church because i don't beleive their veiws and dont want to effectivly sponsor their message. Just because Lynyrd Skynyrd are musicians doesn't change the fact that by buying their record i would be supporting their ideals which i wouldn't want spread to my children as i find them ignorant just the same as some one who shares their views wouldn't support a movement to have religion (in any form) or gun ownership abolished. Rebuttle over i have strayed way too far off topic on this record.
    Me personally, I wouldn't want to have gun ownership or religion abolished, partly because I am a religious gunowner, but also because they are constitutional rights, just like the right to free speech which you seem so eager to abuse with your fascist dribble. Anyway, bottom line: Dont compare a church with the KKK, read a bible(not saying you have too, just a suggestion), not every conservative is a gun-toting redneck, nor are they homophobic(I disagree with homosexuality, but I dont judge), and I look forward to you bashing me in your reply, and showing how ignorant you truly are.
    A7x_1993 wrote: I think that the tune for every song is there.'ya know.country style.but only thing that doesn't make it good is that Lynyrd Skynyrd's solo doesn't seem clear.it's been..drowned by the drums and bass.
    You know Lynyrd Skynyrd isnt the name of a person in the band, right?
    Branch37 wrote: Yall say only one original member is still with the band? Am I the only person that knows that Rickey Medlocke left skynyrd before they got big to form Blackfoot, and now hes back?
    No, your not the only one, although I think most people associate Medlocke with Blackfoot more than Skynyrd, he was there in the early days.