Deus Ex Machinae review by Machinae Supremacy

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  • Released: May 1, 2004
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 9
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9.7 Superb
  • Users' score: 7.6 (18 votes)
Machinae Supremacy: Deus Ex Machinae

Sound — 10
The first thought when you listen to the swedish band Machinae Supremacy is of course the video game influence wich they get from their sid station (SID stands for sound interfearence device, it's a kind of synth chip that makes comandore 64 sounds) and fast paced guitar work. And the uniqe voice of Robert Stjarnstrom is not something you hear in your everyday metal. The choruses are melodic and catchy. This may be their first album, but machinae supremacy made the biggest part of their fanbase by posting songs on the internet as 'promos'. Compared to the later two albums this album has got the most sid in it, wich may be a good thing to some and a bad thing to some. Let's review the songs, shall we? 01. Insidious - this song is one of the strongest tracks on the album, with both great guitars and a perfect amount of sid. The lyrics in this are dark and emotional, wich isn't that common in a machinae song. It's got a long and epic solo that is just lovely. 02. Super Steve - this song is really sid oriented and doesn't have that much guitar work other than the solo. It's got an awesome Chorus wich ups the mood of the album after the first track. 03. Dreadnaught - this song is much more guitar oriented than the first two songs, and has almost no sid. 04. Flagcarrier - this is a calm and touchy ballad, It's got a lot of acoustic guitar plucking and piano. 05. Return To Snake Mountain - this song starts out slow with a Sountracky assembly intro, and then it blurts out into a fast paced thrill. A really great song, the fastest song on the album. Also a really fast and complicated solo that really shows the Guitar skills of Jonas Rarling. 06. Player One - now this song is my favourite track on the whole album. It's got an awesome solo in the intro, with soothing synth backing it up, and then it goes out in full throttle with a great sidline and hardcore rythm guitar. This song has both a great amount of sid and a super amount of guitar work. And that the song is about a person in a video game world really boosts the awesomeness of the tune. 07. Deus Ex Machinae - the title track of the album. It's an awesome song too, it is my second favourite song on the album, cause it's got somekind of energy and the melodies is just wonderful. There's even some (but very little) turntables in it, wich I like. And one cool thing is that instead of a guitar solo, they've got a sid solo wich sounds really nice. 08. Attack Music - also a great song with a nice drum intro. It's a remake of one of the promos that can be found on their site. 09. Ninja - a kinda ballady song with great melodies. 10. Throttle And Mask - it starts out with a gnarly sidline that feels really techno, Cool melodies and great singing. 11. Killer Instingt - great song, doesn't stand out that much though. 12. Tempus Fugit - got an epic feel to it. 13. Blind Dog Pride - great intro, great chorus, great solo. It's great. 14. Machinae Prime - only instrumental track on the album, and boy, it's epic. Got dominant assembly that makes it really soundtracky. And since it's a instrumental it brings out the guitar a lot more. Great sid in it too. It's one of those songs only Machinae can do. 15. Soundtrack To The Rebellion (only on remastered version of the album) - this song has a really long intro that may make you change song, for the love of god don't! This song is all around awesome. After the very long intro the guitar heads in with a mother bloody awesome guitar riff. The highlight in this song is undoubtably when the guitar get's really heave for a second and Rob shouts 'Under blackened sky.' I just think 'Dear god this band is awesome!' everytime I hear it.

Lyrics — 9
The lyrics are really variated, but they're mostly epic and up lifting, wich I find great! Rob's singing is really uniqe, without that voice it just wouldn't be machinae supremacy. The singing fits the video game/soundtracky style they've got going on, It's great.

Overall Impression — 10
I just don't get why Machinae supremacy isn't as famous as bands like Slipknot or even Metallica (yes, I did just compare them to metallica). The album is Class A and so are their other albums. They have a uniqe style and are very skilled musicians. I live in the same town as this band, and I have not once heard them on the radio or seen them on TV. These guy's does not get the fame they deserve.

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    I agree about not getting the fame they deserve but i think they should go up in the world now they have released a brand new album with spinefarm. My fav band!
    i agree! this album is pure awesomeness, they need more... gotta love this unique band!