Redeemer review by Machinae Supremacy

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  • Released: Dec 1, 2006
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 8
  • Overall Impression: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 8.3 Superb
  • Users' score: 9.5 (24 votes)
Machinae Supremacy: Redeemer

Sound — 9
Machinae Supremacy (pronounced machine supremacy) started out as a band over the internet, using a SIDstation they descirbed themself as "SID-metal" which is basicly using the sounds of an old SID chip from the Commodore computers. This is their 3rd album and their first on the Spinefarm label. The album comes in 2 versions. Underground and Retail, for this review, I will use the Retail version as it's quallity is better then the Underground. The first track it elite, which kick right into the heavy sound and the fast riffs, ove the vocals kick in the cong starts to slow down and although the vocals are rough, it doesnt't make the song bad. The solo is fast andworks well in the bridge. Track 2 is Through The Looking Glass. At first you hear the pianio and you think to yourself that this is going to be a slow song, but once the guitars kick in, as well as a small solo riff the song starts to take a new tempo, again the solo fits in well and is fast, it is like that for most of the album with the solos but each iferent to fit in with the rest of the album. Rogue World Asylum is a slow song but is the first on the album to show the SID sounds on the album, the lyrics make the song sound more softer. again the solo fits in, it starts slow but picks up. This in fact maybe the song of the album. The album countines like the first 3 tracks, wih nice SID sounds, goo riffs and neat solos. Ghost (Beneath The Surface) was origanly ment to be a site release, but the band put it on the album, it is like Elite, a fast start that slows down for the verses. The 5 second pause in the middle is unexpected, in fact you wonder if the song has Finished, but then the song gets back up to full speed again. Oki Kumas Adventure is a key song on teh album, it realy shows the sounds the SID can produce, it is a slow song aswell. Instead of a guitar solo there are flutes as well as a SI solo, somethign which has to be heard. The album finishes with Reanimator, which follows up like Oki Kuma, slow and lots of SID.

Lyrics — 8
Robert "GAZ" Stjrnstrm, the lead singer, does not have a clear, pop star voice, in fact Simon Cowell would probbly say he shoulnt sing, however Gaz's voice has become stringer over the years and this album shows that he can sing and with vocals like on Through the looking glass, he can produce smooth and clam vocals aswell as vocals that work for the heavy tracks. The lyrics are in depth as well, on rouge world: "She blooms like a flower/As she opens up and wallows in the light/But it looms like die mauer/As we search for what to follow in the night." The lyrics are in depth and fit in well with the songs.

Overall Impression — 8
Overall, The album has shown the Machinae Supremacy are ready to make it into the music picture. Their new album overworld comes out on the 13th of Feb and is a must hear. The band that started out making songs for the net ahve now made songs for CDs and with a record lable they are ready to take the world by storm, but this time, using more then just the internet. This band is a must hear.

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    Mr Jeb
    I love this band, there one of my favorites and thier new album is awesome too =D
    This is my fav band and im glad to see that they are becoming more successful now
    Machinae supremacy are absolutely awesome, listen to their music and buy their cd's. im glad they have got a spot on ug like they deserve, cant wait for the new album overworld.
    Im suprised not many people have deen teh DxM review oh well, just wait for the overworld review, I have the leaked version like others and it pwns