Burn My Eyes review by Machine Head

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  • Released: Aug 9, 1994
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 9
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9.7 Superb
  • Users' score: 9.3 (78 votes)
Machine Head: Burn My Eyes

Sound — 10
Machine Head's sinister, dark, concrete tone says everything about them, and especially this album. A lot of harmonics are used here to increase the metallic nature of the riffs like "The Rage To Overcome" and "Davidian". Very good drumming and bass work. Chris Kontos sounds like he's on the adrenaline pills for weeks, while the bass is heavy and sludgy like it is with Pantera and Sepultura. While "Blood for Blood", "Block" and "Davidian" are but three of the most fissurising tracks you will ever hear, Robb and Logan use the clean drive to open "None But My Own", "A Nation On Fire" and "I'm You're God Now" before cranking up the crunch a couple of hundred notches for the main section of the songs. Overall, I think this is a well produced slab of heavy metal and is among the heaviest of albums by a thrash metal band.

Lyrics — 9
These lyrics aren't the best of lyrics, and could use a bit more emotion. "None But My Own", "Death Church", "Blood for Blood" and "The Rage to Overcome" stand out as well written tracks, while "Davidian" and "Thousand Lies" have great lyrics that don't fit together well, which is a shame. A monster hook can still be found on "Davidian" though ("Let freedom ring with a shotgun blast!!"). "Block" is attitude friendly ("f--k it all!") and on "A Nation On Fire" Robb waits until close to the end to yell the title of the track at his vocals limits. Quite good lyrics here, but some major flaws here and there for the singers penning.

Overall Impression — 10
Heavier than recent release "The Blackening", and better than every other release, "Burn My Eyes" is close to being a flat out masterpiece. The tracks are well thought up and only a few minor flaws to be found here and there. 01. Davidian - metal up your ass. From the frantic drum introduction courtesy of Chris Kontos to the slow anger releasing dual guitaring at the end this is one of the best metal songs you will damn well hear. 02. Old - great bassline and some awesome riffs on the albums second song. Some lyrics that Robb could have got shit for by Christians (which is good) and one great hook equals one great chunk of metal. 03. Thousand Lies - damn catchy, great riffs, and one sinister intro makes this songs pedigree something to shout about. The ending drags on a bit, but some awesome solos to make up for it. Impressive. 04. None But My Own - some nice refreshing clean guitaring kicks off this song. But then about 20 seconds in it vanishes to form one beast of a track. "I am just a man with these two fists". And a brilliant guitarist too, Robb. 05. The Rage To Overcome - quite frankly, this is a(nother) great song. That riff, that solo, that chorus, simply awesome. The riff after the chorus is the only drawback for this song since it's repeated over and over again. 06. Death Church - one shit intro, but one hell of a freaky tune! The riffs combined with the vocals make this a track to reserve for lonely nights. The talking at the start is a major let down here, though. 07. A Nation On Fire - should have called it "A Listeners Ass On Fire", because this song kicks you out of the security the clean intro gives you. As the clean riff goes on, it morphs into a tense rhythm to accompany Robb's surprisingly soft singing, enter heaviness, and one of the track picks for the album. 08. Blood For Blood - any faster and the velocity would kill you. Some real good harmonics at the start, and some kick ass riffs. The old cleanness creeps in after the second chorus under the distortion. I love this song. 09. I'm Your God Now - another clean beginning leading to some kick ass heavy riffs. Features lyrics from Metallica's "Harvester of Sorrow" ("Drink up, Shoot in". Debauchery). Not the best of songs here, but it's Machine Head, you gotta love. 10. Real Eyes, Realize, Real Lies - instrumental. Snippets of conversations concerning the status of modern American society over a continuous riff. The worst song here in my opinion, mainly because there is a grand total of one riff. But still sounds good. 11. Block - great riffs, great lyrics, great way to end a great album. Brings in the good old fifth fret harmonics for the chorus, and is one motherf--ker of a track. If it was stolen or lost I would buy the rest of the Machine Head albums I don't have yet (even thought they are "Burning Red" and "Supercharger") before buying this again, since I have all the songs on my computer anyways. I love the simple riffs in this, they rule over the abstract technicality on "The Blackening", the only things I dislike is the opening to "Death Church" and the ending to "Thousand Lies". But other than that it's just great.

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    This album has to the best f**kin album ever made ... it is aslo probaly one of the heaviest. Everone should love it
    Pretty good album. I seen em,live when they opened up for Metallica and they sounded pretty bad, still a good band though.