Burn My Eyes review by Machine Head

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  • Released: Aug 9, 1994
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 8
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 8.7 Superb
  • Users' score: 9.3 (78 votes)
Machine Head: Burn My Eyes

Sound — 9
The sound on Burn My Eyes is incredible. The production is very crisp. 01.The guitars have a very thick tone but there is still a lot of crunch there. Making the tone very powerful. The guitars also give the album the quality of behind one of the heaviest non-death/black metal albums out there. 02.The drums are very clear and I must say I love the sound of the ride cymbal (I have a thing for ride cymbals haha) and snare on this album.

Lyrics — 8
Personally, I think this album is Robb Flynn's vocal peak (with The Blackening coming in at a very close second). We know he has his signature shouting/roaring vocals. They're pretty low here compared to The Blackening. To be completley honest I haven't read all the lyrics but from what I have read, they're pretty good. 01.The famous "Let freedom ring with a shotgun blast!" is classic line 02.The Simple yet effective "f--k it all!" from Block, delivered with amazing intensity form Flynn

Overall Impression — 9
In general, I believe this album is a classic. Every song on it is great. Sure, there may be some parts of some of the songs I'm not to fond of, but the flaws are very minor flaws. 01."Davidian": Machine Head's signature song and it's arguably one of the best album openers ever. it's one of the three most intense songs on the album. The Intro begin's with a quick drum solo from Chris Kontos and this sets the tone for the rest of the record (pummeling and heavy as f**k). The song is a downright classic and one of the best metal songs ever. 02."Old": great main riff and wonderful lyrics. Robb's singing in the chorus is one of the highlights of the album for me. 03."A Thousand Lies": one of, if not, the, most underrated songs on the album. Lovely tempo which makes the song sound a lot heavier than it really is. This song features my favourite ending to a Machine Head song ever. 04."None But My Own": nice, clean but very evil sounding main riff. I love the ending where it suddenly becomes a Thrash song. 05."Rage to Overcome": the main riff makes great use of Pinch Harmonics. Which makes the song a little bit tricky to play. 06."Death Church": great Song, very mid-tempoed, great for headbanging lol. Great chorus where Flynn pulls of a nice growl. I also love the outro. (once again, I love ride cymbals) 07."A Nation on Fire": good song, When the song gets heavy however, it's unbelievable. 08."Blood for Blood": the second of the three most agressive tracks. The song features a great main riff with agressive lyrics from Flynn. 09."I'm your God Now": one of my favourites. the song is mellow during verses and heavy in the choruses. however, after the second chorus when Robb sings "There's no time to... PRAY!" the song gets amazing. 10."Real Eyes, Realize, Real Lies": essentially just an instumental, but I love the riff and the news reports and such in the background give it a really good atmosphere 11."Block": as cliche and funny as this sounds I like to think of this song as. ehemm... "Pure aggression channeled through music". The final song and the third and most intense of all songs on the album. The main riff is complete aggression and the ending is the best ending to an album ever - the drums are fast and furious, Robb is bellowing "f--k it all" and the song ends with a last roar of the aformentioned lyric and a mammoth-sounding Chord and some feedback. Classic way to end a classic album. Sorry for the length and any spelling mistakes, also it's a bit one-sided haha. If it was stolen/lost I would definetly buy a new one.

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    That sucks for whoever saw them play with Metallica. I saw them headline second stage at Mayhem and was blown away by them. Hearing Imperium live was a great experience...
    Classic album for sure! F** whoever doesn't like this. It's pure metal quality. Favourites for me include Davidian (obviously), Old, The Rage To Overcome, Block... ...although, try headbanging to the ending of A Nation On Fire and see if don't need a chiropractor afterwards :p DMM \m/
    Brilliant album, although it took me a while to get into it (I got Supercharger first and thought it was quality!), but is now on a level with Ashes. Blackening is so far above though. Seen MH twice since The Blackening, and both times they have been amazing. Best live band I've seen, and easily my favourite band. Seeing them in a fortnight with Metallica - anyone seen them play in 'the round' stage? Carry it off? I'm sure they will...
    Yeah dragon force was terrible. But I've always liked Mastodon so it was pretty cool for me. I can only imagine what Machine Head could do with a full set though...
    Machine head should have been on the main stage at mayhem...instead of mastodon or dragonforce. They had a killer set in Denver...they played their cover of Hallowed Be Thy Name and followed it with Halo. Broke my neck.
    Oh god... Machine Head... I only started listening to them in September... when I heard "Davidian" I began to cry and thought "20 years of my life, wasted!" THAT is how good this album is. Ditto for Ashes and the Blackening, which I also got ASAP. I like The Burning Red too, but not on the same level. MH is one of the top metal bands around nowadays, and IMO The Blackening in particualr is an insta-classic, up there with Master of Puppets. No joke.
    Diablo1986 wrote: That sucks for whoever saw them play with Metallica. I saw them headline second stage at Mayhem and was blown away by them. Hearing Imperium live was a great experience...
    My friend saw them with Metallica and said it was disappointing because they weren't even set up into PA system. we saw them at mayhem and they were good. their time slot was too short. When they headlined their own tour with Arch Enemy and Throwdown was the best. they played everything.
    I just got this album the other day after listening to Davidian for a long time. Arguably one of the heaviest albums of all time. "Rage to Overcome" strangely reminded me of a song that could have been on Slipknot's Iowa.
    i love this album, and these are some great reviews on the legendary debut from Machine Head Although i must say that I believe "The Blackening" is by far their best musical work yet.
    wow i just found this band thanks to this article. amazing. amazing. amazing. METAL!!!!
    this guys are realy knows what they doing and when you know what are you doing you make albums like this one(i'm sorry if my english sucks)
    The best album from Machine Head,''Blood For Blood'' my favorite song from this band.
    MACHINEFUCKINGHEAD! awesome album, personally prefer The Blackening but this still rocks the socks 9/10 fo shiz!
    Metal Onslaught
    Sorry about that last post...pc got messed up. Anyway, this album is ****ing amazing. Pure balls froms tart to finish. Every metal head will love this album without a doubt. Their newest, "The Blackening" is quite impressive as well (I'd say better in many respects), although not as "in-your-face". MACHINEFUCKINGHEAD!