The Blackening review by Machine Head

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  • Released: Mar 27, 2007
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 9.6 (425 votes)
Machine Head: The Blackening

Sound — 10
The album has been in the making for over a year and for those impatient fans when you hear it you can see why. The music of this album technically surpasses all of the previous efforts from the band with some of the best vocal and guitar work I have ever listened to, this album is going to be big in the world of metal from the second you press play it sounds like an epic with the harmonised acoustic guitars and thunderous riffs. This is the new Master Of Puppets.

Lyrics — 10
The lyrics of the album are all very dark and cover topics such as war, religion, death and love; the lyrics fit so well with the music. The lyrics are mainly focused on social commetary like burn my eyes. You can tell flynn has put a lot of thought into the lyrics and how he was going to sing them as they are not just a percusive instrument like some metal singers. Flynns skill as a singer and rhythm player has dramtically improved over the years and this album would even challenge hetfield as the greatist rhythm player, the choruses are big and the growl is getting better with flynn and his iron lungs.

Overall Impression — 10
As I said this album is the new master of puppets, there are no songs on the album that I dislike as all songs cover controversal subjects such as halo, this song looks at religion and it's bad points I believe flynn wrote the lyrics to that song after seeing that the church was trying to make abortions illegal. Every lead played has so much power to it and the lead trade offs between flynn and demmel are insane the guitar tone is so good it makes you drool at the mouth. If I lost this album I would go ape because the CD came with a DVD which is good to watch and after moping around for a few hours I would go to town to buy a few copies ensuring that it doesn't happen again. If you are a fan of metal music by this album.

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    this album is a ****ing epic I posted a review defenitely number 3 in my top 3 with first being ...And Justice for All and 2nd MOP amazing album!!
    Holy shit. I just listened through the whole album, and Machine Head are my new favourite band. They blow every other band out of the water, this is the most kick ass album I've ever heard.
    their is gonna be a video for Now I Lay Thee Down yay!!!and i think that Halo and Aesthetics of Hate are gonna be singles toooo!!!
    DaliLama wrote: Haha do they still rap on this?
    Rapping nearly killed them lol why would they try that again????
    This album is awesome. This and Lamb of God's Sacrament are the best albums in years.
    This album rips your face off. Riffs are heavy as **** and the melodic parts are like ear-sex. One of the first great metal albums in years.
    DaliLama wrote: Haha do they still rap on this?
    I gotta admit...I'm actually seeing the funny side of that comment. Sure I reckon The Burning Red was a great album and I hate it when people rip on MH for rapping (coz 1. the songs were still awesome and 2. YOU try playing guitar and rapping at the same time) but yeah it made me laugh!
    This is a heck of cathartic album, and I mean in a good way. Machine Head's new release is definitely unarguably one of the solid metal records of past a half decade. they have been improved alot in 4 years. it's just a in-your-face, adrenaline-pumping, head-banging metal album. a new classic in 21st century!
    great album...awesome guitar work by rob and phill!!!!!just love the songs!!!!!they also have cool lyrics!!!!!they can prove that metal has many things to prove!!!!!they surpassed everything!!!!!this album is a must for every metalhead!!!!! the song for dimebag is just wikid!!!!!its amazing!!!!!it made the guy that wrote this ****ing article some years ago shut up!!!!! and i want a video for halo!!!!!
    Guys this album is AWESOME!!! This band did the impossible and surpassed ALL their past albums! It's absolutely mind-blowing. It's perfect in every way! It was worth the extra few days us Aussies had to wait! But, sorry to have to do this, but to all you who say this is the album of the year, I'm sorry but I think that belongs to United Abominations. This album comes very close, but just not that close. Also, there are parts on this album musically that are to me very reminiscient of past MH albums, like the riff in Halo could easily fit somewhere on The Burning Red and other songs that sound like something off Supercharger. All i'm saying is to those who threw out those 2 albums after just one listen just coz of a different vocal style on some songs, go back and give them another just might like them.
    Machine Head ... My Fav Band ... This album is really f**kin wikid but i still think that "Burn My Eyes" is the best album of all time
    The Blackening has got to be, not only HANDS DOWN the best album of this year, but one of the best albums I've ever heard. I thought that Through The Ashes of Empires was the unstoppable. I didn't think that anybody could top it, but Machine Head back and kicked everybody's asses AGAIN with The Blackening. The tour with Lamb of God and Trivium and Gojira was amazing as well. I think that Machine Head should have been main support over Trivium. They deserve that. Not to say that Trivium wasn't good, but Machine Head's performance blew them out of the water. MACHINE-FUCKING-HEAD
    their is gonna be a video for Now I Lay Thee Down!!! and I heard that Aesthetics of Hate and Halo are singles too!! Man Machine Head pick amazing songs for the singles!!
    DaliLama wrote: Haha do they still rap on this?
    if they did, would you think they'd be getting reviews like this?
    Sacrament was released in 2006 but ****in A that is a ****ing sick album!!!Insane riffs nice solos pretty sweet bass and the drums shine!!
    I highly doubt they'll release Halo as a single, due to the fact that Robb's talking about stopping Christianity and it's poisoning our minds. Still though, probably one of, if not the best, album i have ever heard. If you like metal at all, BUY THIS ALBUM! NOW!