The More Things Change Review

artist: Machine Head date: 09/30/2004 category: compact discs
Machine Head: The More Things Change
Released: Mar 25, 1997
Genre: Rock
Styles: Heavy Metal, Alternative Metal
Number Of Tracks: 10
The More Things Change, expanding their brutal attack with gothic flourishes and prog-rock pretensions without ever abandoning their blistering thrash-metal roots.
 Sound: 10
 Lyrics: 8
 Overall Impression: 10
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overall: 9.3
The More Things Change Reviewed by: narmi, on september 30, 2004
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Sound: The sound, well, it's not very hard to describe, pretty f--king brutal. Basically, typical Machine Head. This album was the Head's follow up to the fantastic Burn My Eyes and Believe Me, it does not disappoint, it terrifies. Well, it is obviously very heavy, the guitars are as usual tuned to drop B and the result is riffs that make your breakfast come up to the back of your throat - no matter what time of day. It is by far the evilest album Machine Head has released, believe me it will terrify and disturb you. // 10

Lyrics: Well, the usual Robb Flynn genius pour from the speakers. Like I said, the whole album has a very evil feeling to it and this is quite different from Burn My Eyes' agressiveness that made u wanna thrash the place. Don't get me wrong, it still has tonnes of agression, the screaming is astonishing. Now we are used to Robb Flynn's melodical mastery as well as the agressiveness, this is pure agreesion and evil, he doesn't slow down at all. This whole album does not let you have a breather, just like Robb Flynn is stopping himself from resting so is the listener, he basically doesnt shut up, which is a good thing. The downside to the evil lyrics and agressive sound is that you cant shove the record on any time you want, you have to be in the right mood, it really does act as a drug, it will really change your moods, Robb Flynn tends to have that effect on listerners. // 8

Overall Impression: This album is in a league of its own, You can not compare it to anything else out there, not even Machine Heads other stuff. It is simply unique. The album does not slip at all and is near perfection all the way through. The opening Ten Ton Hammer, is exactly that, a Ten Ton Hammer that nails the shit out of you. Fucking brutal and along with Take My Scars and the lyrically scarce but still awesome Bow Down To None. This album does belong in all metal heads collections. It is one of the most underrated albums ever released. People compare everything of Machine Heads to Burn My Eyes and Supercharger, however this extremely important album that helped guide the band to later genius extractions is totally overlooked. Fantastic it is and if someone stole it, I would buy another, find them stick ths album on, and beat the shit out of them, then carve in their back. // 10

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