Adventure review by Madeon

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  • Released: Mar 30, 2015
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 7.5 (2 votes)
Madeon: Adventure

Sound — 10
With multiple singers from Passion Pit in "Pay No Mind" to Mark Foster in "Nonsense" to Dan Smith (from Bastille) on "La Lune" there is a AAA line up from the get-go on this DJ's debut album. The phenomenal sound quality has gone unmatched by a lot of what I've heard around recently. The composition as well, is moving in ways I've never experienced. "Imperium"'s dissonant subsonic bass and energizing beat blend to give it a futuristic spark. This by far the best sounding album of 2015.

Lyrics — 10
Lyrically everything is beyond what it has to be for poppy dance music. I've noticed there is a strong message in here about trust and faith most notably in "Nonsense." Everything that's been written has a clear reason. Lines are flowing word to word. You can feel the soul of the music being portrayed through the emotion the vocalist bring to the recording booth. The composition only adds to the foundation with the pulsing kick drum and bass working off each others energy non-stop. The '90s sound and the modern engineering of digital synths has truly given Madeon a lot to utilize and nothing has gone to waist.

Overall Impression — 10
Compare Madeon to other DJs in his category such as Zedd and Kalvin Harris and they don't have shit on him. The album flows like a river from song to song and there is never a dull moment. I've even put the 1:09:36 album on loop not just because the length makes it more durable in this regard but because I couldn't get enough of any song on here. Finale is a weakness as it's a generic cookie cutter "epic" end song but with the 4 bonus tracks in the deluxe album it's just a road bump.

My favorite songs are as goes "Beings," "Nonsense," "Technicolor," "The City," and lastly "Icarus." I'd say the 5/18 are the strongest. I'd cough up the money to buy it on CD any day but for now digital is the secure option. In other words I've already bought it and so should you.

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    kinda. I had to do this as my way for getting into writing tabs (which if you look, i'm much better at that).