No Tolerance For Imperfection review by Man Must Die

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  • Released: Aug 4, 2009
  • Sound: 8
  • Lyrics: 9
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 8.7 Superb
  • Users' score: 7.9 (17 votes)
Man Must Die: No Tolerance For Imperfection

Sound — 8
No Tolerance For Imperfection is a maximum adrenaline rush from start to finish. From the machine gun drums continuously firing upon the masses, the technicality of the guitars, and the unbreakable song structures, Man Must Die has returned at their best. Opening up with the title track, No Tolerance For Imperfection, Man Must Die goes straight to the punishing with a strikingly fast death metal drive, and the way they switch the tempos so smoothly just feels like natural Man Must Die now. Whether they slow down to a slaying pace with the double bass ticking to your doom, or unleashing the death metal fury, the title track proves a great beginning to all of the madness about to come. The self explanatory and brutal track Kill It, Skin It, Wear It comes like a bull running in a china shop, and Man Must Die unleashes a bunch of technical yet super aggressive riffs. The verses stomp major ground with tons of mean distortion and thrash tendencies. Plus, the band really spices things up with some striking dissonance, which in lieu with the brutality gives you the chills. And even their breakdowns thunder the ground behind a constant marching snare, and the dark tones they add into their melodies really help craft their identity as Man Must Die. Man can these guys shred! The album definitely ends on a strong note with Survival Of The Sickest. The instrumentation is monstrous, and it almost feels like our own survival depends on living life to our best. A tad slower pace than the rest of the CD (though equally as heavy), and the memorable melodies within show even more strength and diversity to Man Must Die.

Lyrics — 9
While Man Must Die keeps things heavy as can be, the music also has a message behind it. One of my favorite messages in music: sticking it to the man! With man's stupidity in social and economical life, to nature, the animals, man's ego in general; I mean seriously, man must die. The fact itself does help act as a creative outlet for the band and many other metal bands, and the lyrics and vocal authority of Joe McGlynn really spreads the message with such power. Songs such as Kill It, Skin It, Wear It and Survival Of The Sickest provide great anthems towards man's stupidity. Other extreme offerings such as How The Mighty Have Fallen let McGlynn's vocal range expand from his guttural growls that he's perfected so well, to high rasps and fist pumping chants. Either or, his [McGlynn] deep guttural growls and rasps are solid as a brick wall for the duration, making Man Must Die's full force attack even more extreme.

Overall Impression — 9
The UK technical death metal scene has been one of those movements to watch lately, and Man Must Die easily makes themselves one of the big dogs, especially with No Tolerance For Imperfection. My first impression was highly anticipated from hearing the band's older material and watching them grow (which they grew fast). I was beyond stoked to hear No Tolerance For Imperfection, and it's hype sure lived up. While many technical death metal bands claim to be this and that, more brutal than the last, faster on the fretboard, etc., Man Must Die takes in all of those characteristics, and makes some big moves in the genre. While all hell is being let loose, it's not as if a machine gun is spraying aimlessly. Man Must Die is hitting spot on bullseyes. McGlynn sounds stronger than he ever has before, as does the rest of the band. I'm starting to picture people yelling Man Must Die!! at the top of their lungs as one would yell, Slayer!! Man Must Die has such a killer musical direction, appeal, and as they continue to get even better, do expect their future to be big!

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    Good review. I really liked this album, some of it got a bit repetetive but overall it was pretty awesome!
    Bought this cd a couple months ago. These dudes get down. They have a really tight sound and lots of speed and technique. The lyrics are pretty good to. Definetly a must if you love grind/death metal.
    Pingis_Or_Death wrote: Pretty allright. I hate the production though, makes them sound way generic.
    How in the hell is the production gonna make them sound "generic"? In order for them to sound generic they would need to write and play music that is being done constantly by other bands. The production has nothing to do with their sound as far as who they sound like. The production on this album is pretty damn good. The sound is clean and clear. The rest of the goodness is all of them knowing how to play agressive technical music. Maybe somebody tried to make a sexy time in your ear one night while you were sleeping and as a result your hearing is now impaired. Might wanna get that checked out though.