Send Away The Tigers review by Manic Street Preachers

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  • Released: May 7, 2007
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 9
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 9.3 Superb
  • Users' score: 9 (17 votes)
Manic Street Preachers: Send Away The Tigers

Sound — 10
Many old Manics fans will be pleased to hear that they have returned to thier roots with the sound of this album, and I can honestly say that they have not grown out of it. I do not think that there is one song on here which lets the album down in any way. However I do believe that the first single off the album, Your Love Alone Is Not Enough, was really not the song which was the biggest selling point from the album, but it got No 2 in UK so it certantly did it's job. I would really compare this album to the likes of Gold Against The Soul and Generation Terrorists, however just much better recording and production than the two of them. The Manics themsleves said "So, for Send Away The Tigers, we've been listening back to Everything Must Go and even the youthful idealism of Generation Terrorists, placing ourselves back at being 18 or 21 again, and reconnecting with all the things that made us so excited back then". And it's true. Send Away The Tigers is full of anthemic Stadium rock songs like Rendtition and Your Love Alone, the types of song whihc could take you back to Design For Life or even Slash N' Burn. I would also compare this to The Great Western which was James Dean Bradfields solo album released last year. 01. Send Away The Tigers - an upbeat and simple title track opener, it's probebly my least favourite on the album becuase it just gets a little bit boring sometimes. Decent track though, could easily have come off Everything Must Go. 02. Underdogs - released as a free download from their myspace before anything else off the album, which was a great choice to show off. Powerful, and a chorus that is just driven into you. 03. Your Love Alone Is Not Enough - performed with Nina Persson from the Cardigans, was the first single off the album. It's a catchy, stick-in-your-head kinda song, a really nice song which you gotta love no matter what generation you are from 04. Indian Summer - one of the best tracks on the Album. It starts with a very mellow and calm introduction which really does portray and Indian Summer. 05. The Second Great Depression - a favourite of many people's off the album. However it doesn't really stick out oevr the rest in my opinion. Builds up and up to the strong and stadium rock chorus that falls elegantly back down again. I would compare it to Still A Long Way To Go, from The Great Western. 06. Rendition - amazing track! Defintely one of the top 3 best off the album. Should have been the first single, upbeat, in ya face and unforgettable. 07. Autumnsong - starting with a riff which really shows off the Manics Guns N' Roses influences this sogn really blows you away. I think it's the second single off the album and you can tell why. Realy sing along chorus and some greast lyrics. 08. I'm Just A Patsy - my favourite song off here anyday. Starts with a quiet and brilalitn first line then drills in the rest fo the song. Similar in some ways to If You Tolerate this. 09. Imperial Bodybags - amazing song which you can jus imagine a car/gun chase being filmed to. Up and Down chorus and so powerful! 10. Winterlovers - it starts with, and it just sounds great. This is the more mellow song put on the end of the album, or so you think for the first 30seconds of the song. Then suddenly it bursts through with the Nah naaah naahs as a driven and soulfully sung chorus. Also then followed up with a brillaitnly performed cover of John Lennons Working Class Hero as a secret hidden track on the end.

Lyrics — 9
I found the lyrics much m, ore emanignful to myself on this album because it was written when I was old enough to have any interest in what was going on around me and in the world. The Manics of course still carry on the amaizng lyrical genius in every song, which is nothing to be surprised about. he songs title Send Away The Tigers comes from the comedian Tony Hancock who used it whenever he started drinking. gain James manages brillaintly to fit thousands of words into one line, but that works just as fine as any other album. James I really think is particularly on top form this album. Ever since Everything Must Go James has shown off some amazing vocal talent and this certantly gets put through here.

Overall Impression — 9
These songs could all be split up into differnet eras of the Manics History, but they all fit perefectly onto this album together also. The best songs off this album have got to be: I'm Just A Patsy, Rendition, Underdogs, Indian Summer, Imperial Bodybags. I know that's half the album already but it's a bloody good album.

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    saw them in concert at cardiff uni and they were brilliant, the autumn song is amazing!!
    saw them in concert at cardiff uni and they were brilliant, the autumn song is amazing!!
    Yeh i saw them on the first nite in Cambridge. They were so amaizng nd im cin em agen at Fflam in Swansea, bring it on!!