Thunder In The Sky Review

artist: Manowar date: 06/18/2009 category: compact discs
Manowar: Thunder In The Sky
Released: 2009
Genre: Heavy metal, Power metal
Number Of Tracks: 6
Compared to any other Manowar album, Thunder In The Sky sound is more like "Louder Than Hell" album.
 Sound: 8
 Lyrics: 7
 Overall Impression: 8
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overall: 7.7
Thunder In The Sky Reviewed by: Rocker796, on june 18, 2009
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Sound: Compared to any other Manowar album, Thunder In The Sk sound is more like "Louder Than Hell" album. Manowar have always had a loud bass bit it does seem to be a little lower in volume in this album. There is the usual drum beat on most of the songs. Karl Logan does play some very interesting solo's on this album as well, the sound is un-heard compared to other albums, mainly on "thunder in the sky". As for the story of the album, pretty much Manowar style, about battles and being with the god's, however the song "Father" has a different meaning. // 8

Lyrics: Throughout the album, excluding the song "Father" the lyrics are basic battle and songs about the gods, typical Manowar songs. "Thunder in the sky" and "God Or Man" lyrics would really be found on their "Into Glory Ride" album, as it has a similar lyrics. Eric Adams voice sounds..Very different this time..It seems to of been edited in the studio, the screams [which I have loved about Manowar] didn't seem the same, however maybe it could just be Eric getting older! There aren't many screams on the album, but his singer voice is still as good, but sounds edited a little. "The Crown And The Ring" is a great example where Eric Adams' voice sounds a little edited. Overall the lyrics are typical Manowar style, and Adam's voice is great but maybe too much editing went on. // 7

Overall Impression: Comparing this too the other Manowar albums this one too me didn't sound as great. The songs: 01."Father": which was sung in 16 different languages, had a nice meaning to it, which was a boy who had grown up basically ignoring what his father had to say, being naive. But when the boy grows up, he realises that what his father said was right, but his father died, and all the son wanted to say was that his father was right. Of course, this was the main song on the album. 02."Thunder In The Sky": reminds me too much of a "louder than hell" song, the chorus is very catchy though, and is sung very well. The acoustic part in the middle of the song brings forward Eric's voice, and the scream at the end is done well, but sounds edited. 03."Let The Gods Decide": not much I can say about this due to the fact that its a typical Manowar song, Eric uses a different way of singing through the song, one that worked very well if the song! 04."Die With Honor": again, not much to say as its the same type of song as "Let The Gods Decide". The chorus on this song is very nice and the solo for the song is a very good old school Manowar sound! 05.The Crown And The Ring [metal version]: when I first heard the original song i was blown away with the lyrics and the singing. Having a metal version would also be nice to have, having listened to it now, only the last minute or so is metal. The screams in this version are not as good as the original version. 06."God Or Man": fast song at the end of the album, reminds me of the song "The Power" pretty much the same song, nothing special here. I managed to get this album off a friend, and I listened to it, and if it ever got lost or stolen, I probably wouldn't rush to the store to buy it straight away, but I would buy it again at some point. Overall, good album, not too keen on the edited screams which was disappointing. // 8

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