Warriors Of The World review by Manowar

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  • Released: Jun 4, 2002
  • Sound: 8
  • Lyrics: 9
  • Overall Impression: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 8.3 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.8 (17 votes)
Manowar: Warriors Of The World

Sound — 8
On this album you get your raw powered true metal and then you get more of a classical and even operatic outings. The recording quality on this record is brilliant but with today's technology what do you expect. Although there seems to be some clitches this album is more than worth getting (as long as your a Manowar fan). For someone new to manowar though I would suggest something else, unless you like a little classical thrown in.

Lyrics — 9
The songs on this album have your typical and brilliant Manowar lyrics (Death, Blood, Etc), but I would not have it any other way. Eric Adams also seems to have changed his style a little on this album in places. A more growly way of singing witch seems to fit the way they have down tuned the guitars to D. But he is on form as well as Joey Dimaio seems to writing the material to a new standard, the lyrics and music seems to be more extreme to me.

Overall Impression — 8
From the typical Manowar album starter Call To Arms witch is full of the sort of still fighting the world lyrics and heavy and raw riffing. The heay sort of ballad that seems to be for america The Fight For Freedom witch goes from a soft piano orientated on the first and second verse, then on the choruses and third verses bursts Karl Logan (Guitarist) with a nice solo aswell. Then I am not really a fan of opera but Eric really can sing this piece Nessun Dorma, witch just proves that his pipes are probably the best in metal perhaps the world! Then a short classical piece Valhalla witch I personally see as the intro duction to Swords In The Wind. A epic song witch is about a Viking burial at sea (you know where they set fire to the long boat) ace song though. Next you get the first cover Manowar have done An American Triology, Manowar have cleverly put their' mark on this song withoput changing the principal elements. Then the title track Warriors Of The World United, again typical Manowar lyrics but this song stands out on it's own and from now on will be a Manowar classic! My favourite song on this album has to be Hand Of Doom with a brilliant sweep picking solo and fast paced riffing, the lyrics are about your standard revenge, and death to all those who doubt thy strength! Next is House Of Death and again a bombastic fast riffing true metal song, I consider this song to be a sequel to Bridge Of Death. Then the outro song another fast paced manowar outing Fight Untill We Die, exellent lyrics, about the norse gods and fighting exellent. So if your already a Manowar fan and you don't have this album your missing out.

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    personally, i think this is one of the best of manowars albums, manowars lyrics are cliche-ish, but this is their gimmick and when a band has a gimmick they must maintain it. manowars a pretty good band