Plague Angel review by Marduk

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  • Released: Mar 8, 2005
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 9.3 Superb
  • Users' score: 9.5 (11 votes)
Marduk: Plague Angel

Sound — 9
In the constraints of black metal, it is hard for songwriting to be completely original and groundbreaking. On Plauge Angel, Marduk embraces this fact, putting out a fairly unoriginal but equally brutal record. Like most of Marduk's material, the emphasis is on the blastbeats and speed; this concept remains the same for Plauge Angel. Drummer Emil's technical and relentless blasting are sure to send shockwaves throughout the listener's ears mere seconds into the first track, The Hangman of Prauge. In listening to the entire album, you only get one, maybe two songsworth of non-blasting, coming in the seven-minute epic Perish In Flames. The albums's biggest downfall is the loss of singer Legion, who is likely the greatest black metal frontman of the last decade. Legion is replaced by Mortuus (of Funeral Mist), who does a decent job on vocals.

Lyrics — 10
Although the legendary Legion is gone, Mortuus' skills as a black metal vocalist fit in perfectly with the rest of the band. What I enjoy most about the vocals on Plauge Angel is the lyrical content. Although most of them repeat at least once throughout the song, Mortuus' delivery is very good. He has a very poetic style of writing, and most lyrics tell some sort of story. My personal favorite lyrics are those to Life's Emblem, where twice there is a dialogue between Man and Death. Despite the overwhelmingly deathy imagery portrayed by all of the lyrics, Mortuus still manages to include enough originality in his writing to garner notoriety. The combination of poetically styled lyrics and enough originality make this record one of my favorite lyrical albums.

Overall Impression — 9
In my opinion, this is one of the better Marduk albums. I am personally still bitter over the departure of Legion, but the remaining cast still manages to put together a kick-ass record. The biggest drawback to Plauge Angel is not the overwhelming blast-beating, but the sheer repetition of the songs. Many of the tracks sound alike and it is quite difficult to follow the guitar riffs. This type of brutality is an acquired taste, but for those enjoy non-stop blast beats and satanic/demonic/deathy lyrics, Plauge Angel is for you.

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    I agree that dying fetus and job for a cowboy are very good and talented bands, black metal is an acquired taste. For a true black metal fan, this album happens to be pretty damn close to a classic. Unoriginality is just a fact of the black metal style, but its something that is very hard to get into.
    ElBarto2811 wrote: What?? Tool black metal?? Mwahahahaha! You're kidding right?
    he was calling HmTowmHero1007 a tool dude. Calm yourself. Anyway, I've never listened to Marduk, so can someone reccomend me a good place to start?
    Your41Plague12 wrote: I've never listened to Marduk, so can someone reccomend me a good place to start?
    If youve never listened to Marduk before, I'd recommend Those of the Unlight (bonus tracks). This version was released in 2006 and includes some mellower songs, including my favorite Marduk song Wolves.
    I much prefer Mortuus' vocals to be completely honest. This album as well as the latest release are two of my favorite black metal albums of all time. Not that albums like Heaven Shall Burn and Panzer Division aren't completely badass as well. =]
    bad ass album, full blast in yo face and yes a classic! but Rom 5.11 is maybe a better start to explore Marduk. Opus Nocturnus is a classic too, but thats more old school.
    black metal is so unorigional and just plain stupid... if i'm going to buy a metal record im ogonna pick up something original and cool ie. dying fetus or job for a cowboy.