Self Titled review by Marianas Trench

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  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 9.8 (8 votes)
Marianas Trench: Self Titled

Sound — 10
Normally a bands debut EP will be a mediocre piece used to try and gain a few new fans, this is not the case with Marianas Trench. Their self-titled self-released debut boosts in originality and passion. The EP starts with "Primetime" an emotional alternative rock song telling of lead singer Josh Ramsay's previous heroine addiction. The song immediately impacts with heavy guitar and bass work yet a catchy and memorable chorus. Next is "Decided To Break It". This song showcases the full bands vocal talents with all four members voices harmonizing as one - the song gives flash backs to Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody" with such effortless harmonizing. The next two songs "Push" and "Far From Here" are some heavier tracks with "Push" clearly demonstrating the full skill of the band members with every instrument playing to perfection. "Far From Here" has the same feel with everything playing effortlessly but improves on its procedure by starting with an ace bass line intro from bassit Mike Ayley. The album ends with "Sicker Things" and "Feeling Small". "Sicker Things" has a great change of pace throughout the song adding to the effect of the words "I remain unknown" proclaimed by Josh. "Feeling Small" closes the album with a reasonably heavy but much slower paced song than previously seen on the album. This gives a chance for Josh to clearly demonstrate his vocal range and guitarist Matt Webb to add some extra licks and riffs into a clearly memorable end song.

Lyrics — 10
At the time the members of Marianas Trench were only young: Josh Ramsay (lead vocals, rhythm guitar) - 17, Matt Webb (lead guitar, backing vocals) - 17, Mike Ayley (bass, backing vocals) - 20 AND Ian Casselman (drums, backing vocals) - 20. This just shows how skilled the band are with their talent far outwaying their age. All drums, bass and guitar parts are played to perfection throughout the album. Also Josh Ramsay's vocal range proves he is one of the most talented singers in music currently and at the mear age of 17 on this album the future is looking very bright for this band. The lyrics on the album are easily relatable by teens and anyone who has ever been one and remembers some of the hard times you have to get through. If this is the beginning of their career in lyric writing then what the future holds I'd very exciting indeed.

Overall Impression — 10
Their is no distinctive best song on the EP with all songs equally amazing. My personal favorite however is, "Far From Here" as the bass intro is one of pure class and few in modern day music (I'm also a bass player and enthusiast, so maybe a bit bias). If perfection is the starting standard for Marianas Trench then I have huge expectations for all their future music. This band have completely outdone themselves and have set a new standard for debut albums in all genres worldwide and futures music artists.

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    The harmonization was created by only josh rampsey with the help of studio magic though they do harmonize pretty well in concert. Ive heard it firsthand and its awesome!