Antichrist Superstar review by Marilyn Manson

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  • Released: Oct 8, 1996
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 9.5 (65 votes)
Marilyn Manson: Antichrist Superstar

Sound — 10
Only one word comes to mind when trying to explain the sound of this album, terrifying! this album is a hellish joyride thru the inner evil that is "Marilyn Manson" From Mansons haunting vocals in man that you fear, to the amazing riffs and beats in the beautiful people this is an album people wont forget anytime soon.

Lyrics — 10
Marilyn Manson has his best work on this album, with lyrics like "There's no time to discriminate, hate every mother f--ker that's in your way! to the haunting track titled "Cryptorchid, "Each time I make my mother cry an angel dies and falls from heaven" this album proves why he is at the top of the shock rock mountain, and even today, isn't going anywhere for a long time.

Overall Impression — 10
Antichrist superstar is easily one of the best metal album's ever made, it's the album that shot Marilyn Manson into the mainstream, and is the album that got people everyone screaming "We Hate Love! We Love Hate!" This album is so good, I got one that I listen to, and one still in the plastic just to show off. If you love manson and don't already have this album, or your looking for something heavy, Antichrist Superstar is the album for you.

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    "Prick your finger, it is done, the moon has now eclipsed the sun, the angel has spread his wings, the time has come for bitter things
    i got this album at the weekend and i love it i was nearly not allowed to get it because my mam dosnt really approve of himand i am only 12.. but eventually was allowed =D and i love it, its amazing! i really want to get a marilyn manson tshirt but my mam AGAIN dosnt want me 'promoting' him ..=[ she annoys me.....=P ='[
    This album was my first CD by him, and it was breath-taking. got it about 2-3 years ago and it still holds alot over me as well as influences me. The first review was really helpful on incite (way to go) the others were just regurgitation of what had already been said. I could really appreciate it if these reviews came with some more incite on the gear used and the such. but hopefully in the future. as far as Manson's BEST work, that's pretty certainly is a masterpiece, of course, but it was also a mile stone for him to go on making the bad ass records of Mechanical Animals and Holy Wood, too bad the band kind of changed directions when Twiggy departed though... speaking of twiggy...I wouldn't be able to compare him with Flea. Flea is a completely different genre and playing style. Zim-Zum did wonderful touring with Manson for this, but doesn't deserve credit as far as the actual songs. Drugs of course being a big influence as Dried up seems to fit like a glove Reflecting god was more a testament to the REAL satanism beliefs (if any of you even know the difference between fakes and true satanists) and is perfectly demonstrated with the chorus of "I went to god just to see. and I was looking at me." honestly simply couldn't believe that Daisy despised Tourniquet though...
    Zim Zum in my opinion was horrible. I saw a Live Vid where he was playing, and his guitar over powerd everything, and it seemed like he was trying to play the songs to his likeing. AntiChrist was a good cd but i have to say that Portrait was his best, that and the spookykid years. M Animals was really good, and Holly Wood was great, but his new stuff has gone down hill. I've not herd High End of Low yet but I hope it's not shit like Eat ME Drink ME was.