Froot review by Marina and The Diamonds

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  • Released: Mar 13, 2015
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 9
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 9 Superb
  • Users' score: 6.2 (11 votes)
Marina and The Diamonds: Froot

Sound — 9
"Froot" is the third studio album by the singer Marina Diamandis, whose stage name is Marina and the Diamonds. Launched on sale on March 13, 2015 if I remember correctly. After her last two albums, Marina comes with a collection of beautiful ballads and catchy pop songs, sounds of real instruments (mostly) excellent use of her powerful vocal range and lyrics composed by herself without help from anyone else, giving us a very underrated and perfect quality album. I'm going to be totally objective.

Lyrics — 9
Reviewing track by track.

1. "Happy" -The title song of the album and the second that we could hear when he came out on YouTube. A song that perfectly used the "lyrical dissonance," appears to be a sad song (and starts being) but over the second you realize that she is talking about finding your happiness with someone when you thought it could never again so after being alone for long.

Favorite line: "I believe someone's watching over me, and finally I have found the way to be happy." That gentlemen, is the true climax of the song.

2. "Froot" - The first song was released as a single, after slow and relaxing "Happy," Marina gives us a slap with this sticky pop song, being the hippest of the entire disk song. It is played with the chords used in a way rarely seen in current pop songs, adding more synthetic and electronic sounds. The letter is cleverly written using a lot of metaphors, comparing herself with a fruit and how it has waited so long for his true love without rotting. He shows us its full power with his voice before reaching the bridge.

Favorite lines: "This is not my first time at the rodeo/It's summer time and I hang on the vine, they're gonna make me into sweet red wine." You're a naughty girl, Marina.

3.  "I'm a Ruin" - Now, we have this song about heartbreak, but she being the villain, as unusually presented in these songs, and it is what catches the attention of this song, Marina projected herself as the bad girl of the story. Present the use of more real instruments, you can hear in the background that beautiful guitar riff. She makes a creative wordplay, as the title says what you expect for her to say "I am a ruin" but to pay more attention you will realize that she is actually saying "I'll ruin you." Marina is bad in that relationship and she knows it and wants to be free.

Favorite line: "...And I could treat you better, but I'm not that smart." Such lyrics reached the bottom of your bones. Although to be honest, the "Yeahs" and "AHAs" kill sincerity a little.

4. "Blue" - Another sticky pop song. Marina comes as a complete selfish and ruthless woman, and she says it in the song. She regrets having left a man go but not because she loved him, but because of the attention, good treatment, and sex. Marina doesn't want to feel "blue," she wants this man for one more night, one last farewell. It is impossible to escape the prechorus of the song, it's clever and catchy, and when the choir is on you will be dancing to the rhythm of the song.

5. "Forget" - A powerful song about leaving behind everything you do not need and move on. She felt weak but there is something in it that pushes forward, she is tired of feeling sorry and doubtful, she feels as if she could not forget, but as in the song progresses, succeeds. She realizes that she has wasted much time underestimated, at the end of the song she's a strong woman. After the line "I'm bowing out," launches a high note that it is impossible to overlook.

6. "Gold" - A tropical and relaxing sound. With less interesting lyrics and a bit boring, even you'll want to move to the next; although the writing is no less intelligent, it is always constant in Marina. Basically she talks about how money can not get what she wants most, and how material things not imprison her. It is not very interesting and not of the best songs. I have not favorite lines in this.

7. "Can't Pin Me Down" - I do not think it is right to call this song an anthem to strengthen women's liberation. You'll see why. Marina explains, you can make fun her whenever you want, but you can not intimidate her. She is against the maleness that has been established over centuries, yet feels comfortable attending to her husband, doing cleaning and cooking dinner. Confusing, isn't it?

Favorite line: "You might think I'm one thing, but I am another, You can't call my bluff, time to back off, motherfucker."

8. "Solitaire" - Here comes a completely alternative song to what you heard before in the album, and what will come to listen later. Everything is synthetic in terms of sound, but the voice of Marina is who stars in the song more than ever. It shows that your voice can be as strong as delicate. Even reaching high notes and D6. If you are going through a great depression or have any kind of autism you will I feel identified with this song. Marina is separated from the whole society, being alone without caring that others deem weird. She sees how his life has been a disaster, believing that suffers a curse, but eventually realizes that he is just away from the others. The beats of the song are unusual and may result in a good combination or in a complete mess, but you can not help to hear Marina's voice.

Favorite line: "...all the fakes they called cursed me, but I'm not cursed, I was just covered in dirt."

9. "Better Than That" - Here, Marina is totally throwing shade like a bitch! Talking about a girl who has behaved like a whore. she is trying to make her understand a boy who slept with her (maybe someone in whom she is interested) that this is not a good way to go and that he is able to do better. A strong statement of what she believes human nature is made; find someone to give you everything, and once it is no longer useful, go for someone new. The sound is a type of rock ballad, drums are the star of the whole song.

Favorite line: "You're just another in a long line of men she screwed..."

10. "Weeds" - After finishing the hot harmonized song in E minor, comes this song composed of a super basic pattern of four chords that lasts throughout the song, in the generic pop this would be a waste, but Marina is smarter when comes to writing songs. Many fanboys were upset with this particular song, they thought that the song speak about having a good time being drugged with marijuana. (If you ask me, that's pathetic.) Anyway, this song uses the weeds as a metaphor for something that is repeated again and again as someone who always comes back to you. Begins with a guitar riff and a bass that vibrates in your ears, while a loop of her voice singing "Babe" and remains only with the guitar and bass for half a verse. This is one of the two most beautiful ballads of the album, you can feel that she is being sincere sing his words, it lacks a lyrical climax but a good guitar solo replaces, making it unnecessary.

Favorite line: "Could have filled a garden with all the flowers that you gave me, but none of them were ours. You know the problem with history, it keeps coming back like weed."

11. "Savages" - Here comes another song with a strong statement. And I declare, "This is the best song on the album." From start to finish, Marina speaks her mind about what the human race is. The human race causes wars, diseases, and cure them. It declares that no matter how formally be our clothes or our customs, underneath it all deep inside, we are nothing more than animals acting instinctively by own benefits. Pop out, this song comes with some rock vibes. Marina's voice on this song is just everything, powerful and strong.

Favorite Line: ALL THE DAMN SONG. Give a listen and see what I'm talking about.

12. "Immortal" - We reached the end of the trip, with the second most beautiful ballad of the album. Marina, like any human being, wants to be remembered after the inevitable happens; die. Acoustic guitar makes its only appearance in the chorus, and is melodically accompanied by drums, plus synthetic violins. Speaks about how we do what we do only to stay in the memory of those who preceded us. And I find it quite striking, few pop artists make songs and albums like the Marina presented. She just like all, wants everyone on earth to last forever even after the end of the world, but she knows it will never be as well, so her only consolation is; after it's all over, all that will live forever is the memory of love between loved ones and people cross over the road. It is the perfect choice to close the album.

Overall Impression — 9
No one in the last three years has made a pop/alternative album of such quality as this. Intelligently written letters, sounds classic ballads, electric and acoustic guitars, good use of percussion, mixing both real instruments and electronic/synthetic.

Most impressive songs:
- "Forget"
- "Better Than That"
- "Savages"

Less impressive songs:
- "Gold"
- "Happy"

In my opinion, this album is the most underrated so far in 2015. Not because it's a pop record means it will be generic and rubbish. Marina goes far beyond the standards of what is commercial pop meaningless, it's only money created to fool people buying something just for a good beat, regardless of the poor quality in the lyrics. Marina shows that pop can be deep and very meaningful.

Totally worth buying this album. If you do not believe me, then go to Spotify, listen to the whole album, is totally free. You will see the high quality, and all that it offers this excellent piece.

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    I've unintentionally seen her perform at a few music festivals. The stage production is always fun and I do appreciate the fact that she writes all of her own stuff, but it's not anything to write home about. She's kind of a wanna be Katy Perry.
    There's a quite huge difference between Perry and Diamandis, Perry is just basic, and, well, Marina can sing way better