Heresy And The Hotel Choir review by Maritime

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  • Released: Sep 24, 2007
  • Sound: 7
  • Lyrics: 8
  • Overall Impression: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 7.7 Good
  • Users' score: 9.4 (5 votes)
Maritime: Heresy And The Hotel Choir

Sound — 7
Maritime's current release Heresy And The Hotel Choir on Flameshovel Records has a soft rock spontaneity relatable to The Bouncing Souls with some breezy synth-pop sonics brandishing a Mates Of State prose and rootsy rock texturing that recalls of artists like Ryan Adams and Pete Yorn. The band's music is an array of pop shades soaking in folk musings on tunes like Guns Of Narvarone and Aren't We All Found Out complimented by college rock sensibilities reflective of Rogue Wave and The Clientele on tracks like Hours That You Keep and Peril. The band's gently tingling melodic layers have overtones of twangy guitars on numbers like Are We Renegade and Be Unhappy carriaged by peppy rhythms and sonic showers liken to Menomena. The melodic acoustics on Pearl have a lush vibration hewn by twangy guitar motifs and a tempo with a comfortable gait. Maritime will often draw the listener in with a dynamic intro like the garland of drum loops opening For Science Fiction but then fall into a complacent tempo and gentle esthetics. The rootsy rock textures of Hand Over Hannover show the band's edge rawness, which contrasts their pleasant guitar ascents and synth-pop pixels on With Holes For Thumb Sized Birds. Their soft-pop ballad First Night On Earth have low-lit acoustics relatable to Elvis Presley's Love Me Tender while the album's final track Love Has Given Up is glossed by glittering synth textured harmonies and an upbeat tempo that puts a weightless bounce in their rhythmic steps.

Lyrics — 8
The lyrics have a visceral profoundness with obscure phrasing that may have a private meaning but are wide open to interpretation. A good example is the track Science Fiction which psalms, We all fear a different devil/ Freaks come out at night, freaks come on forever in the black and white/ I want to thank god for the science fiction/ For the benediction, and the contradiction that all our souls are saved/ Lords and ladies run, underneath the bunker/ Prediction fell on the gun/ We are full of anger/ But ghosts have our steady lives/ Cannot get enough of our choking, hypnotized/ Now we're all on TV in the black and white. The meaning in the lyrics are not obvious, they are the words of an intellectual and would be appreciated by a college audience or by folks who have an intrinsic attraction to profound thinking.

Overall Impression — 8
Maritime's music is a blend of breezy pop esthetics with ridges of thorny roots rock hues. The smoothness in the lead vocals and female vocal harmonies on Fight Night On Earth' are perfectly matched and the sonic pleasantries of With Holes For Thumb Sized Birds are melodically laced. The band's mellow folk musings are sprinkled by soft-pop motifs with a fancy for aurally complementing melodic layers like in the catchy hooks twining through For Science Fiction. Band members Dan Didier, Davey von Bohlen, Justin Klug, and Dan Hinz put together an album that may not give you an adrenaline rush but it is nice to bath in it's melodic showers which make it a keeper.

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    Great album...but to be honest, i wouldn't focus as much on the other bands that Maritime sounds like as much as i would try and draw from the band they've become. They've come into their own, and while they don't present a strikingly original sound, there's so much more to them then just endless comparisons to other indie artists.