Duke Pandemonium Review

artist: Marmaduke Duke date: 05/13/2009 category: compact discs
Marmaduke Duke: Duke Pandemonium
Released: May 11, 2009
Genre: Alternative rock
Label: 14th Floor/Warners
Number Of Tracks: 10
This album is rather Dancy. It still has rock elements similar to the first album, like the Twin guitar solos at the start of "Erotic Robotic" but a lot of it is electronic.
 Sound: 10
 Lyrics: 8
 Overall Impression: 9
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overall: 9
Duke Pandemonium Reviewed by: bigshoes=, on may 13, 2009
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Sound: Well, its definantely a new sound. If you didnt know, Marmaduke Duke is a trio of concept albums. the first one, The Magnificient Duke, was about rise of the Duke. This album, the second installment, is about his hedonistic days, and Death of the Duke, A 40 minute guitar piece does exactly what as it says on the tin. This album is rather Dancy. It still has rock elements similar to the first album, like the Twin guitar solos at the start of "Erotic Robotic" but alot of it is electronic. I am still rahter impressed with the sound. I was afraid that this album would be a Marmaduke Duke "Puzzle", but it has kept all the experimentalism of the first album and took it to a new style. There isnt a definate sound. songs vary from the fast paced "Je Suis un Funky Homme" to the epic 7 minute "Demon" which contains quite a few off beat layering instances, which made me think i had a pop-up playing music i couldn't see a few times. i have found the music tends to go from heavier and darker to popier and dancier as the album goes on. Its quite cool and the contrast is evident with the Reverb heavy guitars in "Heartburn" and the Steel Drums in "Skin the Mofo alive" // 10

Lyrics: The lyrics are wierd. They are in no way linier, but then again as Fans of Biffy and/or Sucioperro would know, Linier is Not how JP and Simon Neil write. It's hard to really get a good idea of what the lyrics mean and there are a lot of sexual innuendos thrown in. "Rubber lover" anyone? There are some good pop hooks like "Erotic Robotic despite the accents we're scottish" and "Je suis un Funky Homme". I have always appricated the Lyrics of Simon Neil, but at times songs are just a verse and a chorus repeated, and while good and catchy, I've always loved how his lyrics didn't have much of a obvious structure. I understand this isnt Biffy Clyro but it is a characteristic I do like. They also double vocals which is quote wierd, and gives an ominous sound but it is a neat touch, especially on "Skin the mofo alive". In that song I also like the evil, raspy voice going "Skin the motherf--ker alive" throughout sections. // 8

Overall Impression: To compare it to "The Magnificent Duke" is hard because they are totally different, but I would say they are on Par, and I really rate "The Magnificient Duke". The most impressive aspect of this album is that, you are constantly tapping away or trying to sing along. As much as I loved the singles, "Demon" is the best song, But I couldnt pick a weak song. I did not like some vocal parts, mostly the high pitched parts with repetitive lyrics. Although I would easily buy this album again if I lost it. I would recommend! // 9

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