It Won't Be Soon Before Long review by Maroon 5

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  • Released: May 16, 2007
  • Sound: 7
  • Lyrics: 7
  • Overall Impression: 7
  • Reviewer's score: 7 Good
  • Users' score: 7.4 (123 votes)
Maroon 5: It Won't Be Soon Before Long

Sound — 7
Since Maroon 5 released the hit singles This Love and She Will Be Loved back in 2004, it seems like the production value of the band's studio recordings have had a noticeable increase. The Los Angeles natives' latest release It Won't Be Soon Before Long immediately focuses more attention toward things like enhancing keyboard effects, and in the first few songs it pays off. It's in those first moments where we hear the funkier tracks that are brought to life by added instrumentation. But about halfway through the album, the tracks take a mellow turn and the momentum is halted.

The opening tracks are actually pretty inspired tracks, and the band wisely chose If I Never See Your Face Again as the one to start everything off. Between the funky pop melody and the cool keyboard licks, it shows the band is thinking outside of the Top 40 radio world. As odd and wrong as it seems, Maroon 5 are pretty competent at performing a funk tune. They're no Parliament, but they do have songs like Not Falling Apart that feature solid funk guitar work from James Valentine and the reliable keyboard skills of James Carmichael.

Where the CD takes a downward turn is when you get to Won't Go Home Without You and Goodnight Goodnight. They are tracks in the same vein as She Will Be Loved and just seem a bit contrived, and almost seem to be playing to the female teen crowd. There is definitely an audience for ballads, but a love song like Nothing Lasts Forever doesn't go anywhere new musically.

The band has already been making the talk show circuit playing Makes Me Wonder, but the CD actually shows off the band's talent more than the live show. There are some underlying guitar and keyboard tracks that aren't heard in the live show. Vocalist Adam Levine's vocals are strong on both the ballads and up-tempo tracks, and are definitely a big reason why Maroon 5 has become such an identifiable band.

Lyrics — 7
The lyrics on It Won't Be Soon Before Long seem to go in very different directions at times. Take for example the song Makes Me Wonder, in which Levine sings about a relationship turned sour. The topic is nothing new, but it just gets a bit weird when Levine starts spilling his innermost thoughts about sex. He sings, I wake up with blood-shot eyes; Struggled to memorize; The way it felt between your thighs; Pleasure that made you cry. The explicit honesty alone will probably lure listeners to it, but at the same time I know some people who will cringe hearing it.

Then there's the other side of the Levine spectrum: a sensitive man who understands the emotions of the wounded woman's heart. It seems a lot of Maroon 5 songs have this theme, so it's hard to say how much is inspired by real life. He sings, This isn't how she thought that her life would be; When they first met back in '63; And a future together was all she could see; All she could see. Although the theme gets old at times, Levine still has the ability to word it in such a way that it does have some fresh descriptive qualities.

Overall Impression — 7
Probably the biggest and most unexpected impression that is made on the latest record is the band's adeptness at funk-laced pop. While you may hear some traces of it in past singles, there are more than a few instances on Won't Be Soon Before Long that the band delivers infectious rhythms that almost a retro feel to them. Keyboardist Jesse Carmichael takes center stage a lot of the time, particularly on a song like Wake Up Call with it's heavy synth intro.

The album does tend to go into ballad mode over and over again, however. Ballads can be great if they are consistently sung with passion, but Levine's delivery just sounds like it did when he originally sang She Will Be Loved. The single She Will Be Loved was one of the main reasons why the band exploded into mainstream media, so for good or bad, the latest album's heavy helping of love songs should still please a large section of the public.

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    Taken as an entire album, this one isn't as good as Songs About Jane. But songs like Can't Stop, Kiwi, Makes Me Wonder, and If I Never See Your Face Again are so good it's worth buying the album.
    I am a fanatical maroon 5 fan, and i will admit, it was a bit of a disappointment compared to songs about jane, with songs just as shiver and tangled. This album also has more ballads, but, i can't stop listening to. Kiwi is an awesome song, and can't stop. I think the bonus tracks DO do them justice, Until you're over me has a kind of off beat tempo that i think really works. I love all the tracks, i think they all have potential. It was well worth the wait, adam's vocals and lyrics are awesome, there's some gorgeous guitar solos, and jesse is on top form with the keyboards. THUMBS UP FROM ME , sorry people. Besides, if a metalhead that hates maroon 5, likes it, it must be good... And on adam being dirty, does it really bother me?!?! NO! HE'S GORGEOUS
    "This isn't how she thought that her life would be; When they first met back in '63; And a future together was all she could see; All she could see." That is from the Living End song "nothing lasts forever". Off of State of Emergency. DUH
    Acceptable review if you suspend your disbelief and regard Maroon 5 as having any talent.
    Majes wrote: The part of lyrics from Nothing Lasts Forever are from the The Living End song with the same title.
    you have no clue, YES The Living End Have a song Called Nothing Lasts Forever, But its nothing like the maroon 5 song.
    I actually think this album is pretty darn good. Makes Me Wonder is an incredible song and I can listen to it over and over without getting bored. Little of Your Time is an amazing song as well, and I can't get over how awesome the chorus is. Other good songs are Wake Up Call (the second single), If I Never See Your Face Again, and Can't Stop. I know most people don't like Nothing Lasts Forever, but I strangely do. I think it's the acoustic guitar throughout that makes me like it. I haven't listened to tracks 8 through 12, but I'm sure I'll like at least one of those. That brings my "good songs" tally to about 6. Considering I only liked 4 songs on the last album, I guess I like this one better.
    The album was not worth waiting 5 years man, by any means. I mean it's understandable with there LONG tour, and a break, but as STRONG Maroon 5 fan, I can say that it was a disappointment. first it was. There are alot fo critical points I could cover but I feel that the review up top does it really. The sound and lyrics and tone seems inconsistent to me - while the 'too cool to care' tone that Levine and co. take is very impressive as a bold move, it does not carry through with the ballads, and it just feels like the off-beat rhythms of some of the earlier songs were pulled off well, but again could not succeed in wrong sounding songs such as "Goodnight Goodnight" and "Nothing Lasts forever". The extra tracks do nothing for their cause, I think it would have been ok for those tracks, if the justice was there for the sloppy "Goodnight Goodnight" and "Back at your door". On the plus side I feel that the lyrics were top drawer from Levine, star of the show was J. Carmichael on the keyboards, definately. And the first 5 songs are just pure brilliance, it was just a bit drawen out in process I feel, with some of the last 6/7. To reiterate, the delivery was chalked on and chalked off I felt, just wasn't as concentrated as 'Jane'. Still can't stop listening to the album though, Listen to about 8/9 outa the 14. Marks out of 10? errrrmmm.....7 I'd say, easily had the potential for the 10 though no doubt! Can't wait for the next album already!
    sorry but i no you shouldn't comment on things you don't like but i had too. Maroon are **** they have no music talent and they seem to have made crapper songs as they have get older !!!!!
    When i first heard the album, I thought it was average with some awesome songs like "Little of your Time", after listening to it a few time (Only over the space of a couple of days) It really does grow on you. It's different to their old stuff but it's good in a different way. And i think the negative Critique to songs such as 'Won't go home without you' was completely out of order cos its one of my favourite songs on the album.
    I'm just surprised really that anybody likes them, and that their cheesiness doesn't seem quite too obvious to allow it. Just me though. I know everyone's entitled to their opinions and all.
    As a metalhead, I have always hated maroon 5. but I saw a music video from them the other day, and I realized I liked it. Then I saw that it was maroon 5, so I got pissed off at myself. I'm still angry at me for liking it. but, i love funk and everything funky, so I couldn't resist, I guess.
    I don't like funk stuff by rule but the new album isn't bad rather pretty good.
    wake up call was the weirdest song that was actually good...the CD was worth waiting five years, just wish we didnt have to.
    So far my opinion is that this album is decent. Not great, but decent.
    A Poe wrote: I really cant stand the way this guy sings. Sounds like a complete fag in my opinion. Other than that they are some talented musicians.
    Besides have a line of girls waiting to blow him, I don't think singing higher than the usual males would make him a fag. Album is okay, but if this the best they could come up with over a 5 years span, yikes. Songs About Jane have a mix of everything while this is aimed for the MTV watchers.
    When I first heard 'Makes me Wonder' all i thought was, "oh well heres another teeny bop pop song" But after the third time, I actually heard the musical talent. Very funky, not as funky as the peppers (but then who is) but still funky.
    seriously, just the way this guy looks and carries himself makes me want to punch him in the face...
    A Poe
    I really cant stand the way this guy sings. Sounds like a complete fag in my opinion. Other than that they are some talented musicians.
    i really liked their first album. it had a good lounge-funk sound to it. however this album feels over produced and the band doesn't seem to exist in it. only one good song... disappointing
    well worth the wait for the album, not many bands can still make a brilliant album after their multi-platinum debut album, they they did it!
    God i hate Maroon 5 , i really dont like this new one , i could only stand 5 songs on the new CD. Sorry guys not worth 5 years of waiting
    The part of lyrics from Nothing Lasts Forever are from the The Living End song with the same title.
    I have to admit that this album isnt as good as Songs About Jane, but it is pretty damn close. I like just about every song on the album besides Back at Your Door. Goodbye Goodbye and Nothing Last Forever are Ok. The first 5 songs are Awesome, as well as Can't Stop, Kiwi, and Better That We Break. Not Falling Apart is also Ok, I like the chorus a lot though. It was worth the wait I think. I was think Back At Your Door and Nothing Last Forever could have been replaced by the bonus tracks Infatuation and Losing My Mind.