Loudspeaker Review

artist: Marty Friedman date: 08/15/2007 category: compact discs
Marty Friedman: Loudspeaker
Release Date: Jul 3, 2006
Label: Avex
Genres: Rock
Number Of Tracks: 11
"Loudspeaker" is exactly the kind of record that Friedman fans have been waiting for. It is heavy, melodic and digs down deep to his roots, reminiscent in style of his best selling Shrapnel solo record "Dragon's Kiss."
 Sound: 9
 Lyrics: 10
 Overall Impression: 10
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overall: 9.7
Loudspeaker Reviewed by: Floyd Destroyer, on august 15, 2007
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Sound: Marty Friedman has been around since what I believe to be '86. In these past tewenty one years that Marty has been in the "metal spotlight" he has brought guitar playing to a new level. Even on his latest release "Loudspeaker" Friedman continues to impress. Two words to describe this album are "Spastic and beautiful". In the opening track "Elixir" the music comes fast and heavy. Honestly I haven't heard Friedman with this much energy since "Dragon Kiss". Though I wouldn't be to out of my mind to contend this album "absolutley perfect". While some songs such as "Elixir" and "Stigmata Addiction" are pure heavy other songs take a diffrent route. Such tracks as "Glycerine Flesh" and "Devil Take Tommorow" (my persenoal favorite) have more of "ballad" side while still keeping the shredding intact. One more cool aspect of this album is that he has two guest guitarists on sepreate tracks. John Petrucci appears on "Black Orchid" while Steve Vai appears on "Viper" (not to mention Billy Sheehan is on a couple of tracks as well). // 9

Lyrics: There are no lyrics in this song with the exepction of "Coloreas Mi Vida" (which is basically just a spoken line or two in what I beleive is Jappanese or possibly spanish). The beauty of being a insturmental shred guitarist is that you can make the guitar "sing" which Marty Friedman does exceptinoally well. // 10

Overall Impression: This is definatly a treat for all guitar players. This matches up in the rank with Petrucci, Becker and even old Friedman. The most impressive songs in my opinion is "Exilir" and "Devil Take Tommorow", both have a lot of soul in those songs. I love Friedmans ability to use effects (I belive a wah pedal was used) to enhance his playing but also straight up shred to also keep things at bay. This album was worth the fifteen dollars I spent. Every penny is worth every second of this guitar masterpiece. // 10

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