Collusion review by Martyr Defiled

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  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 8
  • Overall Impression: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 8.3 Superb
  • Users' score: 10 (1 vote)
Martyr Defiled: Collusion

Sound — 9
Haling from Nottingham, England, comes Martyr Defiled, a new Deathcore act that adds new spice to the genre that has recieved much ridicule over the years. "Collusion" is the band's first outing on major label Seige of Armada, and its here to kick your ass. "Collusion" by Martyr Defiled Tracklisting 01. Enigma 02. Maelstrom 03. An Act of Sedition 04. Masochrist 05. I: Zealot 06. II: Excommunicate 07. III: Collusion 08. The Sectarian State 09. Archae Starting with the opening track, "Enigma" draws you in with a synthesizer-type effect, that quickly evolves into a breakdown and pummels you into dust. Then, instantly, you are lead into the second track, "Maelstrom". Littered with tremolo picked riffs and some interestingly intricate leads, it pummels your dust into finer dust. Then comes one of my personal favorites; "An Act of Sedition". This song basically made the whole album for me. Opening with a memorable riff, the song moves from riff to riff with expertise, and then moving into one of the best breakdowns on the record. Track number four, "Masochrist", didn't exactly stand out for me, but it is still a strong track, on an even stronger record. Now here's where they change it up; tracks five through seven are formed in a trilogy. While not exceptionally flowed together, they still make for an epic ear-busting saga. "I: Zealot" starts the ferocity, with all of the things you've come to expect from this record. "II: Excommunicate", however, starts with a slower, more melodic riff that eventually turns back to the bullet-flinging chugging-riff-a-liff action that encompasses this mass of brutality. The final part of the saga, "III: Collusion", is another one of my favorites. Featuring guest vocals from Jason Evans from the Death Metal act Ingested, it blows your mind and your limbs into pieces with its intensity. Track eight, "The Sectarian State", deviates from the trilogy, and opens with an intense breakdown that would more than likely result in death if you were at one of their live shows. Now, this last track, "Archae", is an instrumental and does well to finish off this incredible record. It uses ambiance as a device to lure the listener in, and then moves to a clean, soft riff which later becomes distorted. It serves well to finish the record. Aside from the tracks, each individual member of the band has skill, and knows what they are doing. The guitar work is all done and Drop A tuning, and the album also sports many flashy solos, which are a nice addition to this mix. The riffs have a lot of complexity, and lean toward the technical side of things.

Lyrics — 8
Vocals have good contrast; high screams, low growls and the occasional pig squeal. The singer's vocal style is fairly unique, but not in a bad way by any means. The drums are tight as ever with this Deathcore act, complete with the insane double kick and blast beats that this genre is known for. The lyrics on "Collusion" mainly deal with oppression in United Kingdom's political system. You'll commonly find Martyr Defiled's vocalist bellowing out anarchist statements that convey his strong hatred for English politics. Take for instance some of the lyrics from "The Sectarian State": "The mass delusion of your false hysteria created to serve dystopian ends - we cannot break free. I could spend the rest of eternity savouring the last few moments - I could spend a thousand years watching your empire crumble". There are also some great hooks on this record, such as the last line of "An Act of Sedition"; "Freedom is a f--king lie!".

Overall Impression — 8
This is a strong album as a whole, that would appeal to even the most prejudiced metal-goer. If you are looking for a good record, and one that you will remember for a quite a time to come, Martyr Defiled's "Collusion" is definantly right up your alley.

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    The most prejudiced metal-goer would have walked out at "Deathcore"... I'm becoming increasingly agitated with this kind of "review" where all you do is describe one track after the next. All I got out of it was "lots of breakdowns" and "dude it's so brutal." And boy do those lyrics sound generic. I'd say my interest level in this band is low to nonexistent.
    Pig Squeels are never good. Ever. There is no excuse for using them, other than your band is crap so you have to gimmick your way through.
    Yeah your right, I like groves so I should totally go kill myself. Fuck you man.