Blood Mountain review by Mastodon

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  • Released: Sep 12, 2006
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 9
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9.3 Superb
  • Users' score: 9.3 (218 votes)
Mastodon: Blood Mountain

Sound — 9
Ok so first off, Mastodon has probably one of the most unique sounds in metal today. It has everything you need, but all wrapped in a progressive tone. This album is a clear progression from Leviathan. The difference between the two is that this album has a lot more to it. There isn't a song like Blood And Thunder, where you can listen to it once and it will immediately kick your ass. But there are definitely amazing guitar riffs that will, but right after it will go into something completely different. The guitars are just one of the many highlights to this album. Songs like Capillarian Crest just destroy you. It's a complete mindf--k. Imagine Megalodon on acid, and then you have this song. My favorite songs have to be, Circle Cysquatch and The Wolf Is Loose. They both almost sound like a symphony. Huge epic songs. There are quite a few slow songs such as: Sleeping Giant, Colony Of Birchmen, This Mortal Soil, and Pendelous Skin. Each one different from one another. All of this is wrapped up in some of the most amazing drumming in music today. Brann Dailor is extremely creative. Crystal skulls stands out for me the most. Starting off with 50 second tribal drum intro. Fans of the band will easily enjoy this.

Lyrics — 9
The lyrics for Mastodon is a love/hate relationship. Some might think that the lyrics are a bit comicish. But that doesn't matter at all, because once Brent and Troy start to sing and yell, it will completely put you in a trance. There is quite a bit of singing in this album. Almost every song has some sort of actual singing. So fans of the yelling might be put off. But I enjoy it very much. It's very different from what they have been doing. There are also a lot of guest singers on here. Josh Homme from QOTSA singing on Colony of Birchmen, Cedric Bixler Zavala from The Marst Volta singing on The Siberian Divide, and Scott Kelley from Neurosis singing on Crystal Skull. Cedric's is the most interesting. You wouldn't even be able to tell it is him. Each of them add interesting bits to their respective songs.

Overall Impression — 10
This album is simply incredible. I would hope all Mastodon fans would pick it up and fans of metal in general. It will have a bit for everyone. The songs are huge. Each with a sound unlike anything else out right now. This is probably my favorite release of this year next to Tool's 10,000 days. Go buy it!

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    Sounds good. Josh Homme gets around a bit doesn't he. Bloody musical tart Can't wait to give this a listen. Great band. Amazing live.
    Mastodon is the Best!! I love every song on every album so far. I have to get this album Today!
    i saw mastodon i guess last august they opened for maiden in toronto they were pretty sweet it kinda sucked tho cuz nobody was really getting into them
    i like mastodon a lot but im not a big fan of the vocals. maybe i would be, but they're mixed really quietly on the records and are infinitely outshined by the superb guitar work and drumming. so i think they should focus more on their vocal style.
    Sleeping Giant is amazing. Best track on the album. Or Siberian Divide cos of Cedric .
    They've progressed with the darker side of the music again which I like about them... there's nothing to match Hearts Alive on this though, which isnt slagging the album in the slightest, I think its great!
    Mastodon is the most original metal bound out there today. Brann is an astounding drummer, and Brent is a superb songwriter. This is the best album I've bought all year.
    therobbert wrote: I want to get it. But Amputechture was priority for me, so since money's sparce, I bought Amp. Listened to this CD on the myspace and liked it, so I'll pick it up eventualy. And feesk8ordie, I hope you're exaggerating.
    For me, this album is tied with Lamb Of God's new one and Tool's 10,000 Days for best album of the year.
    I picked this one up and was fairly disapointed with it. Then "Sleeping Giant" came blasting through my speakers and I couldn't stop listening to it. All I could do was to listen to the rest in the CD in awe. This album is insanely good, and I really dig the vocals.
    I want to get it. But Amputechture was priority for me, so since money's sparce, I bought Amp. Listened to this CD on the myspace and liked it, so I'll pick it up eventualy. And feesk8ordie, I hope you're exaggerating.
    This album is unbelievable. I'd compare it to pink floyd dark side of the moon, it's something very different that's just put together beautifully.
    Best. Band. Ever. Enough said. If you don't own any Mastodon albums, buy Remission or Leviathan. If you already have them, buy this.
    I got it today and on first listen it is just superb. Tight drumming, crushing guitar, the bass is probably the loser of the day but the bassist is the singer and I love the vocal style! Mastodon are quality!
    I need to get this album. I've heard many of thier songs off of Leviathan (and seen the vids), and I really like them. I'm one of the few people that likes slightly (or extremley) comical/cheezy vocals, mostly because I'm not as single-minded as some music fans can be. I look forward to getting it next time I'm at the CD place...
    great band and everyone is ****ing great in their instruments but im not a big fan of the vocals on some songs. the lyrics are good though
    Felix Crowills
    This Album is BLOODY Brilliant... Brent&Bill are probably my favourite guitar duo... watch the making of Blood Mountain clips makes it seem so easy... but it isn't if you try... Brann kicks serious ass with the drumming... Troy is a monster bassist... Mastodon are HUGE... they're my greatest inspiration... can't wait to see them live...