Blood Mountain review by Mastodon

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  • Released: Sep 12, 2006
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 9.3 (217 votes)
Mastodon: Blood Mountain

Sound — 10
Ok, so on Sept. 12, 2006 a piece of magnificent art was released by 4 men. Their names are Tory Sanders, Bill Kelliher, Brann Dailor and Brent Hinds. It is the most amazing metal masterpiece to come out in decades. This is an amazing, captivating, brutal and beautiful thrill ride that every fan of Mastodon and metal in general should take. I've had it 2 days and already it's my favourite album ever. Being the huge fan that I am, it's not surprising that I along with many others should be blown away with the general calmness that this record gives you. Brent's vocals are more clear and amazing than ever(Troy remarked that they had improved on Leviathan). But this album surpasses that. The heavy songs are Mastodon in feel and sound. Before I got the entire thing, I had only heard The Wolf is Loose, Crystal Skull and Capillarian Crest. I've come to love the entire CD. Some of the tracks that really move me are This Mortal Soil, for the beautiful acoustic and solo intro and Colony of Birchmen for Brent's captivating chorus vocals. This album has so many ranges, you'll forget it's Mastodon.

Lyrics — 10
The lyrics have vastly improved over Leviathan, not just in content, but meaning as well. Again the lyrics of Colony of Birchmen hit home for me, as well as some of the more aggressive tunes. Troy and Brent are again the perfect mix of a vocal team, the high and low combination of one singing, one shouting makes for a more clear and viable sound overall. Great improvement for both. Sometimes the music and the lyrics and the music don't add up, but the music speaks for itself.

Overall Impression — 10
I'll say it one more time, this is a perfect album in every sense. Amazing job by Mastodon and this will be a hard act to follow. Many props to them for such a powerful record and all the time and effort they put in, it was well worth it. If this CD were stolen or lost, although I'd guard it with my life, I'd get another without thinking. It's one of those CD's you rush out to get the day it's released. I know I did. Guest vocals by Josh Homme and others help solidify the highs of Blood Mountain, as I'm a fan of Queens Of The Stone Age as well. I just have to say, this is a simply goddamn good album.

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    Josh Laiho
    Blood mountain is one of the GREATEST albums of 2006. I love this album and the DVD.
    Amazing. This Mortal Soul brings me near to tears every time I hear that first verse. Brent's vocals on Colony of Birchmen are amazing. I can say with confidence that this is a perfect album.
    I remember a long time ago i looked up mastodon out of curiosity, i hated their music, and i just forgot about them. i was hearing all about this new cd "blood mountain" from all of my friends, so of course, not remembering them from a while ago, i went and bought it. after i bought it and before i listened to it i remembered that i didnt like them, well, i popped the cd in and listened to it, Their music grows on you, Every time you listen to it, it just gets better! After the 3rst time you listen to mastodons music, it grows on you, They are a great band, and this is one hell of an album