A Lesson In Romantics review by Mayday Parade

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  • Released: Jul 10, 2007
  • Sound: 8
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 8.7 Superb
  • Users' score: 9.2 (49 votes)
Mayday Parade: A Lesson In Romantics

Sound — 8
Mayday Parade is a band that is known to their fans, actaully the entire music industry alike, to be something different then current mainstream pop/punk bands. They bring to the table not one, not two, but three lead singers. A feat that is very hard indeed. Mayday Parade knows how to go from straight up rock your face off (without ever going down that all too familiar road of emo/screamo) too a more slow, mello, almost haunting ballad or just a laid back, fun song. Mayday Parade never stops surprising it's listener around every single turn. Every song must be listened to in it's entirety to truly get the full benefit. A good example of this can be found in the final mezmerizing ballad of the cd, aptly named, "You be the Anchor That Keeps My Feet on the Ground, I'll Be the Wings That Keep your Heart in the Clouds." This song ending in probably the most beautiful epic round in musical history while their second singer and bass player Jeremy Lenzo repeating "Please Don't wake me up" over and over in a beautiful repetition of musical perfection.

Lyrics — 10
This is where I give the ten to this album. After many different listens to this CD on as many occasions as possible, I have yet to find a flaw in the lyrical and singing masterpiece. All of the lyrics would seem immature due to the constant subject of an Ex girlfriend, if they weren't wrapped in fantastic and awe inspiring lyrics that truly make the listener think and agree with everything that they hear. The final ballad of the album (you know the name) is probably the only song on the album with more depth then a simple relationship, with lyrics speaking as if a letter to God "I'll be here by the ocean just waiting for proof that there's sunsets and silhoutte dreams/ and my sandcastles fall like the ashes of cigarretes/ as every wave drags me to sea." The main singer of the band is Derek Sanders, who has a very strong voice indeed, think Panic! at the Disco. Their second singer is their bass player, and my personal favorite Jeremy Lenzo who backs up Derek with some screams and a much deeper voice. He has a way of stealing the spotlight in their slow songs such as the amazing piano ballad titled "Miserable at Best" where he starts off singing to his wife "Katy don't cry/ I know you're trying your hardest/ and the hardest part is letting go" Their third singer is the drummer Jake Bundrick who has probably the most distinct and opposite of mainstream voice of the group. He shines when he sings the last verse of "Jamie All Over." Some lyrics on the album, however, prove that the band is around just for a good time, such as "Black Cat" where Derek's new found raspy voice screams "You're like a black cat with a black back-pack full of fireworks."

Overall Impression — 8
Mayday Parade has destroyed all expectations as they moved from their first immature EP titled "Tales Told By Dead Friends" into this masterpiece. While Derek takes over a little more of the vocals from Jeremy he manages to obtain frontman status. From the slow and beautiful ballads, "Miserable at Best", "Jersey", "I'd Hate To be You...", and "You be the Anchor", Mayday parade still finds a way to flourish beauty in their faster rock songs, "Jamie All Over", "Take this to Heart", and the awesome guitar song "Walk on Water or Drown". However their are some songs that seem like filler, those being "Champagne...", and "Ocean and Atlantic", where Derek proves that he is not meant to hold the vocals alone. This CD has stayed in my CD player for longer then any CD I have ever owned and I have no intention at all of removing it for the time being. Hardcore, emo, punk fans alike can all find solice in this CD as one of the greatest cds to come out in 2007. Nearly all songs on this CD (mainly "You be the Anchor..." and "I'd Hate to Be You") have brought many tears to my eye while driving. The good thing they are all tears of happiness. This CD brings a tear to your eye because the message of every song no matter how dark it is is hope and the future. They sure know how to steal the hearts of many teenagers and adults across the nation. I can't wait to see what Mayday Parade has in store for us in the future (hopefully more Jeremy).

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    This is one of my absolute favorite bands, and the new album is absolutely incredible. I preordered it (So I'd get the shirt that came with it). And like the article, it's stayed in my cd player since the day it came out. It's definitely one of the best cds I've bought in awhile. And its not like the whiny, screechy emo you usually hear, and the lyrics aren't all "Omg my life sucks, I hope I die, I wanna die blah blah blah". They are pretty, dare I say, touching. Seriously, it's one of the greatests cd's you'll buy all year (If you're into this kind of music). And also, for those of you who were dissapointed by their EP, I cannot tell you all how much they have stepped up from that CD. They have improved so much in every aspect possible. Just go buy the cd. It's worth it.
    i heard one song on punk goes acoustic 2 and i liked it so this may be on my shopping list
    You mentiioned a lot in the Lyrics section about the different singers. Just wanted to note that, on this Cd, Jason Lancaster still was a part of the band, so those parts your thinking are Jeremy are actually Jason singing. But, Jeremy does cover them now that Jason's out of the band. Oh, and it's also Daniel Lancaster singing the last verse of Jamie All Over, not Jake. Good review though otherwise
    my bad for screwing up in some places...When I saw them do a live acoustic set Jake did the final verse for Jamie All Over and sounded almost exactly the same...So i just figured it would be the same on the cd
    It's no problem at all, just wanted to make sure they were given credit for their work