A Lesson In Romantics review by Mayday Parade

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  • Released: Jul 10, 2007
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 9.3 Superb
  • Users' score: 9.2 (49 votes)
Mayday Parade: A Lesson In Romantics

Sound — 9
Mayday PArade definately sets their own sound in the repetive whiney music industry. The harmony in the songs makes them impossible to get out of your head, in this case it is a good thing. I've been listening to the CD for about three weeks in a row and every time I hear each song I fall deeper and deeper in love with the upbeat and sometimes just plain beautiful instrumental.

Lyrics — 10
Two words describe the lyrics, heart felt. Honestly to some people they might not seem like the greatest lyrics but you can tell the singer(s) put time into each word and just sings each word from the heart, and that is truely the reason the CD is so amazing. Again the harmony and vocal trade offs give them a unique sound. The lyrics really reach out to anyone in the sense that anyone can relate wether it's "Jamie All Over" where you just have that one person on your mind but it will never work, or "Walk On Water Or Drown" where you have that one person who makes everything right. Perfect is all I have to say.

Overall Impression — 9
This is one of those CDs you can put in and just forget about every other CD you own for months. Every song is amazing. The most obvious to stick out are "Black Cat" and "When I Get Home". My personal favorite is "I'd Hate To Be You". The lyrics made me cry a little on that song and then the solo came in and me cry more because it was just perfect. Another song that sticks out to me is "Miserable At Best". It is amazing that they can go from a fun catchy "Black Cat" to such a powerful piano piece (if you don't cry or least feel sad during this song you have no heart). The only thing I can say about this CD that is bad is sometimes it's hard to understand the lyrics. This is one of the best cds of 07 as far as I'm concerned and would recomend to anyone who enjoys real music.

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    Thier singer can really change the pitch fast and I love it. I like the rythum of thier songs. Great CD! It's a MUST buy
    this is great pop punk band. the instruments are alright, and the singing is good. they're much better then atl haha
    i first heard mayday parade when i promised to learn to play one of their songs for a girl.... even after she dumped me, im still listening to them, that's how good they are :p they're sort of my inspiration when I write my own music.... whenever i work my way through a song, i think to myself.... "is this as good as mayday parade? " and if its not, i scrap it n start over.... (dont get me wrong, im not trying to sound like them, just as good as them)
    I love these guys.. great reviews! I do love their lyrics, and "Three Cheers for Five Years" off of Punk Goes Acoustic made me go grab this CD. One of my favorite lyrics is Jersey.. "Let's write a song that we can sing to / And you can lead the choir / And put the hook where it hurts most." These guys sing beyond their age. GREAT ALBUM!
    Wow. I've been in love with Mayday Parade since my friends started singing their songs at the football games. Since then, I BEEN HOOKED!
    I started listening to this CD on a friend's recommendation and I was completely amazed. I had already heard "When I Get Home You're So Dead" and I figured that was probably their best song. I was definitly wrong, the entire CD is awesome. Its rare to have two or three singers in a band that all have good voices but Mayday Parade does. The songs are all different: from "Jamie All Over Again" which is a lot of fun to play, to "Miserable at Best" which actually made me cry the first time I heard it (probably the second and thrid too, it has a lot of meaning to it). This CD is totally worth buying and I've learned a couple of the songs...not too hard but definitly kool to play.
    Jason Lancaster sings everything else that Derek Sanders doesnt. so... yeah. =] they kicked him out of the band or something didnt work out, so he has his own thing going on now, check out his new band Go Radio. they are AMAZING.
    Their ex-singer/guitar player Jason Lancaster has a new band you can check out on myspace called GoRadio. Also, the mention the lyrics of "You be the Anchor That Keeps My Feet on the Ground, I'll Be the Wings That Keep your Heart in the Clouds" and how beautiful it sounds when their bassist screams "Please don't wake me up". It's actually (as has been mentioned) Jason singing the backup and he's screaming "Please don't let me go". It's probably the most moving part of any song I've ever heard. The passion in Jason's voice is unrivaled.