Anywhere But Here review by Mayday Parade

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  • Released: Oct 6, 2009
  • Sound: 6
  • Lyrics: 5
  • Overall Impression: 5
  • Reviewer's score: 5.3 Decent
  • Users' score: 7.2 (24 votes)
Mayday Parade: Anywhere But Here

Sound — 6
Mayday Parade are a Pop Punk band who were formed as somewhat of a local Tallahassee supergroup. After an EP (Tales Told By Dead Friends) and their Debut Album (A Lesson In Romantics) it was clear that they were not just your basic Pop Punk band. Everything was fine until the dreaded day when Jason Lancaster (Vocals/Guitar) the main song writing packing his bags and starting up his own band (Go Radio) and left Mayday to fend for themselves. To be honest I still had high hopes for Mayday cause Derek Sanders has such a strong voice but after hearing the cover of the pussycat dolls song... I love all faith. I brought the album Anywhere But Here of iTunes, living in hope and having faith that even without Jason they could produce some catchy melodies and songs... they tried, a valiant effort, but for me they are now just a typical generic pop punk band. The sound of Mayday on this album has lost what they had before... Mostly due to the loss of Jason's powerful vocals and beautiful lyrics. But that is enough about their Loss of Jason... let's get deeper into the album...

Lyrics — 5
Derek does have a great voice and he does impress on this album some more...he has too cause he is the only one singing on this album. Usually he would share the vocal duties with Jason but now his out on his own...he still goes alright. The lyrics are boring and generic to me.... On their earlier songs they had some really clever lines and some fresh and new metaphors... on this album it's all just the re used generic love song, break up lyrics that get way to old quickly.

Overall Impression — 5
Obviously I am still wallowing in the loss of Jason Lancaster from this band and the attempt of talent they have lost with his is more then evident. Does it compare to their other albums... No.. Impressive songs... none really jump out what do I hate bout this album... It could be a Forver the Sickest Kids Album and you wouldn't know... It's just generic music with generic lyrics and nothing sticks out for me on this album... I'm sorry to say but to me Mayday Parade are now just another pop band.

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    Okay, so it wasn't as great as their last album. But it was Jason's fault, he got kicked out of the band for being somewhat of an *****. Derek has an amazing voice, and while the songs aren't as dark and "emo-rock" orientated as before, it shows that the band have matured, and moved on from their roots. Bands do this, take Panic at the Disco for instance. To say that the lyrics aren't good is wrong. Listen to, "I Swear This Time I Mean It", "Bruised and Scarred" and "The End". Whilst they aren't as good as Jason's, they aren't as crap as half of the stuff that is released these days. To compare this album with a Forever The Sickest Kids album is totaly wrong. FTSK are a pop-punk/powerpop/electronic band, who rarely use distorted guitars. Mayday Parade are an emo-rock/melodic rock band who might write about the same experiences, but will use completely different techniques to that of FTSK. Sincerely, untimelyendings. p.s. get some spelling lessons.
    I do not have time to start a debate on the subject, but suffice to say that this review was useless.
    i pretty much completely disagree with this review yeah, aving 2 singers on their first album really set them apart from the rest. but that doesn;t mean they still; arent an amazing band without jason lancaster. no offense. but i personally thing they dont need him. derek sanders's voice is beautiful =) and as for their lyrics?? how can you say their boring and generic?? i think their beautiful and meaningful and i love all their songs. you ever try writing one?
    Have to agree, no essence to the new album. Following in the footsteps of Boys like girls and the rest of them. The only bands from this genre who have actually brought something good out are paramore, though not the album i was hopeing for a good album, and the almost; who have followed in paramores footsteps, however i am more impressed with Monster Monster than with Brand new.
    Dereks voice is good, I never doubted that...but their song writing without Jason is boring, unoriginal and plain out predictable
    although this review could have been a little more unbiased, i agree. mayday parade's "a lesson in romantics" was truly an amazing album. their new album just doesn't match up to it.
    lmfao.. you say enough about the Loss Of Jason (thats not even supposed to be bolded...) and then you write more about him after that.
    I've listened to A Lesson in Romantics a thousand times and am working on doing the same with Anywhere But Here . I didn't even know they had a switch in vocalists until you guys said it on here. The first seven tracks of their debut were amazing, but after that, the music shifted to a strong Indie feel, with a lack of interesting riffs, melodies, or rhythms; plus the songs took on a much more depressing tone. In contrast, their latest release has essentially the same tone and style throughout, with a few low-key acoustic tracks for variety. Yes, it's somewhat generic, but that's why it's called pop-punk. When I first heard the album and compared it to the previous one, I wrote on Facebook, "The new Mayday Parade album = less indie, more pop, equal parts punk." And I like it a lot. Yes, it's not Fall Out Boy's From Under the Cork Tree or Paramore's Riot , but it's still a solid work. I'll be buying their next one to see how they progress.
    This is a really good album, but its not A Lesson in Romantics, but there are catchy melodies and guitar riffs, overall, I would give this album an 8/10. There were four songs that stood out for me: Anywhere But Here, Bruised And Scarred, The Silence, and Still Breathing.
    okay buddy, what, just because jason is gone the band went to shit, that is a totally unfair review. you reviewed based on the fact that jason is gone, like are you in love are something?? if anything the band matured more. you would think that it was jason lancaster writing this review getting upset for being kicked out and bashing the band for this cd. like a cmon dude give a fair review not based on jason not being in the band. there are some wicked songs in there listen to kids in love, still breathing, i swear this time i mean it, those have some genuine lyrics, guitar playing and its well put together, quit being so small minded>
    I just wanted to ask... has anyone actually listened to any songs by Jason's new band "Go Radio"? In my opinion, Go Radio has nothing on Mayday - Mayday are still the better sound. To be honest, Ive always preferred Dereks voice over Jasons. I think the important thing to remember is that Mayday is a band still finding its feet, and trying to work towards its own unique sound. I think its very rare for any band to be able to pump out two, consecutively amazing albums - let along taking into consideration the loss of a key member. For me, Anywhere But Here still has plenty of catchy and memourable songs. As listed by other posters above - Anywhere But Here, Bruised and Scarred, The Silence and Still Breathing are all fantastic, but I will go one step further and add "If you cant live without me, why arent you dead yet", which is my favourite.
    Okay, so it wasn't as great as their last album. But it was Jason's fault, he got kicked out of the band for being somewhat of an *****.
    i believe he left because his father was in the hospital suffering from cancer hence all the songs on go radio's album aimed towards him