III review by Maylene and the Sons of Disaster

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  • Released: Jun 23, 2009
  • Sound: 7
  • Lyrics: 8
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 8 Superb
  • Users' score: 9.3 (18 votes)
Maylene and the Sons of Disaster: III

Sound — 7
Maylene & The Sons of Disaster may have a little bit of 'core' influence, but there is no doubt that, for the most part, they are just good ol' southern metal. They cement that notion even further with their newest release simply titled "III" (A logical follow-up to "II", but not terribly creative). With this latest album, they decided to go back to their country flavor, but this definitely doesn't mean that they are lacking the energy. Dallas Taylor's vocals are generally pretty raspy and border the edge of screaming every once and awhile, but there are some clean vocal diamonds in the rough. The guitars are provided by Chad Huff, Kelly Scott Nunn, and Jake Duncan. It might seem like overkill to have 3 guitarists, but they still manage to balance things out. Bassist Roman Havaland and drummer Matt Clark, while not standing out greatly, provide a steady base for the rest of the band in terms of rhythm. If you're a fan of southern, bluesy hooks and riffs, then you'll be pleased with this album. Song Breakdown: 01. Waiting On My Deathbed: straight from the bayou, cajun-style banjo intro, works into an overdriven groove, good solo at 3:20. 02. Settling Scores By Burning Bridges: fast-paced start, lots of tempo changes, progressive-sounding riff mixed in at beginning 03. Just A Shock: tremolo intro, banjo-like, good chorus, could use some more riffing. 04. Last Train Coming: similar to songs from "II", good chorus section, but average song. 05. Step Up (I'm On It): great song, slide intro, banjo in the verses, catchy chorus, good buildup to an equally good solo (2:20), an all around solid song. 06. Listen Close: fun listen, catchy vocals, good guitar-work/riffing, talk-box sounding solo at 2:42. 07. The Old Iron Hills: definite southern song, good guitar interlude at the latter end, average overall. 08. No Good Son: average song, but the riffs and soloing in the song can be pretty catchy. Love the riff at 1:00 particularly. 09. Harvest Moon Hanging: fast-paced start, catchy chorus, average guitar-work. 10. Oh Lonely Grave: very dynamic song, could have started the album with this one, but it fits here too. Country/bluegrass intro, makes a big conversion to metal at 1:05, cool instrumental at 1:35. 11. The End Is Here... The End Is Beautiful: good closer, quiet and reflective, emotional orchestration, still has that bayou feel to it. Maylene's last album seemed to me to suffer from similar songs, but this album seems to succeed in giving each one a distinct flavor. The sound may not be for metalhead elitists or for bluegrass fans, but for the open-minded it is a pretty good package.

Lyrics — 8
The lyrical basis for this album seems to be based on personal reflections. The first and last songs ("Waiting On My Deathbed", "Oh Lonely Grave") are both reflections on death. "Listen Close" is almost a ballad to what could easily be his wife and home. A good portion of the song are about reflecting on the past and seeing things that could have been better, but they also express a contentment with the way things are. "The Old Iron Hills" is a reflection of the "good times" when things were simpler. It is hard to discern while listening to the songs sometimes, but several of the songs are very poetic in nature. As far as vocals go, Taylor relies on his raspy voice, but manages to give it several different sounds with varying amount of grittiness. A guest singer from Atlanta (unnamed) does the intro vocals for "Oh Lonely Grave", but Taylor still offers up some good cleans (ex. "Listen Close").

Overall Impression — 9
Overall, I think the thing that sells me on this album the most is that Maylene's music just seems to make metal more fun and less dark for when you're not in that "brutal" mood. The best songs on this album are "Step Up (I'm On It)", "Listen Close", and "Oh Lonely Grave". I would probably buy this one again so I could throw it on in my car every now and then. Like I said earlier, Maylene isn't for everybody, but if you're a metal fan who also loves a little dirty, down-home rock and roll, try it out. I'm sure you'll catch yourself headbanging somewhere while you're listening to it.

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    The Returner
    This whole album is amazing from start to finish as is their other albums. Every cd is full of awesome. I was raised a southern boy and despised every second of it and now being much older and living in the city, I have come to realize that I miss those moments and everything with it. They are one of my favorite bands and I'm not saying that as a fanboy, I'm saying that as a person who actually understands what Dallas has been through and excepted the songs just as he intended. I'm not here to put anyone down, I'm here to share my love for music. And Maylene is one of those bands that will stick with you to the end. Had the chance to go see them for $12 a ticket and it was worth every penny(with the newer 2011l lineup). Dallas is a tornado of fury on stage as well as the rest of the members, they just give off a amazing vibe and make everyone feel like it was home. Now with that being said, a lot of people are hating on the new Maylene IV singles(which I think is another stepping stone in their career) and I have to say that I really enjoy those singles. It may be "generic rock", as a lot of people are saying but it's so good. I'm not trying to force it on you but open your mind to it. People change, music changes. It's not like they went nu-metal. Just be more lenient to accepting change. Thanks to those how read my rants and enjoying it. I leave you with saying, Years may pass but the story will be told of Mother Maylene and us her sons of disaster. I will always be a son of disaster.
    Waiting On My Deathbed and Just a Shock are the stand-out songs for me. Nice to see they are keep their original style but are still changing things up a bit. The solos are definitely alot more bad-ass on this album than any of the other albums.
    bokma wrote: The solos are definitely alot more bad-ass on this album than any of the other albums.
    that will happen when you get an entirely new lineup, including guitarists, in your band lol. dallas recruited an entire new cast of members for this album.
    saw these guys live, and i never heard about them before hand, needless to say i loved them! so different from anything else really, in my opinion
    loganATH wrote: I love Maylene!!!! Gorgeous album!! They are so hesh! Good review bud.
    blackborrego wrote: I thought listen close was a straight christian song.
    Yeah, I think its up for a little bit of personal interpretation. I could see it being both ways myself, but I know that he really loves his wife and kid, so I just thought maybe...
    I got Step Up in a sampler pack a while back...first song I've had from them, but I've heard some of their other stuff. Good times.
    i personally thought that "II" was there best album but this album is cool too. good to say the have an element of progression with their sound (albeit from getting new members)
    I forgot I even had this album. I guess I'll need to give it a few more listens. Good stuff.