Motion In The Ocean review by McFly

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  • Released: Nov 6, 2006
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 7
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 8.3 Superb
  • Users' score: 7 (47 votes)
McFly: Motion In The Ocean

Sound — 9
Mcfly has clearly changed their style with this newest CD, "Motion In The Ocean." Not a drastic change mind you, but they've definitely added a little something to their usual formula of extreamely catchy, british boy band sound. True, these likable qualities are still present in MITO, but there is a definitely quirky, queen-like edge that has been added. In some examples it gets plain bizarre (such as in the tim burton-esque "Transylvania,") but this new style is fun and zangy nevertheless. Overall, it's like their usual beach boy/beatles style which has been glossed over with a bit of queen, which can be heard in "Little Joanna," and "Transylvania." On the other hand, the almost country sounding "Walk In The Sun" which was written by Danny Jones is slow and acoustic, and a really nice break from the pop-ish, hook filled rest of the CD.

Lyrics — 7
Mcfly has never been particuarly strong on the lyrics of their songs. While they've defnitely had some past songs with thoughtful lyrics, they don't normally stray too far from the usual, easy to sing along with lyrics. This CD is no exception. Mcfly's strong point is definitely the music as opposed to the lyrics. They seem to have extended their eccentric queen influences to their lyrics in some ways, with the lyrics in "Little Joanna" in particular which are flat out ridiculous, although quite entertaining! However the split lead singer role from Danny Jones and Tom Fletcher is great as usual, and the contrast in their voices is really nice; Tom's more sugary and soft voice playing against Danny's rough, course one. In this way, you never get bored of just one lead singer, and they compliment each other's voices wonderfuly.

Overall Impression — 9
Overall I find this punchy, guitar heavy CD really enjoyable to listen to in the car, at home, anywhere! I have enjoyed all of Mcfly's CDs, but this one is definitely the best in my opinion, and I would buy another one if my copy was lost/stolen. My favorite songs off the album would have to be "Lonely," "Little Joanna" and "Bubblewrap," which are all fun, catchy songs that extend a bit past the normal american pop songs that are usually thin and weak sounding as opposed to mcfly's which are bursting with guitar hooks and awesome melodies.

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    why do people judge a band just because they have the word POP labeled in their genre. Pop doesn't necesarilly mean bad. These 4 dudes happen to play their own instruments and play their own songs. it's not true that their voices get fixed in the studio. i've seen their live performances many times, and i must say that they're not that bad at all. so before you judge a band, listen to them more and do more research about them. they may not be as great as bands like the beatles, the who, queen and led zeppelin but for a mainstream band in this generation, they're doing their job pretty well.
    kaptink wrote: and in Tom and Danny they have to fine singers =Studio engineering. and its not so much their music I hate its their purpose:Cashcows.
    have you heard them live? they are really good... better than most of the other bands who try to sing live out there... so yeah.. just because they arent your style doesnt mean you have to bash it.
    i personally think lyrics and singing from the heart and great live entertainers deserve alot more respect that some screamo rocker who just shouts alot to a repetitive double bass beat but i admit the guitar solos in some of them are awesome
    Before I went with my ex to see em' I thought the same as most people ripping the piss outta them on here. But they actually do put on a very good live show. I saw them at The Astoria show they did which is what, a tenth of the size of what they usually play and it was one of the best shows I've seen there. Seriously people, open your eyes to them before trash talking them, they have a lot of good qualities!
    oh my freakin' lord. WHY ARE U PEOPLE ALL SHITTING ALL OVeR MCFLY??? they never did anything to hurt you, and yes, while their lyrics are a little ridiculous at times, they've also got some good ones (hello, peeps, bubblewrap and home is wehre the heart is) and they're quite good musicians. they'r effin' good!!!!! to quote son of dork, "the metalheads want us to die, but these days their all under nine so i'll be fine". andother fab boyband, so shut th eff up about how they're not music, cos they are. just cos its not metal doesn't mean you have to shit all over it. mfin' haters...
    oh yeah, and just so u know, the drummer had only been playiing for 2 1/2 years when the first album came out, so i'd say thats damn straight.
    there is obviously a majority of people who think they are good as they sold so many records....and why would people say that their voices are "studio engineered" if other people say they are good live??!?!? yeah the lyrics are a bit poppy sometimes but they probaly go to keeep their fans from their first album...e.g teenage girls
    i've seen a fair few of bands in my rather short life (16 years) but McFly are definetly one of the best. u might think wot the hell, but serious they are quite different live to wot they are on record. althought Motion in the ocean is a new direction for them, with some evedent influences (The Who,Queen Bit of Bon Jovi).
    apmaman wrote: its funny how everything that isnt metal or classic rock gets the piss ripped outta it.
    lmao, yeah.
    mcfly does have talent. they worked hard to get where they are. and they sound very close to the cd in live performances. check out their performance of met this girl on totp. its amazing
    doesnt matter if you like them or not they are a POP band POP standing for POPULAR and clearly they are good at what they do, i dont by any means they are musical geniuses but and thats full true "everything that isnt metal or classic rock gets the piss ripped outta it." thinking pop music is shit doesnt not make you superior