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artist: McFly date: 11/27/2008 category: compact discs
McFly: Radio:Active
Release Date: Jul 21, 2008
Label: Super Records
Genres: Pop/rock
Number Of Tracks: 10
Delicate harmonies and diet-Green Day guitar parts make it sound uncannily like the soundtrack to a clunky high school movie, and in honesty there's not much to suggest a realistic step-up from teen-poster world.
 Sound: 9.7
 Lyrics: 9
 Overall Impression: 9.7
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overall: 9.7
Radio:Active Reviewed by: unregistered, on july 25, 2008
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Sound: Radio:Active is the first album that McFly are releasing through their newly established indie label Super Records. The move from major label to indie can be seen in the bands sound witch now leaves the pop harmonies of their previous for a more matured pop-punk sound. The sounds on this album vary. Dark themed pop-punk like "Corrupted", party pop-punk like "One For The Radio" And "Everybody Knows", ballsy pop with the usual McFly harmonies "Do Ya" and even indie melodies on "Falling For Love". Standout tracks include the strong power ballad "POV" and the melodic rocker "The Last Song". Musically this is the most matured McFly and the answer to those who were calling them a boy band with no talent at all. It is the hardest staff McFly has written and will appeal more to the rock fans of the band. // 10

Lyrics: Lyrics are not for the Nobel price but are for sure much better than the older McFly. This time the boys have given us a lot more than just girlfriends, lost loves and sadness over a split. You can see that in songs like "Everybody Knows" that the band insist ("My voice is gone for screaming and my body aches from giving them hell You gotta know the truth that we're not in this for the cash but it helps") and to songs like "The Last Song" witch Danny Jones insist us ("So here's to all the lonely hearts. Cause mine has been ripped and torn apart. It's colder now, it's getting dark. But I'll be OK. Bury me with my guitar And on the way to hell I'll play"). This is by far the best McFly album lyrically and the boys should be very proud of the result. As for singing this guys are the real deal. Tom Fletcher uses his lyrical tenor voice and Danny Jones his lower tenor voice to make a singing duet that will make you cry. The vocals are much better than other usual pop-punk bands and of course the strong point is still McFly's harmonies and marvelous high notes. This can be seen in songs like The Heart Never Lies where Danny Jones vocals range from low d notes to high b ones. // 9

Overall Impression: At the end comparing McFly to anyone would be wrong since this band is unique. Their surf-pop harmonies, pop-punk guitar riffs and rock n roll guitar solo's make this album a modern rock must and an album for every music fan. If you missed the free copy with the Mail On Sunday buy this later with 4 songs more. This album is the first from the real McFly and of course the first of good albums to follow. If I had a little thought of McFly being untalented then it has gone with this album. For sure one of the pop-punk albums of the year and a must for every pop-punk/pop-rock fan. Not Only for teenage girls. // 10

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overall: 10
Radio:Active Reviewed by: Calum Hogan, on october 20, 2008
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Sound: Well, amazing or what? Mcfly have blasted back with their 4th studio album, A.K.A Radio:Active! Imagine five coulers in her hair with distorted guitars and decent lyrics. The album is ground breaking, 10/10. Listen to Falling in love, to hear a Bruce Springstein sort of mellow love song, or Going through the motions, for a fast get up and go rocker. This album is the first release from Mcfly's own Super records, after leaving their old contract with Island records. Recorded in Australia, this album is rocky, poppy and number oney. Well worth a good ten pounds. // 10

Lyrics: The lyrics have been thought about and well planned. The songs are a lot more meaner, and people will be able to relate to them. "Lies", the undeniable truth hits hard, or "One for the radio", where you shouldn't pretend to love those secret naughty loves. The lyrics have certianly gone up 10 levles of maturity, and if you didn't know it was Mcfly, you would never guess! // 10

Overall Impression: This album is what Room on the 3rd floor, Wonderland and Motion in the ocean should have been! This is the album Mcfly have wantd to make and the album that fans have waited so long to hear. A potential record breaker, this trul is the new Mcfly, possibly at their hightest standerd of level. If you don't hear or buy it, you are seriously loosing out, if you lik the older stuff or not. // 10

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overall: 8.7
Radio:Active Reviewed by: lééti, on november 27, 2008
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Sound: McFly's new album Radio:ACTIVE sounds original as their rock has ever been, but this time it comes straight to their heads to our ears instead of the old manipulated rock. After 4 years, the band got sick of doing everything the label wanted instead of sounding how they wanted to sound like, so they have refused a renovation of contract with their now ex-label Island Records and created their own, called Super Records. Fans of the first CD (Room on the 3rd Floor) will probably be disappointed, Radio:ACTIVE is heavier than they are used to but as fun as Room on the 3rd Floor. But Wonderland and Motion in the Ocean fans are gonna love it for sure. 01.Lies: once again McFly shows how good they are on varying their sound and playing on any style they want. Lies is a very funky and original song, and instead of their older songs, they now don't want to get the girl anymore. As described by lead singer Tom Fletcher, they want her to 'crash her car and burn in hell'. Awesome. 10/10 02.One For The Radio: On this song the band criticizes all the haters, critics, liars and even fans who are still inside the closet for being ashamed to be fans, because of the boyband label. Good one, but could've been better on a few things like the lyrics. 7/10 03.Everybody Knows: A sort of 80's rock song. It's really fun to listen to but it's just not that good. The melody's boring and the lyrics have some good and some stupid parts. Again, another one that could've been better. 7/10 04.Do Ya: A pretty bouncy and fun song, kinda Beatles-ish. It's just two parts repeating again and again, with the melody going up a half step as they go to one part to other. Nice little riffs in the background and amazing singing skills. Good song, but it's too repetitive. 7/10 05.Falling In Love: This one is kind of a slow folk/country. Certainly wrote by Bruce Springsteen addict Danny Jones, the lead guitarist and singer. About losing the opportunity of falling in love with a person that is out of your life right now. It's very chill and nice to listen. 9/10 06.POV: Awesome power ballad, with quiet verses, an explosive chorus and one of the best lyrics McFly has ever written. Reminds a lot 'Stay Together for the Kids' by Blink 182. 10/10 07.Corrupted: This one sounds sort like indie rock. Probably the darkest song of the album, it's a bit different from the kind of rock they play. Written by Tom and a group of songwriters called The Matrix. It's great anyway. 8/10 08.Smile: Song written by Tom. Sounds exactly like some old rock songs, with a lot of finger crackle and everything, although it's kinda boring to listen. 7/10 09.The End: Another song by Tom & The Matrix. Calm and addictive and lyrics are well written, although it's not very original. You can find a song just like this one on top of the charts. 9/10 10.Going Through The Motions: Probably a song the crazy hard rockers will like a lot. Distorted guitars, pointless lyrics and a lot of screaming. Makes you wanna head bang and start running around the house. 8/10 11.Down Goes Another One: If I didn't know it was McFly I'd probably say I'm listening to 'Don't Cry' by Guns N' Roses. One of the best songs of the album and it has an amazing guitar solo. 10/10 12.Only the Strong Survive: Sounds like country rock. It's just not a song that stands out and is a bit boring to listen to. Could've been left out as it seems to be there just to fill space. 7/10 13.The Last Song: The idea of the song was what would you like to say if this was the last song you would ever sing. And I can say this would be a kickass last song of a band - and of an album. very well written. 10/10 // 9

Lyrics: A few lyrics aren't very impressive as you can see on Everybody Knows (Everybody knows / You know the ship's going down / Everybody knows / Yeah, Sailor Jerry's around - sounds a bit silly). But the bad lyrics are just a few of them, as the boys have improved a lot if you compare to the past albums. It just can't beat Wonderland's lyrics. Most impressive lyrics were: Lies: Your words are like bullets and I'm the way your weapons aim; Living in a fantasy / Don't even know reality / When you start talking, I start walking. Falling In Love: Out of our minds and out of time / Wishing I could be with you / To share the view; POV: I never wanted everything to end this way / But you can take the bluest sky and turn it grey / I swore to you that I would do my best to change / But you said it don't matter / I'm looking at you from another point of view / I don't know how the hell I fell in love with you / I'd never wish for anyone to feel the way I do. The End: The end is where you hope you never say 'I could've done it better' / And I'm gonna keep what counts and throw away what doesn't really matter; Everybody Knows the end / When the curtain hits the floor / Everybody Knows the end / don't wanna get there wishing that you'd given more. Down Goes Another One: Everytime I fall asleep my dreams are haunted / Everytime I close my eyes I'm not alone / Everytime I cry I'm right back where you wanted / I try to drown you out so, down goes another one. The Last Song: So here's to all the lonely hearts / Cause mine's been ripped and torn apart / Colder now, it's getting dark, but I'll be ok / Bury me with my guitar and on the way to hell I'll play. And about singing, Tom and Danny are probably the best sounding singers I've heard. As their producer Jason Perry says "Tom sounds like a trumpet, and Danny sounds like a saxophone. That would be the best way to describe them". Their vocal range is amazing and their voices are beautiful. Tom has the technique and Danny has the powerful voice and it sounds mind-blowing together. Dougie, the bassist, shows up sometimes but he's not that impressive. // 8

Overall Impression: 4 years living with the pop-rock boyband label on your back is pretty hard to get off, but I think that on this album they can shut up some haters. I have been a McFly fan since 2006, and I can say that this one beats any of the others. Even if you are an old McFly stuff fan, it's out of doubt that this is their best material ever. As the band innovates at every Cd, we just have to wait and see what they'll do for the next album, but in my opinion this is the direction McFly should be going to in their career. // 9

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