Room on the 3rd Floor review by McFly

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  • Released: Jul 5, 2004
  • Sound: 8
  • Lyrics: 8
  • Overall Impression: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 8 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.2 (42 votes)
McFly: Room on the 3rd Floor

Sound — 8
Well it all started in a audition room. Singer/songwriters James Bourne and Matt Jay were holding auditions for musicians to complete their band - Busted. It came to two young, talented teenagers, Charlie Simpson and Tom Fletcher. Charlie won the place in the band so Tom decided to create his own. He held auditions and found three lads who fitted the bill. Danny Jones, an experienced guitarist who has played since he was small. Dougie Poynter, a 16 year old bassist and Harry Judd a drummer. The together formed McFly. Tom Fletcher and his McFly buddies became good friends with Busted and together they started to write. James and Tom worked together to produce songs for Busted's second album 'A Present For Everyone' and McFly's debut 'Room On The Third Floor'. From the offset you can see McFly's influences straight away. The main focus is on 60's style music and more noticable The Beach Boys. The songs are full of clean guitars and suprisingly good guitar work. However the odd acoustic songs such as title track 'Room On The 3rd Floor' and 'Not Alone' do break up the album and make it a more pleasent experience.

Lyrics — 8
Well lets see about lyrics. The problem I have is with the same 'boy cant get girl' inspiration these bands use. The lyrics are good in places especially in 'That Girl', 'Saturday Night' and 'Unsaid Things' but the odd lyrical mistake does ruin the experience. In 'Not Alone' a lyric used is 'people rip me for the clothes I wear, everyday seems to be the same, they just swear, they just don't care'. It rythmns but it spoils the slow song that it is by rocking it up a bit. Singing wise these guys are cut out for it. Danny seems to have the stronger vocal range out of the three singers but you hear Tom the most as he has the most distinguisable voice of the trio. Harry rarely gets a look in and basically harmonises.

Overall Impression — 8
As this is pop music the only real band you can compare them with is Busted. Since the songs are co wrote by each band (Tom co wrote 'Crashed The Wedding' etc and james co wrote '5 Colours In Her Hair' etc) it is hard to say who is better. The main problem I have is the songs on the album are not good to rock out to. '5 Colours in Her Hair' and 'That Girl' are good for it but Busted's second album has more rockier sounds. The thing that impressed me about this album is the guitar playing. Danny's experience on guitar has given McFly's music a new dimension especially the solo on 'That Girl' and the intro for 'Not Alone'. So in conclusion I feel that McFly, despite beiong targeted at pre pubescent girls, will stand the test of time and be successful. I'm already looking forward to album number 2.

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