Bat Out Of Hell Review

artist: Meat Loaf date: 07/05/2007 category: compact discs
Meat Loaf: Bat Out Of Hell
Release Date: 1977
Label: Epic
Genres: Hard Rock, Pop/Rock, Arena Rock, Album Rock
Number Of Tracks: 7
This is Grand Guignol pop -- epic, gothic, operatic, and silly, and it's appealing because of all of this.
 Sound: 9
 Lyrics: 9.5
 Overall Impression: 9
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overall: 9.3
Bat Out Of Hell Reviewed by: darknessfan, on july 01, 2006
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Sound: The sound on this album was great. The vocals, guitars, basses, drum kits, pianos, backing vocals and extra percussion just make this album so thick in some places (Bat Out Of Hell, Paradise By The Dashboard Lights), yet so quiet and serene in others in others (Heaven Can Wait, For Crying Out Loud). There are seven songs on the album, and not one of them is weak or lacking. Aren't too many guitar solos, but the guitar is used more in conjunction with the other instruments, to create an overall awesome and atmospheric sound. // 9

Lyrics: The lyrics on this album are good, but not great. The voice is used more like an instrument, less for lyrical purposes. However, some of the songs do have great lyrics (For Crying Out Loud, Paradise By The Dashboard Lights). As for the vocalist himself, he is mind blowing. Meatloaf has to be one of the greatest rock vocalists of all time. There is just no denying the power and emotion in his voice. // 10

Overall Impression: This was Meatloaf's first album, and by far his best. The best songs on the album are definately "Bat Out Of Hell" and "For Crying Out Loud". This doesnt take away from any of the other songs though, as they are all incredibly good. My only critiscism for this album would be its longevity. It has a good enough runtime, but there are only 7 songs. Some more would have been awesome. Overall this was an awesome album, and should be in every classic rock fans CD collection. // 9

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overall: 9
Bat Out Of Hell Reviewed by: aenimafist, on july 05, 2007
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Sound: The first song on this album reminds me of pink floyd for some reason and a little bit of rush. The rock piano and the guitars done by Todd Rundegren are phenominally interlaced with eachother and form a very lively atmosphere while at the same time, make you wonder what is coming next. Meat Loaf's voice fits well with the instrument and sounds just fine throughout the album and is best in "2 of 3". // 9

Lyrics: Despite his ballish appearance so to speak, Meat Loaf brings forth vocals that both fit a rock opera setting and just rock all on it's own. He sounds like a singer would during that time period and comaired to the singers of now, there may be a subtle difference between him and the singer to maybe 69 eyes or even Glen Danzig a little bit. The lyrics are quite well constructed and have meanings of both despair and glee. // 9

Overall Impression: They mostly sound like Floyd and Rush put together which is a strange combination of artists however some people agree with me about my opinion. This album would certainly make a great gift for someone looking for a new artist to get into and is essential to any complete record collection even just based on all of the sales this album has made. // 9

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