Immortal review by Medusas Child

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  • Sound: 6
  • Lyrics: 6
  • Overall Impression: 6
  • Reviewer's score: 6 Neat
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Medusas Child: Immortal

Sound — 6
Since there is not mucn info on the band, it is worth giving you some basic idea about the guys and what they're doing. The german heavy metal band Medusa's Child was formed in 1999. The original line-up of the band was: vocalist - D.C. Crow, lead guitar - Tino Saabel, guitar - Jens "Jesus" Aurich, bass guitar - Rainer Popp, drums - Charlie Swan. In 2000 band released their debute demo CD "Awake" and less than a year after -- "Blue Roses" EP. This was their first impact to began a triumphant procession. They've started to develop their fanbase by constantly touring clubs and music halls all over Germany. Later, they've had many TV and radio shows, top places in the "underground charts" all over the world. And now we have Medusa's Child's second major release "Immortal ...Mind Cohession." Here we go! So, we have 10 tracks... With the first album's tune "Mind Cohession" Medusa's Child immerses into a deep gothic atmosphere that's alien to the general concept of the record -- the classic power metal. Since that one, the tone of the album smoothly changes. Second track "Mother Earth" features the same melodic spirit of the first track, though it has more pronounced power metal influence with heavy guitar riffs and prolonged guitar solo which has a very good tappings. The folowing track "Holy Land" dips you wholly into the metal spirit. It's a powerful track fulfilled in the best traditions of heavy metal genre with its grinding guitars, especially in solo, harmonious rhythm section and impressive vocal job. The next track "Eye Of Fire" isn't so melodic but it has a keyboard tunes which are perfectly blended with the rest of the sounding. The track "Center Of The Dark" hasn't anything individual -- just a classic power metal song. And with the following track "Tears Of The Wolf" the band shows their ability to play metal ballads. Keyboard parts in this song lend it some epic style -- quite interesting. Seventh track "I'm Still Here" is something different to the rest of the album. It has spanish-like intro, though beside of this it's just another metal song with the classic sounding. In contrast to their previous ballad on the album, "Lionheart" is more epic. Nice acoustic fingerpicking, husky voice of D.C. Crow and excellent keyboards -- all add up to a bloody good song! Anthemic and powerful "Medusa's Child" -- the last one -- is a good ending for the album. In contrast to many new records out there, there is something to write about guitars. Tino Saabel, the band's lead axeman, knows his stuff -- his professional playing saves a good half of the album's tracks. Many solos with a good guitar technique, polished riffs and clear tapping are probably the most impressive experience from the whole album. Though, all of this is getting old. I won't cry if he will put something new and experimental to add up to his own style on Medusa's next record, probaly another pedal or different amplifier settings?

Lyrics — 6
Lyrically "Immortal" is one of many thousands of albums of the same genre. Mainly obscure, sometimes medieval and dark themes on the album are prevail. In a word -- the band keeps their job in the classic traditions of power metal. As to the singer's D.C. Crow's vocal skills it must be said that he shows his talent implicity. There are impressive and powerful vocals along with the melodic and emotional singing (especially on the "Lionheart"). Though it's all about power metal again -- it gives the impression that there is only one singer actually for all power metal bands. In general -- this side of Medusa's Child creative work isn't so bad but the singer's vocal talents are worth our especial attention.

Overall Impression — 6
With the "Immortal" Medusa's Child demonstrates their charter to occupy the owing place on the heavy metal music hierarchy. They are clearly giving us to understand that the german power metal with its own legendary roots is alive. The band is going to conclude a contract with STF-Records and it's a perfect occasion for the guys to rise from the undergrounds and conquer all of the world. All the more -- the band has some potential. It's just necessary to take the initiative at their hands. As to the "Immortal" directly -- it's a quality recorded album from start to finish. It combines traditional heavy metal rhythms with gothic and epic themes which are mainly introduced by the keyboard player Ricky. A listener that want to find some queer sounding of the classic metal undoubtedly will satisfy his own endevours with this album. ... and that was a good things, now the bad ones. Starting from the songs' titles by itself, tracks' concept -- intro song, fast song, ballad, fast song again, ballad again and outro -- and overall impression, there is absolutely nothing new. I bet I heard this a billion times before. Even after my third listen to the whole album, it's not growing on me -- there is absolutely nothing special. It is a pity to admit, but "Immortal" is really only for the greedy fans of power metal genre. Quality production and perfect job of all members of Medusa's team, starting from the band members and ending with sound engineer and guitar tech -- that's a good sign which deserves a highest rank, but the lack of individuality deserves the worst rank. Having said this, it's only 3 overall.

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