Arsenal Of Megadeth [DVD] review by Megadeth

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  • Released: Mar 21, 2006
  • Sound: 9
  • Content: 10
  • Production Quality: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9.8 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.8 (24 votes)
Megadeth: Arsenal Of Megadeth [DVD]

Sound — 9
Well I always liked Megadeths sound and this DVD has all of Megadeth's videos from the earliest video Peace Sells to the last one they made or at least the last one featured on the disc Insomnia. The thrash sound of Megadeth comes out perfectly in this DVD. The rhythm and lead guitars on the videos are clear as day but the live videos of them in concert aren't the best but still good quality.

Content — 10
This DVD contains all of the Megadeth videos, some interviews, a couple of live songs and some other Megadeth stuff. I'm only going to name the music videos list. 01. Peace Sells 02. Wake Up Dead 03. In My Darkest Hour 04. Anarchy In The UK 05. No More Mr. Nice Guy 06. Holy Wars... The Punishment Due 07. Hangar 18 08. Go To Hell 09. Symphony Of Destruction 10. Skin O' My Teeth 11. High Speed Dirt 12. Foreclosure Of A Dream 13. Sweating Bullets 14. Train Of Consequences 15. A Tout Le Monde 16. Reckoning Day 17. Trust 18. Almost Honest 19. A Secret Place 20. Insomnia I could have made a couple of mistakes but anyway besides the music videos there is lots of stuff but I don't have the time to name them out but I recommend you buy it, it's definitly worth it.

Production Quality — 10
I don't know much about production quality but the quality seems to be very good that's why I gave it 10 but the videos even the oldest ones are great looking, it looks like they spend some time reviving the video quality and they definitly look great. Great job by the producers.

Overall Impression — 10
Well I honestly could not pick this DVD over Metallica: The Videos or the opposite way around but I love both so I could never pick but honestly there's much more in Arsenal Of Megadeth. I love this DVD is great I love it and I would buy it insantly if it was stolen or broken. I think it's the best Megadeth DVD out of them all in my opinion so buy this DVD you won't regret it. The most impressive thing about it is I can watch it over and over again.

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    There's lots of great stuff on this DVD, however, for whatever inconceivable reason, it is censored, which is really weak and kinda brings down the whole experience for me.
    This DVD does NOT have all the Megadeth videos; it does NOT have the following music videos by Megadeth: Angry Again 99 Ways to Die Crush 'Em Breadline Moto Psycho Die Dead Enough Of Mice And Men This is because (i'm quite sure) they were not Capitol releases and the other companies either wouldn't permit their use or wanted too much money. I think it sux they are not on there. Otherwise awesome DVD. I wish it had more live stuff (say, more from each show they feature) but I still like it. I also can't help but think Metallica: The Videos was a copy of this (but hey I love that too).
    This a great DVD set but yes, what is up with the censorship. They bleep in my darkest hour but dont censor the interview towards the end of disk 1.
    I got that DVD the very first day it came out. And I found it to possess the following qualities; (a)informative, (b) hillarious, and (c) an impressive documentary of the heaviest, most versatile member of the big four of thrash (BFoT from here on out)! Oh, and by the 'theataris_dan', that tech that told Marty he could play that solo better, was none other than OUR hero, Dave Mustaine! Thank you for your time!
    Haha yeah this DVD is awesome. Some of the funnier bits are the aforementioned part with Dave calling the others 'amateurs', his audition on the 'Drew Carey Show.' A couple of other amusing parts are an interview the band has with someone way back and they are so high, it's hilarious. Also, when Marty Friedman is in the studio and talking to one of the tech's I think and he pulls off this awesome solo and the guy is like, "You probably could have played it a little better..." Haha.
    p2fyre wrote: and i forgot about the part on the comedy show.. when they're looking for a guitarist who'll play for $10 and they blow him off mistaking his shredding for nervousness! "slow down son, you don't have to be so nervous!"
    Haha! Thats funny!
    censorship is stupid espically on a megadeth dvd, look at vic. see no evil here no evil speaek no evil lol, but the dvd is amazing one of the best rock dvds there are! by far!!! the die dead enough video is pretty f█cking cool too!
    thenexthetfield wrote: oh shut up DaBlackE, just because you don't like Megadeth doesn't mean EVERYONE hates them, I love em. But you are right, Avenged Sevenfold does suck HORRIBLY!
    I never said I didn't like Megadeth, I was just saying UG has been putting up a lot of reviews, then some prick had to say "Megadeth rules ur ass" so I had to say something back.
    megadeth ****ing rules cant wait for United Abominations and for the record, Avenged Sevenfold rules too.
    really though, its a good thing Die dead enough isnt on there, its the worst video i have ever seen, EVER !!!!
    and i forgot about the part on the comedy show.. when they're looking for a guitarist who'll play for $10 and they blow him off mistaking his shredding for nervousness! "slow down son, you don't have to be so nervous!"
    I got this DVD for christmas.. and considering it was only a 6 present i watched it all the way through 4 times.. haha! It's great. I love the part when they're in the studio recording and dave does his part perfectly first time.. and then the rest have to do their's again and he's jokingly saying "look at these amateurs" marty gives him a funny look.. haha!