Countdown to Extinction review by Megadeth

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  • Released: Jul 27, 2004
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 9
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 9 Superb
  • Users' score: 9.3 (171 votes)
Megadeth: Countdown to Extinction

Sound — 9
Megadeth is one of the founding innovators of speed/thrash metal. The album seems to me to be about war, politics, and adrenaline junkies. This record seems heavier than most of Megadeth's albums before it. Dave Mustaine is an absolutely amazing songwriter and guitarist, and he rises to the occasion here.

Lyrics — 9
Dave Mustaine, in my opinion, has always struggled a bit with writing lyrics in some of his songs. This album has a ton of great lyrics, but also has a few moments in it that should have been thought through just a little better. The lyrics do fit the music perfectly, and the songs contain subject matter that is relevant to real life. Mustaine's vocals have often been the subject of debate, mostly with Metallica fans. They consider this to be the main reason that Metallica is "better". I will agree that sometimes Dave makes snarling and growling noises that make it sound like he's drooling on himself (i.e. "Sweating Bullets"), but for the most part, his vocals are perfectly suited to the creative element his music displays to the listener.

Overall Impression — 9
Most people compare Megadeth to Metallica all the time, but honestly, Megadeth doesn't sound anything like Metallica. This album's best songs are (in no particular order): Skin 'O My Teeth, Symphony of Destruction, Architecture Of Aggression, High Speed Dirt, This Was My Life. I love the face-melting guitar riffs and the ear-splitting solos. I really don't hate anything about it, but I really don't care much for the song "Sweating Bullets". If it were stolen, I'd go get it again without thinking twice.

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    metallica are boring compared to megadeths records. Megadeth are amazin
    I was here wrote: man its hard to tell which band i like better megadeth or metallica...metallica kicks ass, but so does megadeth, then again metallica's guitar solos started to fade(become dull)around their ...and justice for all album.
    "One" on ...And Justice For All has one of their best solos--I think that Cliff Burton was still alive when they wrote part of "One"--... they started sucking when they released the the Black Album... and IMO any one of Metallica's first four albums kicks this one's ass handsdown...
    Best album ever IMO Not thrash like old Megadeth, no constant chain of great riffs like old Megadeth, but the peak of their career and the defining sound of Megadeth.
    "Symphony Of Destruction" blew me away when I first heard it 15 years ago!
    'Glen Rover is an awesome soloist and lead guitarist especially the solo in Symphony Of Destruction that is a true solo on this album.' who the fk is glen rover?. this album got me into music-i listened to it every single day when i was at school years ago.
    Angelus Mortem
    Megadeth has always been my fave Metal band, and this CD is the shit. David Ellefson was the Bassist on this one ( one of the reviewers got that wrong, and hey, Bass is what i do ) I will always love "Peace Sells.." but this one is definitly as good. if not slightly better.
    RandyismyIdol wrote: I love this album to deth
    Me too!!
    guitarstar525 wrote: great album..thing i like about Megadeth is that they so FREAKING CONSISTENT with their albums! theyve only had one really bad album..unlike metallica who just stopped rocking after the album "and justice for all"
    Yeah this album rocks and Megadeth are consistent, but your other two statements are wrong.
    boyan89, your an idiot. Check the members of the band on this album, then check your review. You'll see...
    I love this album. It's the album that made me the proud Megadeth fan I am today. Dave's songwriting keeps getting better.