Dystopia review by Megadeth

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  • Released: Jan 22, 2016
  • Sound: 7
  • Lyrics: 6
  • Overall Impression: 7
  • Reviewer's score: 6.7 Neat
  • Users' score: 8.2 (132 votes)
Megadeth: Dystopia

Sound — 7
Wowwee is this the album Megadeth fans have been searching for! Kiko is able to work his technical abilities into the music, while staying melodic. The soloing on the past few Deth releases haven't been very great so this fresh and much needed! "Post American World" has some of the tastiest soloing you will hear from this century. Dave wrote some killer rhythm parts, note the similarity between the riff in "Fatal Illusion" to "Black Friday." The blazing fast, chunky rhythm sections is what really makes this album worthwhile. The opening riff to "The Threat Is Real" will make you shake! And the intro solo on "Poisonous Shadows" will give you goosebumps! Speaking of that track, it is very similar to "Promises" from "The World Needs a Hero." Chris Adler and Junior really clicked in this album, their rhythm sections are tight with no room for error. Now onto the subject of Dave's vocals on here, no one seems to like them but I have always loved his snarling style. To me the vocals were a highlight compared to "Endgame," "Th1rt3en" and "Super Collider." Good to see the boys return to thrash.

Lyrics — 6
If you've heard a Megadeth song you can probably guess this department. I personally enjoy Mustaine's lyrics and this album is no different. Highly political (see "Post American World"), heavy on the war and death ("Fatal Illusion," "The Threat Is Real," "Bullet to the Brain"), and even a more touching song, "Poisonous Shadows." As I stated above, it is eerily reminiscent of "Promises." Mustaine doesn't really change up his vocal style for this so I can't really comment on that other than the fact I think his performance was pretty strong.

Overall Impression — 7
If I had to compare this to any albums of Megadeth's it comes to close to being like "Rust in Peace" but I am NOT saying it is "Rust in Peace" because there is quite a bit of filler in this. The fourth track "Death From Within" is okay but after "Conquer or Die" it starts to lose me. It's an instrumental and even though it doesn't touch "Into the Lungs of Hell," Kiko is really able to show off in this. Then it drops off going into "Lying in State." "The Emperor" is a ridiculous track and the lyrics are somewhat dumb, but the Fear cover of "Foreign Policy" was a disaster. I'd call this album a wannabe somewhere between "Peace Sells...," "So Far, So Good... So What!" and "Rust in Peace." Hopefully nothing happens to this but I'd definitely go out to buy it again! Just not the deluxe edition, that was a waste of my money. No extra tracks, just a weird "virtual reality" video thing that's very laggy and confusing.

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    It's a decent effort. I especially love that Kiko brought back the exotic scales in his leads that have been missing since the Friedman and Poland days.
    The album is awesome. I dont even know if people listen to the whole album before commenting. The riffage, drums, solos everything is pretty tight. Kiko and chris did a great job!
    I've only listened to the "Dystopia" album for about a day and I can already pick out 4 exceptional singles. In my opinion there is a slight "mistake" in the track sequence because the juicy sections are not made conspicuous. I think tracks 2-7-8-5 should have have been placed first to give it a better appeal when you listen to the entire album from start to end.
    Dude, your immature trolling won't work. On the album... Tempo, the tempo needs to be sped up at least with 20-40 beats, gives the album much more bite and Poisonous Shadows stops dragging for so long, despite being a great track.
    Now imagine how much better Metallica would sound with Chris Adler on drums.
    I just don't hear it, man. He didn't let loose here, and I'm sure Dave wouldn't let him. The drumming is adequate, just not other-worldly like I expected.
    I'm glad a lot of you guys dig the record. I just can't. I guess I've lost all hope by now. Been waiting for a real follow-up to "RIP", but looks like Dave was riding the last of the chemicals in his system on that one - never to be repeated. And that's cool. I obviously don't want him doped up just to put out good songs. Metallica finally came out with a good album on their last one, so that was something at least. I don't expect them to pull another good one off either.
    Dave u fuckin suck, Kirk will always and forever be better than u, he plays his solos like a man and doesn't need no boy toy kiko like u. Deth to Dave
    Not near as heavy as I had hoped for. Adler rarely does anything spectacular. There are some good solos. Short songs and boring arrangements just don't keep me interested. I'll just stick to Rust in Peace, thank you very much.
    I think it's a good album. Megadeth's glory days are far behind them, but this is an honest attempt to please fans that have been wanting something fresh to hear from the band. Definitely comparable to Endgame.
    I knew when I heard it that it'd get great reviews and "back to their best" type comments, but in all honesty it's nothing special. A little bit more bite and variety to the tracks, maybe better production too, but very few memorable moments. It's just another Megadeth album to add to the pile that won't get rolled out again until it's gathered a layer of dust.
    it would have been a good album in the 80s, i mean in a world of AAL and meshuggah and btbam, its just so cringe to listen too. verse, chorus, solo, repeat. meh, to each his own, its not for me. its very average, the drums, the vocals, the shred is just so 80s nothing memorable.
    No this is a great modern metal album. Not sure what else you need to here besides constant changes in the music. This is way better than the groups you mentioned sorry. There is a reason Megadeth sells more records than those you metioned.....they are better.
    aaliyafarhat · Feb 13, 2016 02:20 AM
    anjali321 · Feb 03, 2016 03:28 AM
    Intricate and heavy - the more I listen to it the more it grows on me. Great job again Dave!
    shaziamanzoor86 · Feb 11, 2016 08:40 AM
    Never like this album. I mean its all what metal bands today are doing. Keep repeating what they are doing, until one of their Member feels that he need a new genre that he cannot do with his current band so he will look for people who has the same taste of music as him. I wish Megadave try to look out of the box style of his metal.
    sumairareddy · Feb 09, 2016 08:35 PM
    Pleasantly surprised with Dystopia, color me surprised. I didn't expect much after the last couple albums but to my surprised Dave has proved that, if he wants, he still has some nice tricks up his sleeves. In my opinion, it's their best since The System Has Failed, I'd say even slighly better than Endgame. More cohesive and catchy as a whole, also recovering a great deal of the identity and the agression they used to have. Also notable job from Kiko, I knew that if Dave let him do his thing he'd rip it, and fortunately he did. It's a shame he didn't to the same with Chris, but well, he still did a good job. And the production, while still being loud, is also a bit better than on the last few albums, there's more definition and less clipping so that's welcome. Overall, pleasantly surprised with it. Surely not among their best, but this is in my opinion the best Megadeth album in at least 12 years. Even if there's room for improvement, Dystopia is a HUGE step up and in the right direction. 7,5/10 from me.