Endgame review by Megadeth

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  • Released: Sep 15, 2009
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 9.1 (364 votes)
Megadeth: Endgame

Sound — 10
Dave Mustaine is the most overt media whore in the music industry today. Literally since the day he scheduled his studio time for what would become ENDGAME, Motormouth Mustaine has made it his personal quest to be featured on the major news outlets each and every day with some kind of waxing poetic. Whether he's been spewing about coffee, journalists secret agenda to stir the pot, or the creation of this new album, it just seems like Mustaine has been more than willing to share his every last thought. In short, the Internet is Dave Mustaine's personal Twitter page. While much of his ranting has been fairly frivolous, there was one statement that caught my eye. He stated, more than once, that ENDGAME was a throwback album to the RUST IN PEACE era. For me as a Megadeth fan and musical worshipper, that's a pretty big statement. After listening to ENDGAME multiple times, it's not a fully accurate statement...but it's pretty damn close. By my definition, ENDGAME falls as a throwback album alright...an amalgamation of the style featured most prominently on the band's three biggest albums COUNTDOWN TO EXTINCTION, RUST IN PEACE and YOUTHANASIA. Simply, this is the best Megadeth album since that era ended.

Lyrics — 10
In pure Mustaine form, he doesn't take a long time to make his point known that he's recaptured his metal roots. This Day We Fight kicks things in to high gear with it's hyperspeed riffing that is very, very similar to Rust In Peace. It's clear that Mustaine really felt there was something to prove with ENDGAME, and he's done his best to do just that. Each and every song rocks in it's own way. Mustaine sounds great; both with his menacing snarling vocals and with his guitar work, which is stronger than it's been in at least three albums. While Mustaine may have refound the metal, the guy that energizes ENDGAME is guitarist Chris Broderick. The former guitarist of Nevermore and Jag Panzer is a monster throughout, especially when he and Mustaine take turns trading leads. His sound is fairly distinct and adds a slightly new dimension to songs like 44 Minutes, and it just flat out works. On the back end, bassist James Lomenzo and drummer Shawn Drover are more than competent at keeping the songs driving forward with a massive underside. Musically, this album stands on its own with great performances all around.

Overall Impression — 10
The playing though has never been the issue with Megadeth; a band that's always put out music with only the most skilled musicians providing their best performances. The hit or miss for Megadeth has always been the songwriting. While albums like THE WORLD NEEDS A HERO, RISK and about half of CRYPTIC WRITINGS didn't quite measure up, it's clear that extra effort found it's way to ENDGAME. That's not to say that Mustaine simply wrote the way he used to. Listening to songs like The Hardest Part Of Letting Go...Sealed With A Kiss, you realize that there's some fresh ideas here that would have fit years ago into this band's repertoire. Still, songs like Headcrusher or 1,320 are classic in their structure, scope and overall direction. There's a lot of old school vibe here to be sure, but there are some ideas that just work well with the more classic sound.

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    NorfIrIon wrote: Waiting for Mustaine's debut techno album here. I hated EndGame. UA was the last good Megadeth album that will ever come out, and it's a darn shame.
    Seriously, anyone who says Dave needs to do techno would say something like this about Endgame.
    SoftParade1967 wrote: Honestly this album disapointed me alot. Mustaine over hyped it for me. Im stickin with Death Magnetic.
    Death Magnetic is good, but of course the radio has to go and play songs like Cyanide, The Day That Never Comes, and pretty much all the others all the time. Unlike Metallica, Megadeth keeps on coming out with awesome albums, and this is a perfect example. Metallica was in a big, BIG slump after Black Album, only Fuel and The Memory Remains were good songs from Load to now. St. Anger was a good album in my opinion, yet not in everyone else's, mainly because it doesn't sound like all their other mainstream stuff. Megadeth however, is not mainstream at all, the only song I hear from them on the radio is Peace Sells. Not being overplayed gives them a good advantage for the real fans, which is why Endgame is way better than Death magnetic. Death Magnetic was popular for a few months, only because people who like mainstream songs will listen to Death Magnetic for a few weeks, then throw it out for the newest hot thing. This won't happen for Megadeth because only the real fans will listen to it, and it will stay for a great while. Making my point, Death Magnetic was out of here last year at about this time, now it's time for a real album to come in. Forget all people who say this album sucks, you're just a bunch of posers who listen to overplayed songs.
    i dont think it was 100% fair to say that James's voice has "decayed" over the years, remember the black album? James messed up his voice during that tour nd rly hasnt been the same since then. as for the rest. im in the middle of listen'n to Endgame now. im sure the boys put together another classic Deth album
    SERIALTRENDKILL wrote: This is the best album I've bought in years. The only album that even comes close to the complexity of this album in recent times is Chinese Democracy (I don't care hat anyone says, that album is musically superior to anything to come out in years. All I have to say is buckethead and bumblefoot). This is Megadeth's first true virtuoso album. It's hard to believe a band as ridiculously talented as Megadeth could get any better. Endgame is Rough Rugged and RAW AS FUCK.
    I lol'd. This is thrash metal... meaning it's going to be fast, and... that's about it. How the hell is that complicated?
    megadeth was one of the first bands i started to listen to so obviously i had to get this album. the only songs worth listening to are bodies and how the story end because of the solo sections which are some of the better melodic parts of the album. compared to bands i like now this album is weak sauce.
    I love this album. I really do, but i get what some of you are saying. Like another guy here said, The first time i listened to the album through, i wasn't sure when some songs were over.I still cant tell sometimes ! So i tend to think of it as a really long song. But, i love the album, specially 44 Minutes. I love the intro and the chorus.
    [quote]SGofawesome wrote: SoftParade1967 wrote: Unlike Metallica, Megadeth keeps on coming out with awesome albums, and this is a perfect example. Metallica was in a big, BIG slump after Black Album, only Fuel and The Memory Remains were good songs from Load to now. St. Anger was a good album in my opinion, yet not in everyone else's, mainly because it doesn't sound like all their other mainstream stuff. quote] Are you serious? Have you heard Bleeding Me? The Outlaw Torn? The House That Jack Built? Load/ReLoad had some great songs (and some that were like 8-9 minutes long, not really mainstream). And you like St. Anger? Wow.