Endgame review by Megadeth

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  • Released: Sep 15, 2009
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 8
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 8.7 Superb
  • Users' score: 9.1 (365 votes)
Megadeth: Endgame

Sound — 9
Over the last few years the Big Four of thrash have treated us to new music. Anthrax's "We've Come For You All" and Metallica's "Death Magnetic were both heralded as returns to form for the respective bands, while Slayer's "Christ Illusion" was considered a solid addition to the infamous thrash gods' library. Megadeth fell into a deep hole with the sub-par release "Risk" and has slowly crawled their way to the top since. "The World Needs a Hero" was a step in the right direction towards the band's famed metal sound. "The System Has Failed" took this further, scoring a couple classics in songs such as "Kick the Chair" and "Kill the King." United Abominations appeared to be Megadeth's so-called "return," but the new release, "Endgame" redefines the term "return to form" as we know it. Can the generic metal sound on Anthrax's most recent release stand up to "Endgame?" Not even close. The new album from Mustaine's gang perfects the sound that they had worked so hard to build since the horrendous sales of "Risk." Mustaine and new guitarist Chris Broderick show off their unrivaled chops with immaculately clean playing and brilliant harmonies. Guitar solos are all over, from the minute-long shredders in "This Day We Fight!" and "1,320" to the soothing leads of "The Hardest Part of Letting Go... Sealed With a Kiss." Shawn Drover continues to prove himself as one of metal's most accomplished drummers, and James LoMenzo provides solid bass work to round out 'Deth's rhythm section. The sound on most songs is layered brilliantly, with several different tracks blending together brilliantly. Some minor synth work is present, but not abused by any means. The Megadeth metal sound of old is back with a vengeance.

Lyrics — 8
It's been no secret that since rediscovering his faith Mustaine's lyrics have been politically driven, to the point that it's become a bit overdone. Just looking at the titles of the two albums before "Endgame" ("The System Has Failed" and "United Abominations") will give you a bit of a hint as to how much Mustaine's views have been a part of Megadeth's music in recent memory. However, "Endgame" also has the classic Megadeth killing song a la "Black Friday" in "Head Crusher," the album's first single; and another racing-themed song in "1,320." The lyrical writing is no less than you'd expect from Dave, top-notch. The words are serious when they need to be and fun and a bit cheesy when they want to be. It's hard to believe that the lyrics to "1,320" and "The Right to Go Insane came from the same person, but they do and it shows just how versatile Mustaine has become in his nearly 30 years in music. The vocals themselves are a big step up from "United Abominations," on which Dave sounded unsure of his ability and the snarls fell into gritty speaking. Mustaine shines across the whole album, and shows that he can still pull of a great thrash vocal. The only slight complaint on the singing is that some gang vocals could have helped on an anthem such as "This Day We Fight," where although Dave does a good job the refrain could use a bit more force. Nonetheless, the lyrical and vocal efforts should be commended.

Overall Impression — 9
Endgame is a huge success. From start to finish it's a heavy metal masterpiece, with arpeggiated guitar solos abound. Pounding drums and bass thumping hold together the wild guitar and vocals, recreating the controlled chaos that Megadeth was so famous for in the 80s. Technical brilliance shines through on tracks like "The Right to Insane," which features 5 fantastic riffs and some impressive soloing at the end. The track also features one of my favorite lyrics from the album: "I've got nothing left to lose but my sanity, and the right to go insane." Chris Broderick makes his presence known with wicked solos all over the album, and looks to be a rock in Megadeth's lineup. From the epic title track to the thrashing "1,320," Megadeth has achieved their true return to form, and hopefully there's more from where it came from.

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    i heard the first song , thought wow,cool. it flowed into the second song and i thought, holy ****, this album is awesome!
    To all the people making the Kill 'em All comparisons... need I remind you who wrote ALL the solos on that album, and a great deal of the songs??? Anyway, this album is awesome! Up there with Megadeth's best. Mustaine finally has the perfect environment to make awesome metal: he's letting go of all his demons one by one, he's finally got people from metal (not pop or jazz) backgrounds in his band, finally the right producers etc and finally a label that understands his needs. Now is the time for Dave to claim his rightful throne as the king of metal (sorry if I sound like a fanboy, lol).
    it's quite hilarious how people fight on these things makes even the smallest things look big well great album i must say, some of this stuff shud've come out sooner, when the industry was releasing loads of shit music, thank god nowadays artists are coming to their senses and releasing and creating something awesome, it's about time, i was worried that artists might be running out of ideas, sometimes stuff like this saves genres of music
    I listend to this album a few times through... And am shocked to see that anyone is ragging on this album because it is amazing Its everything that i want out of listening to Megadeth and soo much more all packed into one album.. Personally, i like every Megadeth album, and i would rate this somewhere in the top 3 in my book, i can listen to every song and enjoy it
    j-walk wrote: Meh. Risk was there only good album.
    please avoid making blasphemies around die-hard fans
    Best album since Rust In Peace, I manage an indie record store and I Haven't seen so much excitement over a Megadeth release since then. No need for repititious chorus' this album just shreds.. fast and clean! Broderick definately upped the megadeth anty
    ChemicalFire wrote: Awesome album, but some songs seem too similar to some classic songs, despite this it's still in my top 3 Megadeth Albums
    I need to say this so everyone can understand. Megadeth has been out 20 years and has released 14 CD's. Now I understand that people will still say,"Oh this song sounds like this one or that one", but seriously how original can you get when you have 20 years of playing and 14 CD's it's humanly IMPOSSIBLE!! I know you were not bad mouthing Megadeth,I just want people to understand that it is humanly impossible to have a original sounding album when you have ALL of what Mr.Mustaine has done with music. MEGADETH FOREVER!!!!!
    This album kicks ass! An unexpected surprise I immediately went to go pick up when I heard some of it. This is a true thrash metal album, and IMO, an instant classic.
    Gacel wrote: and why the hell is "So Far So Good ... So What" so underrated? its a ****ing amazing album
    OMFG THANK YOU!!! its really underated!!! i fukin love that album!! HOOK IN MOUTH!!! and In My Darkest Hour.. .....i have just ejaculated!!! TY
    I like United Abominations, but I think Endgame is better. Probably mostly for the fact that Broderick made it better. Both have similar themes, but Endgame is a little darker I think, which I like. But the "slow" song on United Abominations (the A Tout Le Monde remake) is 10x better in comparison to the hardest part of letting go. Some of the lyrics in Endgame are lame (ex.: TV dinners and beer in the song Bit the Hand) and i don't like the wierd "place your head into the restraint" breakdown in Headcrusher, which i think detracts from the song a bit. But overall, this is a really good album with some sweet riffs and insane solos.
    I'm not really enjoying this album. I thought United Abominations was much much better. Maybe this album will grow on me.
    guitarfreak222 wrote: I'm not really enjoying this album. I thought United Abominations was much much better. Maybe this album will grow on me.
    Endgame has gotten more enjoyable to me every listen, and I started off loving it.