Endgame review by Megadeth

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  • Released: Sep 15, 2009
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 8
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 8.7 Superb
  • Users' score: 9.1 (364 votes)
Megadeth: Endgame

Sound — 9
With the album of the year, Megadeth belts out an amazing effort, and Dave's never sounded better. With a totally new lineup, including Chris Broderick at lead, it's hasn't sounded this good since Rust In Peace. I think Shaun Drover is their best drummer yet, it shows in Dialectic Chaos, This Day We Fight!, and 1,320'. James LoMenzo is also new on the bass, but he's had his share of experience. Playing with other big bands, like Iced Earth, LoMenzo shows serious skill in The Right To Go Insane. Would I compare him to Dave Ellefson? Probably not even close. The sound of the album sounds like the usual Megadeth, without some of the technicality from United Abominations, but sounds more brought out, thrashy, and a more chugging distortion. A lot of triplet chugging is this album, like in The Hardest Part of Lettin Go...Sealed With A Kiss. Dave is still using his Dean flying V's, and Broderick has an ibanez. If you ever go see them live during the Endgame tour, Broderick has an Ibanez with Vic uncovering the mask of a bar-coded prisoner, which looks so awesome. Usually on an album, one of the instruments, or vocals, are overpowering. Not here, everything is totally equal, even the bass is fairly audible!

Lyrics — 8
Lyrics are still the normal Megadeth, great lyrics with one or two songs with terrible lyrics.This one, however, has quite a few songs with lyrics that could've been better. Dave has always had his own unique voice, and it has never sounded better. More clear and smooth, with rough bite where it's needed. Here's a rough breakdown of lyrics. 01. Dialectic Chaos: instrumental... 02. This Day We Fight!: precedes from the distortion of Dialectic Chaos, with Dave singing along to a speed riff of the ages. Dave really worked the lyrics in this song. 03. 44 Minutes: worst lyrics in the whole album, starts out with army officers speaking on a radio, back and forth about an attack on a U.S. squadron. Lyrics are terrible after that. 04. 1,320': this song has some of the best lyrics on the album, about drag racing. Has a nice bite at the end of the chorus. 05. Bite The Hand: the second song with terrible lyrics, but the vocal performance is a good job. A song that can easily get stuck in your head, despite sucky lyrics. 06. Bodies: the only song on the album I didn't listen to 24/7. The lyrics are fairly good, but slighty repetive. The chorus is pure crap to me, but the verse is cool. 07. Endgame: nice lyrics, very good job by Dave's vocal talents, especially at the beginning. The very end is amazing, one of the songs I wished they would play live. 08. The Hardest Part Of Letting Go: this one is about a guy who has to leave his wife, don't know the reason why, but it's an amazing vocal performance, but the lyrics aren't that great, 2nd worst behind 44 minutes. 09. Head Crusher: don't even focus on the vocals here. The guitars is the highlight of the song. The lyrics are the best on the album, and it has rough aggresion throughout. Classic Megadeth lyrics, improved some. 10. How The Story Ends: not real sure what this one is about...but the lyrics are nothing special. the vocal talents aren't anything great either. A mediocre song, vocally and lyrically. 11. The Right To Go Insane: nice bass at the beginning, very catchy. The vocals are just as catchy, the lyrics are very well thought out. Overall, one of the best vocal performances by Mustaine, but lyrically, he could've done so much better.

Overall Impression — 9
01. Dialectic Chaos: an instrumental, that's something that Megadeth hasn't done in a while. It was a good move to put it at the opening slot of the album. it is true guitar work. 9/10 02. This Day We Fight!: precedes Dialectic Chaos, amazing job by the whole band, especially the drums, holy crap no one notices the complexity of his drumming, probably because the guitar work is just amazing. There are so many solos in this song, it's utterly breathtaking. Nothing has been done like this by Megadeth. One of the songs I wish that they would play live. 10/10 03. 44 Minutes: if the lyrics weren't so crappy, i would probably like this song a lot better. Nice chugging at the verses, then the melodic chorus, and another song with a billion solos. Good song, just crappy lyrics. 8.5/10 04. 1,320': my personal favorite on the album, that riff is legendary to me. They opened with this song when I saw them in Grand Rapids, the first show of their Endgame tour. I even got my Endgame copy signed by Mustaine and Broderick. Anyway, I'm getting sidetracked. 1,320 is a thrashy song, but has a nice punk feeling to it. the lyrics are some of the best on the album, and they're only in the song for 2 minutes. Once the second chorus is done, a crazy drum riff comes in to introduce the wrath of the solos that are to come. The ending solo is sweet, and ends with a drag car zooming by. An amazing guitar performance. 10/10 05. Bite The Hand: this song also has terrible lyrics, but the guitar riffs are extremely catchy. A song that got stuck in my head for 2 weeks, and it will get you too. 8.5/10 06. Bodies: this song is nothing special, except for the bass in the verse is pretty sweet. The worst song on the album. 7/10 07. Endgame: the most inventive intro on the album, with Dave's voice shining through. The guitar is extreme groove metal. After the first chorus, the guitar picks up at full speed chugging, which is truly amazing. The sweetest part of it is the end with Dave shouting through the darkness of government with some of the best lyrics on the album. Sweet guitar work, power chords everywhere. 9.5/10 08. The Hardest Part Of Letting Go: the ballad of the album, I think they tried a little too hard to recreate A Tout Le Monde. This song doesn't even scratch the surface of A Tout Le Monde. Nice chugging after the intro, it's a brilliant riff that goes along with the violins, but the lyrics are steamy crap. The solo is nothing special either. Strangely though, it's an addictive song. I think this should've been a longer song. 7.5/10 09. Head Crusher: the best song on the album, and it's the thrashiest. too. That opening riff will be remembered as Megadeth's best guitar work. Amazing lyric, sweet drums, with the doble kicking during the chorus. This is strangely one of the only songs that doesn't have a solo after the first chorus. Clocking in at 3:26, it's a short song that will blow you away. I can't really tell what's going on with the bass though, it's kind of hard to tell when you're focusing on the guitar a little too much. 10/10 10. How The Story Ends: the guitar is all over the place, which isn't necessarily a good thing in this case. It's a good listen once and you're done with it. 7/10 11. The Right To Go Insane: good opening riif by the bass, very catchy song. The lyrics, once again, are very well thought out. The drums are very simple, but the bass drum beat ,atches the song in every way. A song solely for Megadeth fans. 8.5/10 Overall, instrumentally, this is in the ranks of Rust In Peace, lyrically, not so much. The only thing i was disappointed in with was the lyrics. If it were stolen or lost, I would definitely buy it again, because mine is signed! I would be sooo pissed off!

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    MotrHeadFan22 wrote: SGofawesome wrote: BlisteringDDj wrote: j-walk wrote: Meh. Risk was there only good album. I like Risk, but still...CRACKHEAD!!!Risk was their only BAD album! my god did he really say risk was good!?
    Oh yes, he did...
    Colter wrote: DAVE IF YOU READ THIS PLLEAASSSEEEEE you're old you're gona die soon (or not be able to play guitar again) start doin them drugs again and write another Rust in Peace
    1. He's only 47, he's not gonna die anytime soon. 2. if anything, drugs would kill him faster. 3. He wrote just as good off drugs. Endgame=RIP
    KillerClocker wrote: What a waste of space some of these comments are? How old are you guys? I have to address some things with some of these comments. I don't really have a problem if you don't like Megadeth, who cares? If you are just a half a*sed fan who only bought the thrashy Megadeth, but nothing else, you have no right to criticize a band you don't support. Megadeth has been my favorite since So Far...So Good...So What... came out, I was 12. Then after Countdown, the grunge scene hit metal and wiped out mostly all bands of that era. But that's just it, all these bands didn't actually go anywhere, they just left mainstream minds. I kept buying Megadeth albums, even if they werent up to the standard of Rust in Peace, I love this band. They did write some killer songs in all those albums people stopped buying. So far I have seen Megadeth 19 times in 20 years. So, I love the teenage wannabes coming on here to sh*t on this album, as if they actually have a say. It's fans like me that have kept bands going through the good and bad times, so when Megadeth went back to thrash, I was grateful I never jumped off the bandwagon. I love the comment of the "watered down Kill Em All" that's funny, especially when that was probably the album Dave Mustaine had the biggest influence on. It got really trendy to like Metallica over the years, as if when people said they listened to Metallica, they all of a sudden were "metalheads". Or the Metallica fans that never actually listened to Megadeth, only to call them a watered down version of Metallica. Or how bad Megadeth sucks compared. I love both these bands, one more than the other, but love them both. They both hold a special place in history, and this war only plays out in young fans. Metalheads from the era to which metal was at it's height, actually appreciate what both bands bring, as the metal world would be lost without them. So that brings me to the people who are disappointed with Endgame, who cares what you think? So you are disappointed? Who are you? Have you been buying their albums for 25 years? Do you go see them every time they come to town? Sometimes when albums come out and you are not in a certain mindset to absorb it, you don't understand it, it doesn't smack you the way it should, especially for people that aren't really big fans. It's rare for bands to make albums that have front to back awesomeness, but if you can have about 5 awesome songs, and then the rest are really good, then you have made a great album and that's what Megadeth did. Not to compare, but when I bought Death Mag, I listened to it for three months straight, then I kinda of got sick of it. When United Abominations came out, I listened to it everyday for a year before it started to wear on me. I haven't had that in a while, an album that I listen to all year. Endgame is also something I will listen to for a while because you discover so many layers, especially when you listen on different systems. I love both bands, but Metallica had to try and make a heavy album, they had to listen to how they used to write, they "tried" to make a metal album. Megadeth didn't have to try and make one, they just did.
    Well, I read the first sentence of this and realized this guy is just gonna rant on for 25 more sentences about how immature our opinions are, so I didn't read it. lol
    guitarfreak222 wrote: polytriplica wrote: So, I haven't gotten the album yet and I came here to read the reviews and get the overall consensus of the Megadeth fanbase. And I was strictly shocked by the comments from people here. I can't believe people have to argue who is better between Megadeth and Metallica STILL! Megadeth hit a one album slump(Risk) and rose from the ashes realizing, "Wait a second, we're NOT Metallica. What the **** are we doing?" Since, their albums have been true to their original point and mission, OUT METAL METALLICA. And they've done it as far as I and most of the metal loving world are concerned. Now, in reference to the person(you know who you are) who said they prefer All That Remains to Megadeth, I pity you in a sense I don't think you will ever understand. All That Remains is metalcore, and only decent metalcore at that. Megadeth is THRASH, one of the hardest and purest forms of metal to date. Metalcore(a non-metal genre of music) and Thrash are not even comparable in any way. Metalcore is Metallic-Hardcore Punk. Not Metal. Thrash metal is metal. So don't try and tell me a non-metal genre band is better than one of the Big Four of Thrash, let alone any actual metal band. They just can't do it. Metalcore is metal. Saying which genre is different is preference. Since this is a Megadeth album review, and they are thrash metal, I know that I'm going to suffer some hardcore flaming.
    This, ladies and gentlemen, is how you can tell who is a fan of real metal and who is not. Metalcore IS NOT METAL. Metalcore is short for Metallic Hardcore Punk, which is not the same thing as Metal, nor is it even close. It's just hardcore with heavier guitar. So thank you for helping me make a point.