Endgame review by Megadeth

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  • Released: Sep 15, 2009
  • Sound: 7
  • Lyrics: 8
  • Overall Impression: 7
  • Reviewer's score: 7.3 Good
  • Users' score: 9.1 (365 votes)
Megadeth: Endgame

Sound — 7
At first listen I really didn't care for this album and I am a huge Megadeth fan. Just like I always do I buy there CD and drive around in my car listening to it and I couldn't get into this CD. After a few attempts I realized I wasn't giving it a fair chance hoping for another "United Abominations". The album I wont call there best but it wont have you turned off by Megadeth either. From start to finish the album flows nicely with only a couple of tracks I couldn't get into. Chris Broderick made is Megadeth debut on this album and you can notice his presence on it and people can finally stop thinking about how great it was when they had Marty Friedman in the band. This album is the last with producer Andy Sneap only because he could fit the timeframe the band needed to do there follow up in.

Lyrics — 8
01. "Dialectic Chaos": This song is a blazing insturmental. I quickly found myself speeding when listening to this song in the car. In my opinion, this song has the same vibe you would find in a in a In Flames instrumental possibly to the fact of them touring together on the Gigantour but the best part comes at the end when you realize its more of an extended intro for the next track "This Day We Fight". 02. "This Day We Fight": You can't notice a change in songs between "Dialectic Chaos" it comes in hard fast and in your face if you weren't banging your head on the last track you should be by now. Many people would try to relate this to other Megadeth tracks but I find that to be impossible showing that Megadeth is changing with the times and in a good way, The only downside is the lyrics seem to be crammed together, if Dave's lyrics didn't fit he made them fit. 03. "44 Minutes": Ok its about time to give your head banging a break your more likely to be shaking your head wondering what's up with this song. While the music Is Very stompy and heavy the lyrics which are about the North Hollywood shootout fall far short from even the worst of Mustaine's lyrics. When I talked about Dave making lyrics fit during "This Day We Fight" he pryed these ones in with a crowbar and it still don't work good. Besides the lyrics being off the music is the best part of this track the bass thumps heavily the guitars screech what else could you ask for in thrash music. 04. "1,320": This adrenaline cranking song starts up with an engine reving up which is a perfect intro for this track written about drag racing, the riffing on this song reminds you of something from "Rust In Peace" or maybe a better produced Track from "Killing Is My Business". The lyrics seem to flow perfectly for this track unlike "44 Minutes", throw in a ripping solo and you got yourself one amazing Megadeth track. 05. "Bite The Hand": Another track that sounds like it would be on "Rust In Peace" but with hints of there more recent albums. This track titled bite the hand talks of the financial crisis the united states went threw from 2007 to 2010, everything about this song just works and reminds me of "Foreclosure Of A Dream Part 2" the heavier sequel. 06. "Bodies": Megadeth adds a little more melody then most on this album with "Bodies", a very catchy chorus and melodic lead work, this song could get even non Megadeth Fans to give it a second listen. 07. "Endgame": The title track from this album, speaking of George Bush's plan to insert a chip into all U.S. citizens, what I like about this song is it has a very thick plot with the lyrics similar to "44 Minutes" but Dave didn't overstuff the turkey this time and the lyrics have a good flow to them. Musically the song is simple but not boring and the duo play some amazing solo's, this song would be a success even without lyrics. 08. "The Hardest Part Of Letting Go... Sealed With A Kiss": Continuing with Dave's love to add acoustic work to at least one song almost every album this song has a flamenco guitar feel which guitarist Chris Broderick can be seen playing all over the internet. The songs lyrics are great but with all slow Megadeth songs some may not favor Dave's singing style, not long into The song picks up and anyone can relate to this song who has had problems with a loved one, the only song I could relate this one to from Megadeth would be promised off there album "The World Needs A Hero". 09. "Headcrusher": Mix together fast lead driven riffs from "Holy Wars" and "Washington Is Next" then add in Dave's growl put a hot chick in the video and you get "Headcrusher" the first single from "Endgame". This song speaks for itself and was nominated for a Grammy for best metal performance, gives even single junkies a reason to buy the album. 10. "How The Story Ends": This song would of been an awesome track to end the album with and I don't know why they didn't choose to, the lyrics and melody remind me a lot of "Ashes In Your Mouth" and "The Disintegrators". Another track I have no complaints about the riffs are catchy The chorus is easy to fall into a groove with. Another A+ for Megadeth. 11. "The Right To Go Insane": The closing track and second video released for the album, the title explains it all how many Americans can't afford to live enen while working 2 jobs and the insanity it causes, This song happens to be my favorite from the album anything you ask for from Megadeth is in it, great lyrics crunchy guitar riffs and amazing solo's. The video also features old bassist David Ellefson who just recently rejoined Megadeth after there current bassist James Lomenzo (White Lion/Black Label Society).

Overall Impression — 7
As I mentioned earlier I couldn't get into this piece of work at first but soon came around to a favorable opinion and not til just now re-listening to it to do this review have I realized how good this album actual is. The song "44 Minutes" in my opinion will make many fans turn there heads but the singles "Headcrusher" and "The Right To Go Insane" will get those same fans Banging there heads again, even though I would place this towards the end of the list of best Megadeth albums its still a great album I just personally feel it doesn't stick out more then other Megadeth releases.

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