Greatest Hits: Back To The Start review by Megadeth

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  • Released: Jun 28, 2005
  • Sound: 8
  • Lyrics: 9
  • Overall Impression: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 8.3 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.6 (108 votes)
Megadeth: Greatest Hits: Back To The Start

Sound — 8
This is a true to the name greatest hits albums, spanning many different time periods of Megadeth's career, albeit with more focus on the later section of their discography (Countdown to Extinction<). However, overall, it's a good compilation. It does contain many of their greatest hits perse, but not always their greatest songs. However, that's purely a matter of opinion. Still, it's true to it's name.

Lyrics — 9
Typical Megadeth-faire, many songs containing lyrics about political topics, as well as a bit of everything else for the fans. You get to see Dave's voice in many different stages of his career on the album, watching the evolution from Killing Is My Business... all the way up to The World Needs a Hero (the most recent album at the time). The lyrics fit the music well in all cases, and Dave's voice obviously suits the overall musical style of the group.

Overall Impression — 8
Being a Greatest Hits album containing tracks that were voted by the fans, you can't expect to hear every song you like on this one disc. It's a shame that there couldn't be more stuff from their early thrash metal days, with many of the tracks being off of Countdown to Extinction, and it's prior albums. However, it's not a bad compilation. Many of their live staples made the cut, such as Hangar 18, and Holy Wars, as well as several of their catchier tracks like Symphony of Destruction and A Tout Le Monde, and, as said earlier, you get a good sample of many different time periods and albums. Would I suggest it to a first time listener? Perhaps. I'd personally rather a newcomer hear Peace Sells... But Who's Buying or Rust in Peace in their entirety first, but it's all a matter of opinion. If stolen or lost, I'd probably not get it again, merely because I already own several of the albums that the tracks on this album are from, and would rather hear each album individually than with select tracks from each. Good album, though.

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    god of gnar123
    im so glad you guys appreciate megadeth more than metallica. finally. in my darkest hour, holy wars, mechanix, they're all great.