Rust in Peace review by Megadeth

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  • Released: Sep 21, 1990
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 8
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 9 Superb
  • Users' score: 9.5 (362 votes)
Megadeth: Rust in Peace

Sound — 10
This album is my first Megadeth album, and it has left a huge impression on me about them. The whole mix of speed metal and thrash metal really brings this album to life. 'Holy Wars... The Punishment Due' left me speechless. I never expected the song to be so good, and the riff was breathtaking. As the album progressed, I became more and more speechless, with amazing songs such as 'Hangar 18', 'Tornado of Souls', 'Rust in Peace... Polaris' and 'Take No Prisoners'. The last three tracks on the album are the demos of 'Holy Wars... The Punishment Due', 'Take No Prisoners' and 'Rust in Peace... Polaris' and the demos were amazing. No wonder Megadeth were so critically acclaimed after this album.

Lyrics — 8
The lyrics on the album aren't amazing, but they fitted the songs. Also, Dave's voice wasn't spectacular for me, but nevertheless, the music was amazing. The mix between the music and vocals was great, and the vocals always seemed to come in at the perfect time in songs.

Overall Impression — 9
Overall, I love this album. Amazing riffs which keep you hooked and some blistering fast solos, this album is immense. The most impressive songs are definitely 'Holy Wars... The Punishment Due', 'Hangar 18' and 'Take No Prisoners'. Any thrash metal fan would love this album, I seriously do reccommend it to you.

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    mustaineNslash wrote: ohh, and holy wars is NOT about the punisher. what kind of crack head idea is that. read the lyrics.
    Dude, sorry to burst your bubble, but that is two songs combined into one. The first half is about the Palestine/Israel thing (Dave has also said it's about the Irish conflicts of the time). But the 2nd half (the punishment due) is about the Punisher!
    Oh I forgot to add in my review, my CD is the remixed version.
    PinkFloyd1965 wrote: This is a great album but I have two negative comments. A) His voice is too high. It sounds like he is crying or something. B) I hate Dawn Patrol. Good reviews.
    Okay:1- his voice aint broke yet on this album, nothin wrong with that it sounds ****in brilliant! and 2- Its Fuckin megadeth they have never made terrible shit, so stop ****in nitpickin ya bitch!
    mustaineNslash wrote: how could you say that tornado of souls is your least favorite song on the album? wtf?
    Because he's not a complete fanboy tool
    mustaineNslash wrote: how could you say that tornado of souls is your least favorite song on the album? wtf?
    Because he's not a complete fanboy tool
    slayer the real deal? How is that? becuase they act tough with their phony "satanic" lyrics? or is it all their amazing guitar "solos"? more like noise really. or is it how they tried to sound like shitknot? slayer are posers and who ever can't see that are deaf blind and dumb tools. little talent all image
    oh yeah RIP a pure thrash gem! no cheap gimmicks here just the perfect mix of talent and passion. music over image! wow what a concept!! awesome riffs, solos galore, dynamic song arrangements. i constantly headbang and play air guitar and drums when i listen to this no matter what i'm doing. subject matter ranging from comic book hero's, goverment conspiracy's, mysticism, warfare, global holocaust(e.t.c) not just the typical hack`n slash or "i'm so satanic" or "i'm so angry and tough" bullshit. alot of people complain about dave's voice but i think he's one of the best and unique and his performance is dead on here. the production is somewhat lacking a bit but the remixed/remastered versions sound alot better. anyway its a must have and definantly not over rated! 10/10
    lucretia and tornado of souls are the best songs! lucretia is so much fun to play! get this album if you have the money! i dont think metallica has ever been better than megadeth. metallica was good. WAS good. but not great like megadeth and im not a fanboy tool. i just love their music.
    Megadeth is terribly overrated... Metallica is a little better, Testament much better, but f*ckin' Slayer is the real deal