Rust in Peace review by Megadeth

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  • Released: Sep 21, 1990
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 9.5 (362 votes)
Megadeth: Rust in Peace

Sound — 10
This album is one of Thrash Metal's landmark albums. It has withstood the test of time and still pulls in new and young fans every day, myself and my entire band being case and point. The album opens with a crown jewl of a thrash song, Holy Wars... The Punishment Due. The song is played at breakneck speeds, has snarling vocals, and impressive solos. A perfect tone setter for the entire album.

Lyrics — 10
The lyrics are themed mainly around Dave Mustaine's primary subjects, Politcs, War, Addiction, Death, and Anger. He crafts these almost beautifully, if such a word should be used with so brutal and album, with the songs. Although it is much contested, Dave Mustiane posesses the single best voice for a thrash vocalist. And his delivery is precise and still follows through with enough brutality to contest and win over today's screamed vocals, no one touches Mustaine as a Vocalist.

Overall Impression — 10
Of the 4 landmark Thrash albums, Rust In Peace(Megadeth), Reign In Blood(Slayer), Master of Puppets(Metallica), and Fistfull of Metal(Anthrax), this one stands alone as the best. The artists are more developed and tighter musically than in either Reign In Blood or Fistfull of Metal, and unlike Master of Puppets, the album refrains from ballads to maintain it's legendary status. My personal favorites from the album are actually the first three tracks. Holy Wars... The Punishment Due, Hangar 18, and Take No Prisoners. Each of these is lightning fast, and heavy sounding from start to finish. Also, if you can spare the extra cash, I would suggest investing in the Remastered edition, it contains an extra original song, as well as Demos of Rust In Peace, Holy Wars, and Take No Prisoners. All three songs have slightly different lyrics, and include Chris Poland on guitars rather than Marty Friedman, in no way am I stating that Poland is better than Friedman, but hearing the differing styles is still fun. Also, the Holy Wars demo is faster, if you can believe that. If this album was stolen, I would definetly replace it, and be glad to do so. I mean honestly, you just got someone else the greatest Thrash album ever produced. And it was definitely worth the money I paid for it.

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    Sanitarium91 wrote: I have this album, well i downloaded it some time last year, you know just to hear why people like Megadeth so much. I've gotta say, it didnt really send the chills down my spine, but it was allright i guess, even though didnt really care for the lyrics, so then I decided to try what the very new Megadeth sounds like. So i tried the System has Failed, and it was a lot worse. After a while I noticed that Rust In Peace was so many peoples favourite, so I decided not to try anymore. I'm not saying that i dont like Megadeth at all, i just prefer some Ride The Lightning, Master Of Puppets or Justice.
    Try United Abominations, that album is ****ing kick ass! Yer the system has failed wasn't great the only good songs were kick the chair, blackmail the universe and die dead enough.
    megadeths greatest release!!! Marty friedman's a guitar god and dave mustaine is a good guitarist (he sings sum pretty sick thrash metal-style vocals too) but an even better songwriter. menza's drumming and ellefson's bass playing are great, not the best, but still kickass.