Super Collider review by Megadeth

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  • Released: Jun 4, 2013
  • Sound: 7
  • Lyrics: 8
  • Overall Impression: 7
  • Reviewer's score: 7.3 Good
  • Users' score: 5.8 (354 votes)
Megadeth: Super Collider

Sound — 7
Dave Mustaine started Megadeth with David Ellefson in 1983 after being ousted as a founding member and lead guitarist of Metallica. Since that time, Megadeth has averaged a release every two years. Many of their albums have been considered classics of the genre, and many of the songs are considered genre-defining. Through that time there have been many line-up changes, with Dave Mustaine remaining the only constant member and the main creative force behind the band leading to the band being nicknamed MegaDave. In recent years the band's fan-base has been erratic due to loss of interest in the genre and Dave's outspoken political views and statements about his faith as a born-again Christian. Despite a lawsuit filed by David Ellefson against Megadeth in 2004, he re-joined the band in 2010 and for the time being the band's line-up seems to be more stable than it has been in years. The current members of Megadeth are Dave Mustaine (lead vocals, guitar), David Ellefson (bass, backing vocals), Chris Broderick (guitar, backing vocals) and Shawn Drover (drums, percussion).

"Super Collider" is Megadeth's fourteenth studio album and the first to be released on Mustaine's new label, Tradecraft, after a falling out with Roadrunner Records. There are 11 tracks on the standard edition with 10 of the tracks being new material and the 11th track being a cover of the Thin Lizzy song "Cold Sweat." There is also a Best Buy exclusive addition with three additional tracks, but I am reviewing the standard edition. The title track, "Super Collider," was released as the first single on April 23rd, 2013. The second single was "Kingmaker," but while a YouTube video was released for the song it was not made available for purchase before the album release. The album overall has more of a mid-tempo vibe to it than most of their previous releases which has caused some hate from metal fans on social media. While "Super Collider" is not Megadeth's heaviest album, there are definitely strong elements of thrash and metal in the album.

The album opens with the track "Kingmaker," which is possibly the song most in line with what was expected of the new Megadeth release. "Kingmaker" is a higher tempo track with an interesting bass-line in the opening that seems to gallop along with some really interesting lead guitar work. The second song on the album is the title track "Super Collider" which, in my humble opinion, is the weakest track on the album. "Super Collider" is a mid-tempo rock song and it doesn't quite fit on a metal album. The fourth track, "Built for War," sounds more like a return to form for Megadeth with a strong riff and an interesting melodic passage with some chanting. The sixth track, "Dance in the Rain," is a song about the blue collar condition that reminds me a little bit of "Sweating Bullets." "Dance in the Rain" is followed by "Beginning of Sorrow" which starts out with a strong bass riff and goes on into a call and response type lyric between Dave and the response coming from David and Chris. The first solo sounds like one of Dave's solos to me more than Chris's but I'm not 100% on that. The eighth track is "The Blackest Crow" which was initially going to be sung by Willie Nelson and/or Miranda Lambert, but this fell through for reasons unknown and Dave handles the vocals. It starts out with some banjo and slide guitar but somehow has an almost Indian sitar feel to it. "The Blackest Crow" is absolutely the most stand-out unusual track on the album, but currently it is also my favorite. The album closes out with a cover of the Thin Lizzy track "Cold Sweat," which is a pretty close interpretation of the original, just changed enough to put Megadeth's stamp on it.

Lyrics — 8
You definitely know you're listening to a Megadeth track when Dave Mustaine's vocals come in. Over the years Dave's voice has changed to become slightly deeper with less high range. This is something that comes with aging and you have to remember that Dave Mustaine has been doing vocals in a metal band for 30 years. His current vocal ability isn't bad in fact, I'm envious of his vocal ability but it is less than what it was back in the day. David Draiman from Distrubed contributes some guest vocals on the album on the tracks "Dance in the Rain" and "Forget to Remember." It is also a good thing to hear David Ellefson backing up Dave Mustaine's vocals again. The actual lyrics from the album are pretty much standard fare for Megadeth, mostly focusing on social issues as Dave sees them. Here are some lyrics from "Dance in the Rain" to illustrate my point: "Sentenced to work/ a dead end 9 to 5/ trapped in a dingy corporate cubicle hell/ then go to work in the darkness on the midnight shift/ every chance you get selling gas at the corner shell/ three letter groups listening in on you/ under surveillance courtesy of big brother in your car/ drones monitor each and every move you make/ it doesn't matter who you know or who you think you are" then the chorus comes in saying "you better learn to dance in the rain instead of waiting for the sun." I like the 1984-ish tone of the song. If I had to rate the vocals alone, then I would rate this section a little lower, but I think the lyrics are interesting and I find myself singing along so I bumped up the score a tad.

Overall Impression — 7
Okay, bottom line is this a thrash metal album? Sometimes it is, but sometimes it is a hard rock album. Is it a bad album? No, but it isn't necessarily what you're expecting from a Megadeth release. Coming at this with my specific perspective, I think that there is a habit of fans (myself included) when a band has been around a while to measure everything they do against their previous work. When a band releases some true masterpiece albums, then we grade them on a stricter scale than we would otherwise on their subsequent releases. I'm going to attempt to not do that with this release while this isn't "Peace Sells," it isn't a bad album. My favorite songs from the album are "The Blackest Crow," "Dance in the Rain," "Built for War" and "Beginning of Sorrow." My least favorite song from the album is "Super Collider," which seems like it didn't quite live up to Dave Mustaine's idea. I'm grading this album based on the following thinking: "Killing Is My Business..." and "Peace Sells..." would each easily rate a solid 9 out of 10. By that line of thinking I rate Super Collider overall as a 7 out of 10.

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    You know its not going to be incredibly heavy when the reviewer's favourite song is the banjo driven one. It's a good album nevertheless and nice review, although it had me feeling it would be rated lower.
    Ermm...what? How exactly do you know that?
    Banjo driven = The Blackest Crow. Reread it.
    I've listened to that track. How does that make the whole album less heavy? Unless, of're one of those morons who thinks that we shouldn't have certain instruments in metal.
    LOL now I know what you mean. My first comment was a half-joke, nothing to be taken this seriously. And no, I'm far from "one of those morons who thinks that we shouldn't have certain instruments in metal."
    I think we should see this album as a pretty good rock album not thrash. But still it has some bad songs, just a few though.
    Pretty disappointed with it. Since Broderick joined, I've been hoping Dave would use his talent wisely, but so far (with maybe a few good moments in Endgame) it's been a waste. If they song writing itself is bad, then that technically proficient gem is meaningless.
    yeah, Broderick is being wasted in that band. he should rejoin Loomis and start a post nevermore shredfest
    Man, glad someone else thinks the same way I do. I hope this album is just a minor break from some of the action on Endgame, because it seems like he's going back to Cryptic Writings era melodic feel for both Thirteen and this new one. Thirteen was still killer, but you could tell it had more CW to it and Super Collider even more so now. But either way I still love what Dave and crew do on all their stuff, but some technical ecstasy from Broderick would be more than welcomed.
    The lyrics just completely kill the experience for me, and I mean COMPLETELY. Yeah, maybe I could get in to "Burn!" or "Off the Edge", but the lyrics? Inexcusably bad. "Super Collider" isn't even that bad of a song, but the lyrics? UGGGHHHHH. "Don't Turn Your Back..." - "The best advice I can lend - don't ever turn your back on a friend" Really?
    My thoughts exactly. Dave is always in the UG news talking about being a "thinking mans band" and bragging feats of intelligence but after listening to this album i find it hard to find evidence of any of that. The vocal work is really bland and feels forced while the lyrics are stale and about dumb subjects. The title track has nothing to do with the hadron collider and is just a bad cheesy metaphor, Dave doesn't even believe in Science. Don't Turn Your Back is the one song i find i want to listen to again because of its suprising and refreshing bluesy intro/end but the lyrics are terrible and uninspired. I really wanted to like this album but i'm finding it very hard to like it at all. Th1rt33n was half and half and the best songs were re used b sides. Endgame was definatly their best recent effort. That album was solid.
    It's definitely not what I was expecting but it is good in it's own right. Better than 13 but doesn't even come close to their late 2000s work or their late 80s work. But if you don't compare it to their other albums and accept it as it's own, it's a very decent album. 7/10
    This album was ok,I was disappointed, I was expecting more, but I can still listen to every song(aside from "Burn!") and not get bored or feel the need to skip,I've listened to the album 9 times already to see if it'll grow on me and and it has grown on me,however the lyrics and vocal work on some songs are questionable,but overall, an ok album, I'd give it a 6.5/7 out of 10.
    Honestly, with all the great music already out and undiscovered, who has time in their day for a 'decent' Megadeth album?
    To me, this is their worst album since... ever. I used to talk shit about A World Needs A Hero, but to be honest even that had several tracks that stood out as worth listening to even today. None of the tracks stand out at all to me. I just can't get into the tracks. The only song to me that has anything good about it is "Don't Turn Your Back...", because it's the only one that sounds like Megadeth me... but the lyrics are horrendous and can't see myself listening to this a year from now. My primary issue is the D tuning--yeah, yeah... you can criticize me for my OPINION, but to me, Megadeth has been one of the few heavy bands from back in the day that stuck with the standard tuning. I don't understand why Dave can't just sing lower and keep the tuning. I'll be willing to give them one more chance with their 15th album in 2015 or whatever, but that's it. This is just a turd.
    The World Needs A Hero is one of my favorites. Pure Dave, heavy album, not very rock, but not very thrash.
    I always used to say Megadeth don't need to down tune. Wake up Dead still has one of the heaviest riffs ever made in my opinion. Honestly, the lyrics in this album are so bad it's embarrassing for a band that brags about witty and intelligent lyrics to stoop so low. I ****ing love Megadeth and it pains me to watch them decline.
    I listened to the whole album last night and I think it's a really good hardrock/metal offering. People who want thrash will be disappointed. The album is nicely done and flows very well but if you want full on Megadeth thrash it's just not your album. If you want something new and in the vein of Crytic Writings, it. I will say the album is very interesting also -- it's not boring at all.
    but... it's june 3rd... alright, i guess megadeth can go back in time now. that's cool.
    This album is good, but I don't know, it misses something.
    Maybe typical Daves screaming voice. He sings relatively low on this album. I hope, in live performance it will be better.
    I wouldn't count on it. The highs are pretty much shot now. It's a shame. He needs to ask Blitz how he's managed to maintain his Starscream-esque vocal ability all these years.
    Yeah after the 4th track it gets awesome, 1st couple are average. Dance in the rain is my fav epic song. It's different which is a good thing. ill trash it see if it grows more for me.
    what album were you listening to bro? it started off lame, and stayed that way until the end.
    I personally think Super Collider was a good follow up to Th1rt3en. Sure some songs are stronger then others like most albums but I found the songs for the most part creative and enjoyable to listen to. It is still plenty Heavy and very much metal and its ****ing Megadeth! I'm more then satisfied here and can deal with jamming this out till the next album.
    I'll definitley be buying this album, but I still haven't gotten to Th1rte3n yet. I still have a heck of a fun time listening to Endgame.
    Fuck Miranda Lambert--she's awful, but I would have listened to Willie Nelson on a Megadeth record without question. Granted, Willie Nelson is twice the artist that Megadeth is, but still. A well respected metal band and one of the greatest country artists of all time? I really want to hear that song. That part is disappointing.
    Today I very much realized why Metal never progressed: Its fans Honestly looking at the comment section and reading the arguments people are making as to why it sucks are completely arrogent. I have seen members of this website give rave reviews to literal trash music and people here are saying Megadeth is bad now because they are generic? Thrash metal as a whole, is only one color and can only be that. This is why Marty Friedman left the band, the entire community saying Super Collider is "generic", "meh", "slayer is better" is retarded, only because Megadeth decides to add different elements to their music apparently makes them a bad band or generic now are literally among the most arrogent reasons to downplay an album and goes to show why metal has declined so much: Its arrogent fans.
    My Last Words
    I don't care what kind of different elements they bring to the music with each new album, as long as the elements themselves are good. That being said, this album had none. That being said, "Metal never progressed".. Get your shit together man.
    Second Rate
    Metal has never progressed? I don't hear many bands these days releasing albums that sound like "In Rock" or "Fireball." Do you? Anyway.... I know people like to take the Mikael Akerfeldt view of things now, that bands are incapable of writing bad music and the fault always lies with the fans, but that's not the case. Dave Mustaine is what you would call a moron. Every time Megadeth catch some upward momentum, he makes a conscious decision to ruin it by releasing a collection of half assed garbage. In the 80s, that garbage was called "So Far, So Good, So What." When they recovered with "Rust in Peace" and "Countdown to Extinction," whoops... time for "Youthanasia," "Cryptic Writings," and "Risk." This time, after the high point of Endgame, we get "Thirteen" and now this steaming pile of refuse. You wanna talk about "literal trash music?" Super Collider IS literal trash music. The question now is will the fans come back after Dave committing career suicide for a third time?
    Short of SFSGSW, all of those albums you bashed are decent. This album is actually ok. It's not a "steaming pile of refuse", as you put it. A lot of people just wanted another "Rust In Peace" really. You seem to be one of them. You also are pretty much the type of arrogant person that saul was talking about...
    would you say this album is worse than Risk and Th1rt3en?
    My Last Words
    I'd say Risk > Endgame > UA & Th1rt3en > this album.
    risk better than Endgame? that must be some good shit you smoke dude, hook me up!
    My Last Words
    I'm confusing risk with CW I guess. But yeah, endgame didn't really do it for me. Nor did UA and th1rt3en. I guess I don't really like alot of their post-2000 work, apart from some stuff on the system has failed. It's just that their sound as a whole changed so much over the last 10 years.. The difference is so massive that it feels like I'm listening to another band.
    hold on SFSGSW may not be a classic but had its moments. i'm a particular fan of Liar
    Marty left Megadeth because his taste in music was pretty much changing...hes stated that in some interveiws I've watched of him.
    I think the lyrics are a big problem for Megadeth even on the album Endgame..just really corny and silly at times, sometimes i wish there were no singing so i could enjoy the songs a bit more...i think it's time Dave Mustaine let the other band members contribute more input into the song writing cos i think Dave is running out of ideas (which is fair enough after 14 albums now)Super Collider is an average album 5/10 for me
    Exactly, that's the main problem of megadeth. Dave doens't let others contribute enough. Chris Broderick is being so numbed down by this fact is ridiculous. Dave should write songs for Megadeth as a band, not just presenting them and forcing them to adapt to them.
    *dramatic sigh* I wish it didn't have to be this way. For real though, as much as I'd love to see another great Megadeth album, this is not it :/
    From what I hear of the rant, Megadeth has now become "MEH-GADETH". Will still give it a shot.
    Jesus on a 3-wheeler !! ... I think it's so sad to read people flame this album and that album, and he can't sing and he can't play .. this is crazy! don't you ever grow up ?? ... either go and listen to Hit's for kids Vol 37 or try to do better! I've been a dedicated Megadeth fan frm the start, and ofcourse i like some albums better than others, but still, i have the deepest respect for what Dave does, and i dare any of you flamers to do better !!
    Btw, Dave Mustaine has vocal ability? You're kidding right?
    If you're listening to Megadeth for great vocals you're listening to the wrong band. Dave's voice has character and is very distinctive but Megadeth is all about the guitars and the songs. With that said... "Supercollider" is a pile of crap. I've been a Megadeth fan for about 25 years and I can't remember ever being this disappointed. I'll look forward to the next one but this one is even worse than "Risk".
    I completely agree with you!... Except for the "pile of crap" part, Supercollider is far from great but not that bad. It's just that the reviewer made it sound like Dave actually was a good singer, which I pointed out was false. You don't have to be a good singer to have a distinctive voice and character though, and its that voice along with the awesome guitars and strong lyrics that make Megadeth one of the best and most recognizable bands of all time.
    From a technical point of view, he sings very good. You may like or hate his voice. I like it, you don't. But he definitely has a vocal ability. Otherwise he couldn't sing in a metal band after 30 years.
    I don't hate his voice, but from a technical point of view his range is relatively limited. And its that he doesn't sing well that lets him sing consistently over 30 years cause there is no range to decay and I actually think it suits Megadeth's style.
    Vocal range and vocal technique have little to do with each other. Billie Holiday, one of the better female Jazz singers, has one of the most limited ranges ever. She has a range of 1.5 octaves. But what she does with her range is amazing. I'm not comparing her to Mustaine. But I am pointing out the fallacy in believing a wider ranger = better technique.
    Alright in terms of technique, you're right, but I was just disagreeing with the reviewer that Mustaine ever had a great vocal range, cause he never did.
    Dave's vocal range is not bad at all. Check this vid:
    I know personally and can name a lot of people with better range than that.
    I don't think his range is so limited. Listen to Millenium of the Blind from Thirteen. There you have the lows and the heights. And he is in tune with every note he sings. If one knows a bit about singing, it's clear that Mustaine does it right most of the time. I've seen them several times and watched many live videos and what I saw in terms of his head posture etc. came very close to what I learned in singing lessons.
    Look, I'm only talking about his range and how that doesn't make him as impressive as the reviewer said he was, but not that he can't sing at all. He is on key on every Megadeth track I've heard, and I don't know sh*t about posture but I'll take your word for it. Yeah I heard the highs and lows btw and its still not that great.
    Now now, don't hate on Mustaine's voice. Mustaine's voice is pretty much the signature of Megadeth. It's what identifies them from all of the other Thrash Metal bands. His vocal range isn't limited. You only hear one tone of it because that's all he needs to use for his songs but if you look into the extra tracks and whatnot and pay attention, you'll see how big his vocal range is. Many lead singers appear to have very limited vocal range if you just listen to the studio stuff.
    PEOPLE. I don't hate Mustaine's voice, it was just a joke about his singing ability which are two different things entirely! Read my comments.
    After hearing the previews of this album I was a little disappointed that this was going to be another Th1rt3en but I was pleasantly surprised by this album, Forget to Remember had a feeling of something from Countdown mixed with Cryptic Writings. I don't mind the title track but it's a bit light compared to the rest of the album, would've fit on CW or Risk though
    It's actually a decent album, not as good as Endgame and Th1rt3en of course, but it's okay I think. My favorite songg is Dance in the rain, the 2 weird songs for me are Super Collider and The blackest crow.
    Megadeth,like Metallica and countless other heavy bands, will never satisfy 100% of the fan base,certain fans don't grow along with the band.A shame really...
    That's sort of the issue. There's always people who only ever listened to certain albums and claimed all the rest sucked.
    Here's my opinion. Super collider is not that bad, but there are a few things that are not on this album and they should be. First : May I ask readers of UG to tell my have they heard any memorable riff ? (I mean, Thirteen had more memorable riffs than Super collider) Second : What kind of lyrics are those ? Burn has lyrics which i could have wrote. (And honestly i have wrote better lyrics that that.) I mean, they all do have a theme, but its not Mustaine writing style. Third : Track lenght. Although that is not something to bi*ch about, i do have to tell that most of songs on Super Collider are shorter than any other songs from any other albums, but they still get to the point where i say : Oh God will he ever get on with the song. We decieve ourselves when we say that Super Collider is good. We expected god knows what from Megadeth and i do not think they delivered, so now we are settling for mediocre. If the next album they make could be anything like Endgame, i would be so happy. Rock on.
    I think its hard for Megadeth to do a good thrash album nowadays conisdering some bands can easily outrun, bands like Exodus, Evile, Warbringer, Havok or Fog of War. Even when Endgame was thrash but still wasn't fast enough or thrash enough like "Enter The Grave"/Evile or "Worlds Torn Asunder"/Warbringer. So a better option for Megadeth is doing hard rock songs which is Super Collider in its entierety. But still that's defending being a fanboy, Super Collider was disapointing after all the sneak-peaks.
    To be fair, Warbringer is rather bland. Evile is better, but not by much. Exodus actually formed back in '80.
    I find modern thrash to be kind of bland. Bands seem to think that pace is more important than content. So. Many. Boring. Riffs (and yes, I'm looking at Warbringer).
    I think it's fun that Megadeth is trying something different instead of releasing Endgame part three. Haven't heard the album yet though, so I might come back to that, but so far it seems fun. I like Kingmaker, and I agree with Supercollider. I'm curious to hear the rest.
    ok, Megadeth didn't released another Rust In Peace as mostly of the fans would like. Dave isn't Freddy Mercury, and the album is not heavier than hell... One thing is certain though... They did make an album with decent lyrics, various styles of music combined together in one CD for the variety of the publics and Dave sang the whole songs. The album is a Megadeth album. Now, the one thing that makes me upset is the Tallica guys. They made LULU crap and now they don't want to release anything because they're gonna die on the beach. I mean, they're gonna release another failure, that's for sure... Maybe this time they invite Ozzy to sing on their next release...
    first off, decent lyrics? are you ****ing kidding me sir? have you just recovered from a full frontal lobotomy? Second, Only one style of music is really played on the album - hard rock (some might call it metal). Third, Lulu wasn't a ****ing Metallica album you ass-hat. And DM was not really a failure by any means. Maybe not their best, but certain in the right direction. Grow up dumbass.
    I have to say I don't think it's better to release an album just for the sake of releasing something. It's one thing when you believe in the music yourself and the fans disagree, but when you know from the first instant that it's not up to standards you shouldn't release it just for the sake of releasing it.
    Not nearly as bad as people are claiming, no, it's pretty good actually. Not their best work obviously but there's still some really cool songs in here, namely Kingmaker, Dance in The Rain and The Blackest Crow.
    This album blows. Mustaine should take the time to get his shit together instead of coming up with an album each 6 months just for the sake of it.
    The only problem with this album for me is that it does not feel lika a Megadeth album at all. Because, at least for me Dave always made songs that aren't just your simple power chords(like super collider) but they had that "something special"(like Trust with its' chorus) also, even though on Cryptic Dave had his "grammy songs" he also made Vortex, FFF and Disintegrators, just to name few. It's really hard to find a catchy riff on this album. I think that only song for me that's really awesome is "Don't turn your back...", I don't know why but I really like it ! heck, even on Thirteen I really enjoyed that chorus riff from "Deadly Nightshade" and at that point it really felt like a serious Megadeth song. It is obvious that Dave's dream at this moment is to win a grammy so he's trying to make a softer song that competes with such one's like..."Lonely Boy". Wow, and I love that song ! Just that simple idea that ****ing Megadeth is competing with The Black Keys...there is obviously something wrong with this situation.
    Personally I like this album, I've enjoyed the diversity of elements who blends really well together (the groove of the banjo song, the intro of "Don't Turn Your Back..."), and I've also enjoyed the typical thrash elements that are in almost every song. As long as it makes me headbang, it's a good album! And this one does!
    Just finished listening to this album a few seconds ago. I must say that I was afraid I would be highly disappointed with this release. I thought Thirteen was a disappointment after United Abominations and Endgame, both of which I thought were excellent albums. This record though, in my opinion, is a great improvement from Thirteen, not as good as United Abominations and Endgame though. Don't quite understand all of the negativity towards it personally, but to each his own I suppose. I would probably give it a solid 7/10. \m/
    You know I've never been much of a metal listener so the lack of heaviness compared to earlier albums didn't bother me. I guess if I were to try to quantify it, Megadeth's earlier stuff had a certain groove to it under the distortion that made their songs stick. Everything here just kinda passed over my head. It was all right, but that's about it. Just my thoughts of course.
    Whole lotta meh, already sick of hearing the singles on the radio. It's not the worst album ever, but it's certainly pretty far from good.
    picked it up this morning. me and some other guy both went straight to the cd section at best buy and both grabbed super collider at the same time lol. i never judge an album after only a few listens, but i can say that my favs so far are kingmaker, dancing in the rain, on the edge, dont turn your back, and burn. i enjoyed endgame and grew to love 13 after thinking it was mediocre at first. my biggest complaint is that david draimen does guest vocals and im not kidding when i say you literally can't tell he is on the album, unless you listen very, very carefully. i went thru the whole cd once and was like wtf? where are the david draimen songs? his parts are so short and faded in the background that they shouldn't have even bothered giving him a guest credit. what a waste of a great vocalist
    Dave sing better than anyone, except Dave himself
    I think James Hetfield sings way better.
    I think Trent Reznor sings better then both.
    You're right but they're very different kinds of singers.
    yeah that's mainly the reason I said it, even though James and Dave are both metal lead singers, they have very different voices.
    watch any live video of james from the last 15 years and then tell me that.
    Dude...Watch any live video where Dave sings... Dave is not a singer. Hetfield at least was...If you want singer go for Flynn, Dickinson, Halford.
    And tell me what singer Hetfield is after you see this
    Damn... We know he's not the best singer... But Megadeth without Dave's voice? Can you imagine that? You can't compare Dave to anyone else... It's Dave, he's unique.
    Aryan Death Man
    Like we can imagine Metallica without Hetfield :p It doesn't matter whose vocals are better,Both are equally important to their Band's sound
    Ppl don't understand that his voice tone might be some kind of annoying, but most importantly despite that he sings IN TUNE
    So you're comparing James 15 years ago to Dave now? That's completely fair.
    James did sing much better than he has previously at the Golden gods awards this year.... I do give him that. However In my opinion Dave is the better singer.
    Seriously everyone, I know all Y'all would buy tickets to both of these veteran/legendary/and inspirational bands!
    Really? James' vocals in the past year or so have been boss. (Seriously, saw them this year Dave on the other hand... (Note: I know that he's not like this in every performance, this is an example. For reference, I really like Daves vocals) The Big 4 - Megadeth - Holy Wars...The Punishment Due Live Sweden July 3 2011 HD
    Both Mustaine and Hetfield can sing. Let's leave it at that. Metallica without Hetfield's voice is nothing and Megadeth without Mustaine's signature voice is nothing.
    It's ok but I'm glad it only coasted me $7.Not worth much more than that.Medadeth has now had 3 vanilla releases in a row.
    Dave told us this would be dark and heavy, but I am REALLY disappointed. This album pretty much shows that megadeth don't really come up with any good stuff anymore. Not that they ever have either tbh, just some half-decent "pop-style" songs that will be forgotten in the upcoming years. edit: Slayer 4EVER
    "Slayer 4EVER" Not anymore rofl. I'll be honest, this album may be pretty damn bad, but atleast Megadeth have released half-decent material since 1990. I can't say the same for Slayer, personally.
    If you are a TRUE MEGADETH you would not be bashing this album and you would actually like it. You would also go OUT and BUY this album to HELP SUPPORT MEGADETH. This album is a very good album....although not pretty much a recreation of rust in peice....But who cares!!!!! The album is diverse... it has songs that everyone even if you dont like the album would like. and thats what Ive seen them state in interveiws that there will be stuff for EVERYONE...the ones who Bash this album are just plain CRITICAL. Can a band not do as they would like? dont they deverve to? They have been at this for so long so im sure they deserve to.....
    Complete nonsense.So if your a true fan of band and they make an album of farting noises you would have to accept it because your a so called "true fan".Ridiculous statement.
    Whine Whine Whine. Ive heard it all before. Have you ever heard of constructive criticism?
    Agree with you totally. Not the trashiest record from Megadeth, but still a good record, with different sounds combinations. Interesting. Took me some time to appreciate Super Collider, but the more I listen to it, the better it gets. The other "croud" outhere bashing because it is not heavy enougth, well go back to your Slayer, pantera and other shit music and you ll get you dose of "musical???" music. Point it, I am a megadeth fan, and despite I downloaded the album, I am still gonna buy it on Itunes. And despite that I hate Apple, I want to contribute to supporting Megadeth. WHY? I have the record anyway. BECAUSE I listen to the record right now on my PC writing this!!! I wonder one thing, Those who got the album (let s say for free) and don't like it. Are you going to delete it or keep it anyway? Come on, let s hear it...
    My Last Words
    Are you implying that everyone who dislikes this record belongs to a small-minded, ignorant, thrash-craving, tr00 kvlt metal "croud"? Then let me tell you a secret: it's actually possible for people to dislike a certain record when they experience it - regardless of the musical elements within - as GENUINE ****! ffs, you people are so ignorant.
    Agree with you of course on the sense that everybody have the right to like or dislike a record. Can't argue with that. I am not saying that this record is the best they have made, and far from it. But still, even if "we" expect a lot from Dave Mustaine, we might set he bar very high, maybe too high. It is a "decent" record and just complaining or saying this record is so bad is a bit unfair . Dave proved on the last 2 records he could still write good songs and good music (did for 30 years). If this album is "weaker", I am personally pleased they are still making music. Maybe my judgment was also unfair to the croud (I noticed that after your post). Apologize for that also.